E – Complications

A claustrophobic, urban march. Like pacing the city’s filthy grid while lost in your own thoughts.

Tesa – C O N T R O L

Tesa has once again created an instrumental post-metal masterpiece. Highly recommended for fans of Year of No Light and Cult of Luna.

Caligula’s Horse – Rise Radiant

The five-piece gives off their best effort of melding the heavy and emotional into a tight and evocative package, soaring between dizzying highs and bottom-ended lows, all while maintaining that perfect syncopated mastery.

XTR Human – Interior

Berlin-based XTR Human continue to evolve their somewhat dystopian, filtered sunlit sound on this latest release.

Jade Hairpins – Harmony Avenue

Uplifting power pop from Fucked Up’s core creative duo.

Niika – Close But Not Too Close

As debuts go, this one will be hard to match in the year of the pandemic.

Haken – Virus

Haken are returning back to their roots with their first three albums, Virus is a big giant step forward.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Chunky Shrapnel

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard take a lurch into the past, celebrating their nauseating antics while touring Europe over the last year.

Rosy Finch – Scarlett

Rosy Finch deserve to be far more recognised than they are, their lineup have breathed new life into the band and their take on sludge, stoner and grunge is expertly done and although the listener is probably reminded of their many influences their particular sound is quite unique.

Jason Simon – A Venerable Wreck

It’s a laid back affair, replete with lazy guitar meanderings and a display of ideas first formed with Dead Meadow and inhabiting a dreamy realm that crosses genres such as Americana and cosmic psych.

Danzig – Danzig Sings Elvis

It’s a labour of love evident in the song choices and performance and if it sometimes feels a bit indulgent, then good.

Liar, Flower – Geiger Counter

I cannot imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to experience this album. It speaks to us in a secret language we all somehow understand.

Golden Retriever & Chuck Johnson – Rain Shadow

Very few joint efforts are able to come up with such excellent results as Golden Retriever and Chuck Johnson are able to do on Rain Shadow, proving that experimentation and music pleasing to the ear can go hand in hand.

The Magnetic Fields – Quickies

Stephin Merritt remains an exquisite song writer, inventive artist, creative genius, frustrating fucker and wonderful, beautiful soul.

The Doomed Bird of Providence – Rumbling Clouds of War Hover over Us

at first glance it may well feel a bit strange to want to take in a lonely series of instrumentals documenting an incredibly dark period of history.  But there is light in here also.

The Dears – Lovers Rock

I don’t know what it will take for The Dears to get what they deserve but if you know their music, you’ll be all the richer for it.



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