Guided By Voices – Surrender Your Poppy Field

Masters of a wide range of tried and tested techniques, working busily in the garage on their opaque but beguiling collages. We might ponder where they get the motivation but can’t help but be charmed by the results.




Jimmy Bower from Eyehategod / Down

Ahead of Eyehategod coming back to these shores to tour with Napalm Death and the long awaited return of Down, Gavin Brown had a chat with Jimmy Bower to catch up on things.

Jani Liimatainen – Insomnium

Interview: Nada Surf

Johannes Persson – Cult of Luna



Under the Influence with Thurisaz

Founded in 1997, Thurisaz created their own sound and claimed their spot in the metal scene. Their first album Scent Of A Dream from the Belgian band sums up the best Thurisaz has to offer: very variated, high standard avantgarde doom-metal with lots o …

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Michael – Muther’s, Birmingham

There’s a similar playfulness in reworking rock moves as Pigsx7; but if Pigs dig in to a particular groove and ride it, Michael are more erratic – like Pigs’ weird and intense brother who doesn’t go out much. Imagine that.

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