Jesca Hoop – Stonechild

In such a saturated marketplace, how does an artist stand out? For Jesca Hoop, the answer has always been to write with such open abandon and freeness that not category nor genre nor critic can hold her.




Hey Colossus

Supersonic Festival has been wowing audiences with its varied lineups since 2003 and this year’s event held between 19th-21st July is shaping up to be an absolute cracker. With performances from Neurosis, Godflesh, The Bug & Moor Mother, Mono, and …

Kevin Martin (The Bug/King Midas Sound/Zonal) – Part I

Big Lad


Big Joanie


Under the Influence with Catacomb Saints

Catacomb Saints is a duo of songwriter Neil Holyoak and synth artist Devon Beggs. On their Bandcamp bio and Facebook ‘About’ section it states “elevator music for the end of the world”. After listening to their debut  EP Cruel as the Grave …

 (((O))) LIVE

GosT • ORAX – Underworld, London

It’s probably because I come to this as a metaller rather than a clubber or a gamer that I’m intrigued about exactly how this will operate in the live environment. Metallers are used to standing and watching the band, maybe moshing a bit. Clubbers are used to dancing, chatting and occasionally giving props to the DJ for dropping a massive tune. So how will the two mix, in the Underworld, on a wet rainy Wednesday?

 (((O))) PHOTOS


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