Jesca Hoop – Stonechild

In such a saturated marketplace, how does an artist stand out? For Jesca Hoop, the answer has always been to write with such open abandon and freeness that not category nor genre nor critic can hold her.

Brian Eno – Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks, Extended Edition

Remastered and reissued in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing this is a classic album by an acknowledged modern master. If you don’t already have a copy then now seems as good a time as any to fix that and make your life a little bit better by having it around to turn to.

Friendship – Undercurrent

Friendship aren’t for everyone. They bleed bile and breathe anxiety, but what they do manage exceptionally well is to provide something for the extreme crowds that’s a little more well-rounded than the competition.

Radar Men From The Moon – Bliss EP

There’s a strong sense that RMFTM are only just getting started with their explorations into noise, and they leave you with an anticipation, teased out by the moments when the drone threaten to break out into something much less abstract.

Girls In Synthesis – Beyond The Noise 3

A collection of writings and photos that say more about modern life and politics in Britain than a thousand tabloid newspapers. It’s pissed off and angry but never self indulgently dark

Augure – Apnea

Apnea is a triumph in context and execution. Borne on the backs of their own vision and mission their message is not overarched or oblique. It is concise, serrated, and narrow in scope.

Rainbow Grave – No You

Immense. A thick, layered, roar, the grindingly bleak sound of well fed disgust and smothering disenchantment.

Stavros Gasparatos – Rage Park

Throughout Rage Park, the music, although obviously composed never becomes too cerebral and relies more on the feel of the moment than on virtuosity show-off.

Immortal Bird – Thrive On Neglect

Thrive On Neglect ambitiously mixes styles but it truly delivers, and easily lives up to my high expectations. Immortal Bird have crafted an exhilarating and evocative album that should feature in the library of any discerning metal fan.

Big Stick – LP

LP is not just better than you would expect, it’s properly smiling, involuntary butt shaking, “hey, who IS this?” great. Never afraid to be stupid, trashy or wrong surely their time has come again.

夢遊病者 (Sleepwalker) – Ѫ (Yus)

It’s a textbook example of ‘psychedelia done right’, a mind-altering experience that subverts expectations of timing, structure and musicality, honing in on the act of creating a kaleidoscope where all shapes and colours are shards of darkness.

Adir L.C. – Basket Star

Adir L.C. comes up with quite a potent cocktail on Basket Star, no bitter taste afterward.

Blood Of Kingu – De Occulta Philosophia

Every minute of ‘De Occulta Philophia’ feels purposeful and whether it be in its attempts to recapture the cold fury of earlier works or its desire to stake out entirely new ground, it always achieves some measure of success.

Catacombe – Scintilla

I have listened to Catacombe for quite a few years and I remember speaking to Pedro Sousa back in 2011 when he was mostly working alone in the band. At the time the band was about to release their first full length called Kinetic, which I absolutely fe …

Adrift – Pure

This sludged up post-everything tour de force is a high point not only for the band but for all those who engage.

Batushka – Hospodi

Mired in controversy and disputes over legitimacy, Batushka’s second album fails to match its predecessor, The formula still works, but ultimately ‘Hospodi’ feels muddy and a little rushed.


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