Matmos – Plastic Anniversary

The sounds they have collected are mostly as blank as plastic fragments washed up by the tide, yet they carefully collage them into colourful and revealing tableau.




Inside Label: Dave Cambridge Of Cardinal Fuzz

As any self-respecting psych fan will tell you, it is often not just about the music but also about the record labels themselves and you wont go too far into the world of psych before encountering Cardinal Fuzz. Known as The Cardinal, Dave Cambridge has been busy tripping out psych heads minds for years now with a catalogue of releases which simply defy any categorisation other than they are guaranteed to blow you mind. Martyn Coppack caught up with the man himself to talk all things psych.


Under the Influence with Sigils

New York based doom band Sigils released their debut album You Built the Altar, You Lit the Leaves last week, which Geoff Topley described as a very accomplished album that ensures the primal, raw, heavy tones of doom metal are present, but manage …

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