The Myrrors – Borderlands

In essence, for Borderlands, The Myrrors may have conjured all those Zabriskie Point soundtrack spirits, but they have mixed all those sounds up, and like the Arizona sand, have thrown it up in the air and let it hang out there. Slowly.




Mariano from DEAFKIDS

Gavin Brown caught up with drummer Mariano from DEAFKIDS to hear all about how the tour went and their live experiences as well as their latest release, being signed to Neurot Recordings and their experiences with Neurosis and the influence of d-beat as well as music from their homeland in Brazil.


Under the Influence with Josh Griffin from Caligula’s Horse

Ahead of their extensive European tour later this autumn, we asked drummer Josh Griffin from Australia’s progressive rock band Caligula’s Horse about the 3 albums that have influenced him the most.

 (((O))) LIVE

Monolord • Conan – Rebellion, Manchester

Facemeltingly heavy, the sort of gig that takes a bit of time to recover from. It’s a real pleasure to watch two bands enjoying themselves and doing what they really love. Highly recommend to be experienced in person. Hearing protection recommended.

 (((O))) PHOTOS


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