Guy Grogan – Same Morning Light

All this knowledge and experience would go to no avail if it wasn’t backed by some serious talent, and on the evidence of this album, Grogan has quite a bit of it.

Amy Birks – All That I Am & All That I Was

With a pop, folky, and carrying that classical approach, Amy Birks has spread her wings.

Embr – 1823

Heavy self-reflection, soaring glacial vocals, and slow weighty grooves form Embr’s impressive debut.

Huanastone – Third Stone From The Sun

Conventional stoner metal done well. Huanastone’s newest album Third Stone From The Sun is as fun as it is familiar.

Oranssi Pazuzu – Mestarin Kynsi

Oranssi Pazuzu are unlike any band you’ll ever hear but, they also sound like every band you’ve ever heard played at the same time but, in a really well-executed and expertly produced manner.

Snowgoose – The Making of You

Given the assured sophistication of this group, you’d think they’d been around for decades. Combining modern production with a vintage sound.

Caves Of Steel – Path To Ground

Oslo band Caves Of Steel have delivered a fine collection of melodic post rock/metal.

Rick Wakeman & The English Rock Ensemble – The Red Planet

Rick Wakeman is a true visionary, a maestro, and a storyteller that has brought The Red Planet to life.

Phoxjaw – Royal Swan

Bristolian maniacs Phoxjaw pull a plethora of influences together for their debut album, creating an unpredictably madcap adventure that, defying all logic, somehow feels coherent. Manically aggressive, yet oddly beguiling.

Nihiloxica – Kaloli

A powerhouse African drumming record offset by sci-fi atmospheres and industrial tone blasts.

Jules in Trouble – Dark Jewels EP (Heroic Cities Records)

This is an elegant, chill work of art that is the perfect balm for your frazzled senses in these troubled times.

A-Sun Amissa – Black Rain (I)

Unencumbered from the rigours of composition, ‘Black Rain (I)’ feels like a joyous experiment.

Ohhms – Close

This album is more autobiographical than Ohhms’ previous efforts – but it speaks to anyone who is infuriated with selfishness, stupidity and a general lack of empathy. And it still gloriously heavy.

Lovely Wife – Best In Show

This is a damned fine sludge/doom/drone record, and inarguably one of Lovely Wife’s best.

Chris Ianuzzi – Planeteria

On Planeteria, Ianuzzi is able to keep his listeners alert throughout and has succeeded where many other electronic artists have failed – take his listeners for a space ride.

Pixie Ninja – Colours Out of Space

The music itself isn’t just your typical progressive rock album, but it’s surreal, nightmarish, insanity, avant-garde, doomy, and right in your face.



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