Clawing – Labour

Alabama noise/drone/spoken word artists Clawing follow up their harrowing debut with the tale of an addict digging a hole. But it’s not as difficult a listen as it sounds – there are nuances and details to explore in Labour, a record rich with empathy that is in turns beautiful and savage.




Ennui: From the tombs of Georgia

Guido Segers spoke with Ennui from Georgia, who play monolithic funeral doom in the most dark and melancholic traditions.


Under the Influence with Matt Finucane

Brighton-based musician Matt Finucane is happy to be “an explorer and purveyor of the wonderfully unconventional and confrontational”, as Ringmaster Reviews wrote. He takes his influences from art rock, Krautrock and horrible electronic noise, and says …

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Idles – O2 Institute, Birmingham

Idles are not just a band, nor are they just a movement. . . This night showcased their extraordinary gift: the ability to bring people together, to listen to a simple message, and to think about it, all while enjoying themselves.

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