TesseracT – Sonder

‘Sonder’ is brooding album driven by punching guitar riffs, expected complexity and pop melodies.

River Cult – Halcyon Daze

If I mistake one of their songs for a Sleep song, you know that shit is aaaaaal right.

The Switching Yard – Yet Again

For pure unbridled psychedelic energy and fuzz, The Switching Yard have hit the nail on the head with Yet Again..

Chrch – Light Will Consume Us All

If the band’s name merely alludes to connotations of religious rites then the music fully insinuates a world of clandestine ceremonies carried out in reverb-waking halls slung with red drapes and lit by the flicker of candlelight.

Candélabre – Candélabre EP

Their music is essentially about the interplay of light and dark. One without the other, and this EP would be good, but together the result is much greater than the constituent parts. It’s magnificent.


IAH have crafted a great slab of psychedelic, instrumental stoner rock. This eponymous album is heavy on dynamics, often flitting between soft, Latin tinged passages, and full on heavy stoner/post-metal passages.

Sunflower Bean – Twentytwo In Blue

Sunflower Bean have no right to be making music as accomplished and ravishing as this at such a tender age.

Selva – Doma

On first impressions this consists of two squalls of blackened screamy intensity. But then you notice variations and major-chord progressions that your reptilian brain responds to by giving you goose-bumps.

Various Artists – The Death Roots Syndicate: Volume VII

Aficionados say the appeal of Country Music is three chords and the truth. Well the Death Roots Syndicate tells some pretty dark truths, I can tell you.

Ba’al – Thy Sorrow

Quality post-metal with an emphasis on metal featuring a stunningly brave and perfectly executed vocal performance.

Josh T. Pearson – The Straight Hits!

Josh T. Pearson takes us on the musical equivalent of a night out on the lash with an entertaining collection of upbeat rockers and downbeat ballads.

Anshelm – Through the Burning Glass

Anshelm were formed from the molten wax of the black candles around Quorthorn’s pentagram. This is pummelling black metal that conjures scene pioneers Bathory and Darkthrone.

Wrekmeister Harmonies – The Alone Rush

Wrekmeister Harmonies’ new album sees them playing against type, and against their own strengths, eschewing the shamanic bombast of their previous works to craft sombre ballads. It’s closer to Nick Cave than to Swans and whilst they feel lovingly crafted they sadly fail to convince.

A Hawk And A Hacksaw – Forest Bathing

Albuquerque New Mexico travels to nether regions of The Balkans and wins.

Henry Blacker – The Making Of Junior Bonner

How are a band this great not more widely beloved? It’s a sackload of riffs and great thick fuzzy guitar, irresistible forward motion. If you like Hey Colossus but you’ve not checked them out you’re really slacking – imagine if ‘Hot Grave’ was a band.

Nest Egg – Nothingness Is Not A Curse (Review & Album Stream)

The tracks on this album have been developed over a couple of years and it shows. It’s as much about what they leave out as put in that sets this album apart.



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