Motorpsycho- The Crucible

Judging by current form Motorpsycho may very well hold the claim for being one of the greatest bands currently plying their trade. A sprawling back catalogue may put some listeners off, but if ever their was a place to start it could very well be The Crucible.




Jason Carty and Jodie Cox from Markers

London guitar duo Markers have just released their brilliant debut album Heaven In The Dark Earth. We caught up with both of the bands members, Jason Carty and Jodie Cox to hear all about the album as well as discussing forthcoming live plans, the pair …


Under The Influence with Bilge Pump

Leeds DIY stalwarts Bilge Pump have returned with their first album for a decade, We Love You, and it’s a real winner. A post-punk, art-quirk trio of formidable dexterity and fierce live reputation it’s probably fair to say they have, thus fa …

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The Lazys • Fizzy Blood • The Standstills – House of Vans, London

The Lazys are surely deserving of bigger, wilder, drunker audiences and I recommend you make it so at Bloodstock or anywhere else you happen to find them. 

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