Frog – Whatever We Probably Already Had It

Possibly, one of the briefest, under the radar gems of 2018.

Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert – Ghost Stories for Christmas

A meditation on the intangible essence of Christmas spirit that also gives us the chance to sing smilingly along with a chorus of “We don’t need wise men and virgins”.

Juniper Grave – Of Hellions & Harridans

I’ve had this album on near repeat over the last couple of weeks, and it’s a sign of a great album and great songwriting skills when each track creates its own earworm in your head.

Windhand – Eternal Return

What Windhand have achieved with Eternal Return is an entrance into their sound-world for those who couldn’t quite access their universe before.

Svartidauði – Revelations of the Red Sword

A heavy, incredibly dense whole, the forces under which it was forged and formed are scarcely imaginable.

Jo Quail – Exsolve

Exsolve is a stunningly evocative and atmospheric record. With this album, Quail has taken a confident step towards a more unfettered means of expression; hopefully this charismatic, powerfully atmospheric and boldly exploratory record is indicative of even more potent music to come.


A set of beautiful, carefully structured, instrumental pieces. Not quite ambient, neo classical or electronica, it blends all three into low key patterns of comforting sound.

Penelope Trappes – Penelope Two

What we get on Penelope Two is music that is at the same time disturbing and comforting familiar and unfamiliar, everything the late night listening demands.

Galasphere 347 – Galasphere 347

Listening to Galasphere 347’s sole self-titled debut release via Karisma Records this year, I had no clue on what adventures I was about to embark on.

Oak – False Memory Archive

How would I describe Oak’s music? Dark, pop, electronic, and a little bit nightmarish. After listening to their second album, False Memory Archive released via Karisma Records this year, I was completely spellbound right from the moment I put the CD on …

Soeur – Fight E.P.

‘Fight’ is a cracker, a masterfully building storm that grows from quiet guitar and whispered vocals to a bout of screaming fisticuffs.

Benjamin Finger – Into Light

With Into Light it is obvious that Finger is on the sort of creative streak rarely exhibited by musicians trying to cover that border territories of ambient/classical/jazz/post-rock.

A Storm of Light – Anthroscene

The soundtrack to modern day distopia. A putrid doom tinged post-metal take on the current social and political landscape which gives no escape.

Steven Wilson – Home Invasion: In Concert at the Royal Albert Hall

This 2-CD/Blu-Ray set consists of Steven Wilson’s amazing performance at the Royal Albert Hall on the final night of his three sold out shows he did back in March of this year. Steven has been around from day one. As one of the founders of Porcupine Tr …

Workin’ Man Noise Unit – It’s Not Nothin’

Joyous noise punk recklessness. You should get this record, it’s a total belter.

Laibach – The Sound Of Music

This is an extraordinary record, a project of remarkable scope, ambition and deep humanity that makes everything else seem a bit small and inward looking. Their mission is blessed.


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