Joan As Police Woman – Joanthology

Ultimately, Joanthology, like all of Wasser’s albums, has plenty of beautiful and powerful songs, but in the manner of her later output, it also has its more pedestrian moments.




Kavus Torabi from Gong

Kavus Torabi, guitarist and vocalist with Gong, on the creative process behind their new record and why it’s a psychedelic rather than progressive. He also drops hints about a new project, discusses hair care tips and more!


Under The Influence with Lost In Kiev

Paris based post rock giants Lost In Kiev are back with their third album Persona, their first for the ever amazing Pelagic Records, on April 26th.Raw and driven, yet oozing with thick synth textures and a great sense of melancholy and drama, Persona s …

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Test Dept – Studio 9294, Hackney

From the first track the music is controlled intensity, constructed to achieve an objective, form follows function. The crowd at Studio 9294 must be predisposed towards the message Test Dept are sending to be here, understand its importance, or they couldn’t endure this bombardment of the senses. . .

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