Under The Influence with Bilge Pump

Leeds DIY stalwarts Bilge Pump have returned with their first album for a decade, We Love You, and it’s a real winner. A post-punk, art-quirk trio of formidable dexterity and fierce live reputation it’s probably fair to say they have, thus fa …

Echo Chamber: New Frontiers

Toni Martone of Wasted State Records gives his latest opinion on the Internet’s knock-on effect on the music industry.

Echo Chamber: ArcTangent and the Accidental Death of Math Rock

One thing I want to be clear on from the very start is that this is most definitely NOT a piece that aims to be critical of Arctangent. We love those guys and we are in absolute admiration for what they have achieved over the last 6 or 7 years. This is …

Under the Influence with Antre

Antre will release their debut album, Void, via Withered Hand Records on February 22nd, 2019. The black metal 5-piece band from Nottingham, UK take their name from the old English word for cave or cavern and self-recorded the tracks …

Under The Influence with Irk

Irk are a Leeds 3 piece who make ugly, angular, noise-fused, math rock, consisting of drums, bass, and vocals. They have been long championed by our good friends at Bad Owl Presents and those guys know their angry math rock onions. Having just rel …

Under The Influence with Jo Quail

To say that cellist and composer, Jo Quail, has had an amazing 2018 is nothing short of an understatement. With the UK leg of her sell-out tour with Myrkur starting next week, we thought it an ideal time to ask Jo to write about three albums that have been huge influences on her playing and composition.

Under the Influence with Max Watt from Parasitic Twins

Ripping a page from the Killing Joke school of lo-fi noise, then setting it on fire via the way of Today Is The Day and Godflesh, Hull’s scariest kids, Parasitic Twins unleashed their debut EP; the furious All That’s Left To Do Now Is Sleep With E …

Under the Influence with Frog

Hailing from ‘The Swamp’ in Queens, NYC, acclaimed cult guitar band Frog have returned with Whatever We Probably Already Had It. In our upcoming review Ljubinko Zivkovic has described it as “possibly, one of the briefest, under the radar gems of 2018”, so we thought it would be interesting to find out a bit more about the records that have influenced them.

Strong Hearts: The Battle to Save Strongroom Studios

“Strongroom isn’t just a business. It’s an ecosystem.” Mari Rank​ takes an in depth look at the existential threat posed to one of London’s most loved creative spaces.

Under the Influence with Andy Tillison from The Tangent

The Tangent, the progressive rock group led by Andy Tillison, released their 10th studio album Proxy on November 16th, 2018 through InsideOut Music. Recorded during the band’s tour with Karmakanic in 2017/18, which saw them with more chances than …

Under the Influence with Matt Finucane

Brighton-based musician Matt Finucane is happy to be “an explorer and purveyor of the wonderfully unconventional and confrontational”, as Ringmaster Reviews wrote. He takes his influences from art rock, Krautrock and horrible electronic noise, and says …

Exclusive Single Premiere: The Academy of Sun – The House

Due out early next year, The Quiet Earth is a tinder box of curiosities.

Under The Influence Halloween Special with Kev from The Fierce And The Dead

‘So what sort of stuff do you play?’. The ubiquitous question that plagues pretty much every musician. The band I’m in, The Fierce & The Dead, play – well, what the hell do we play? I normally say that it’s really loud but you can dance to it which …

Under the Influence with Dan Burchmore from Alunah

Midlands based doom band Alunah will return this autumn with new music and an updated lineup. The EP entitled Amber & Gold will feature the exciting and powerful delivery of new vocalist Siân Greenaway and will be self-released on November 16th (av …

Under the Influence with Teddy Panopoulos from Dead Waves

New album God of the Wild is Dead Waves’ sixth release. The vibe is dark, fragile, haunting – hints of 1980s Sonic Youth, gone in a lo-fi, psych direction. Dead Waves consists of NYC-based brothers Teddy and Nick Panopoulos. On God of the Wild …

Under The Influence with Justin Lockey (Editors/Minor Victories/Lights On Moscow)

Justin Lockey is best known for his brilliant work with Editors and Minor Victories so the news of him working with Hazel Wilde from longtime E&D faves Lanterns On The Lake got our full attention! Their debut EP is out today (Oct 19th) so we thought it was a perfect time to get Justin to pick his three most influential albums.



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