Abronia – The Whole of Each Eye

It sounds unlike anything else out there at the moment, and with the added colours of sax and pedal steel, only All Them Witches may lay claim to being a close companion in weird gothic countrified, free form jazz psych.

Giant Swan – S/T

Giant Swan is not an attempt to capture their exhilarating live show in album form but ten tracks of divergent abstract electronics.

Avatarium – The Fire I Long For

Avatarium’s melodic, classist doom metal is peppered with oodles of classy, epic sky rocketing, classic rock on fourth album The Fire I Long For.

Charles Rumback & Ryley Walker – Little Common Twist

Throughout the album, Rumback and Walker show that the old maxim ‘less is more’ proves itself once again, but also that it can be only done by those that truly know and feel the music.

Pray For Sound – Waves

In a genre where it has become more and more difficult to stand out, small things make a big difference. Pray For Sound have been around since 2011 and are part of the newer generation of American Post Rock bands. They have made themselves known by par …

Bodies On Everest / Lump Hammer – WHELMED

It is unlikely that you will step away from this record humming one of its merry tunes. This is not a party record.

Green Lung – Free the Witch

The timely re-booted release of Free the Witch demonstrates the quality Green Lung have accomplished in a very short space of time.

Shida Shahabi – Shifts

Shida Shahabi has seized time as if it is a tangible commodity and forged this short but affectingly delicate EP

Suss – High Line

It seems that SUSS is well versed in all musical tips and tricks because they pass the test with flying colors. Flying colors that seem to stay on the (American Western) ground, just as the band intended them to do.

Tuskar – The Monolith Sessions

A furious but brief equinox storm, the sounds evoking complex swirls and riptides.

Low Variety – #1

Sandwiched within the gargle of otherworldly noise, these tiny and imperceptible trinkets dazzle when illuminated.

A Winged Victory for the Sullen – The Undivided Five

A Winged Victory for the Sullen’s first release in five years is exactly what you want from them, more delicately woven and calming atmospherics to ease your troubled mind.

Year of the Cobra – Ash and Dust

Essential boulder of doom that boasts far more variety, tonal variation and emotion than seems possible from two people.

Fox Medicine – Procédures Mystiques

Considering its rather singular, not to say peculiar charms, it is an album I keep returning to – eager for it’s dirty sugar rush.

Nile – Vile Nilotic Rites

Vile Nilotic Rites is everything a fan would want in a modern Nile album and so much more. A flawless death metal album from the old legends that will possibly go down as one of the genre’s best!

Heather Findlay – Wild White Horses

This album can bring greater powers to life as she continues to keep her music growing more and more.


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