Acid Cannibals – Horny For Tomorrow

Horny For Tomorrow is a brilliant release, packed full of life affirming zest and anger and is a more than worthy follow up to their debut EP.

IZZ – Don’t Panic

This a ride that will keep you going for the rest of eternity…This album is worth the start to begin their adventure with you.

Her Name is Calla – Animal Choir

Animal Choir is a masterpiece and should be considered a foremost contender for everyone’s album of the year and beyond.

Kamancello – Kamancello II: Voyage

While listening to the album, I couldn’t help but be in awe. To think that this album was recorded live and completely improvised is quite an accomplishment and a testament to both Raphael and Shahriyar’s musicianship. I was blown away by their first album but this album has completely sent me to the outer limits of space. 

The Well – Death and Consolation

Born out of an emotionally challenging year, The Well’s heavier, gothic tinged third album album Death and Consolation has a surprisingly enjoyable rock n roll spirited (black) heart.

Anton Barbeau – Berliner Grotesk

Blackbird pie, sharp as a German leather whip. Nuance supports the abstraction upon which good cabaret depends. Said with a great deal of conviction – you’ll want to have a cup of tea with this one.

Kooba Tercu – Kharrüb

Their noise rock psych soup has a lighter, brighter feel… Celebratory and infectious, chaotic and driven.

Olden Yolk – Living Theatre

It is these touches and elements that separate Olden Yolk from the ordinary and lift their music into something you want to take another listen to.

Delta Mainline – Bel Avenir

Edinburgh’s Delta Mainline are back after a six year break with more sublime dreamy psychedlic pop and a contender for album the year.

Waste Of Space Orchestra – Syntheosis

The whole album is chock-full of fun as it rampages from one over-egged, over-clocked, and over-the-damn-top composition to the next. It takes the theatricality of operatic performance and threads it through with an explosive and wild extreme metal performance.

Nocturnus AD – Paradox

The Florida based death metal mechanoid is back, in the form of Nocturnus AD. Armed with their debut album, ‘Paradox’, be ready for an uncompromising musical sequel, over 20 years in the making.

Noyades / Tomaga / Jozef Van Wissem / La Jungle – Split

For those who gear their musical affinities towards exploration and discovery, S.K. Records’ release makes the brilliant case for the exciting possibilities that lie in the Split format by bridging gaps one can hardly imagine.

Terminal Cheesecake – Le Sacre Du Lièvre

It’s not a supergroup, it’s a heritage, it’s like a proverbial mount rushmore for the psyche scene us fresh faced lysergic twits thought had just sprung from the ground like mushrooms from a spore kit.

Pillars – Cavum

As cliché as it might sound, this is a perfect balance between melody and heaviness. I don’t hear magic Post Rock formulas being used or rehashed. I hear a band with an identity. They definitely challenged themselves and upped their game with Cavum.

Marilyn Mazur – Shamania

If this is your first time delving into the oceans of Marilyn Mazur’s music, be prepared. Because this is a ride you will never forget.

Opossum Sun Trail – Strontium Highway

So Strontium Highway steps on the same trail through the sand, but you can never make the exact same steps in the desert even if you wanted to, and again, Opossum Sun Trail make new shifts in their steps.


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