Thibault Renou & Ensemble Bibenduum – Maisha Suite

At no point throughout Maisha Suite are you able to define the number of musicians playing, there could be five or fifteen of them, and you simply don’t care, because it sounds exactly the way it should.

Armstrong – Under Blue Skies (Expanded)

A sunny summer jangle-pop playlist drenched in ‘60s and ‘70s nostalgia.

Jenny Hval – The Practice Of Love

Hval has actively encouraged others to share in this process and, as a result, this has led to her most incisive, stirring, and, dare I say it, catchy record yet.

Kemper Norton – brunton calciner

Modern electronic approaches are applied to folk themes with a curiously effective lightness of touch. Particular textures and obscured meaning creating a sense of suspended time.

Mai Mai Mai – Nel Sud

It is maximalist devastation. Industrial revenge. Club music for doomsday cults.

Echo & The Bunnymen – The John Peel Sessions 1979-1983

A collection of all six sessions Echo and the Bunnymen recorded for Peel at the BBC during their initial golden run. A fascinating pile of sketchbooks and rough drafts for the greatest band to ever come out of Liverpool.

TOOL – Fear Inoculum

This is a wonderful release. I like it more than ‘10,000 Days’. It’s not as immediately engaging, but I feel like in time I’ll still be finding things in it to make me sit up and take notice. And honestly, what a gift that is.

Baroness – Gold & Grey

It isn’t an easy listen, but time and effort spent on Baroness’ sprawling double album Gold & Grey will reap rewards.

Pemë – Dark Baltic

Mesmerising and hypnotic, as good electronic music should be.

Slade – Feel The Noize

Although the band are mainly remembered for their Super Yob style and beery, working-man anthems there is a lot more to their music in a catalogue ripe for rediscovery.

Subhumans – Crisis Point

Subhumans have never really been away and the album flies by in such a way that it feels like no time at all has passed.

Mizmor – Cairn

Mizmor really has created a perfect hybrid here, though, and Cairn should be applauded across the underground metal community. I have no doubt it will be. It’s astonishing. Truly astonishing. Required listening by all.

Phil Keaggy, Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta – The Bucket List

The trio brings the essence of Fusion, Progressive, Flamenco, Bossa-Nova, and Folk music to life.

Vibracathedral Orchestra – Squeeze The Lids Through Coming Window

Another baffling and at the same time exhilarating release by Vibracathedral Orchestra, with a worthy cause to boot behind it.

Burden Limbs – There is No Escape

four tracks of clammy emotional drama set to a wounded panoramic roar

Infinity Forms Of Yellow Remember – S/T

Infinity Forms are quite simply one of the most exciting bands to emerge from this country for a while, and included in that is all their ramshackle charm


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