Gone From My Sight – Twenty Twenty

Essentially, on Twenty Twenty, Gone From My Sight give us some quite sophisticated, thinking man’s electro-pop that shows some excellent promise.

Spirit Adrift – Enlightened in Eternity

Spirit Adrift serve their fourth album in five years, another heady dose of classic heavy metal worship with doom influences, too. It’s another extremely enjoyable listen, albeit losing some of the dynamic variation of their previous efforts.

Goldmund – The Time It Takes

Every release from Pennsylvania native Keith Kenniff is an event. His body of work is incredibly gorgeous and moving, and this new release is no exception. It is mystical, sacred, and an intimate picture of Kenniff’s thought process.

Josh Werner – Mode For Titan

Essentially, Mode For Titan could have potentially been a bass-dominated disaster, but actually turns into its promise – ambient bass music you can enjoy.

Jupiter Sprites – Holographic

These Olympia, Washington dream poppers created this debut album in the midst of a pandemic, a car accident, and two hospitalizations that nearly ended the band.

Rachel Grimes – The Way Forth: Instrumentals

The point of this type of music is to be listened to, with enjoyment, and like a good cup of coffee, you need to have the right balance of ingredients in there to really leave the desired effect. Rachel Grimes has not failed that test so far.

Circus Trees – Delusions

Some excellent slowcore by three young sisters which is filled with great emotional depth, beautiful songs, and bucketful’s of potential.

Mr Bison – Seaward

Mr Bison…follow their own path with sincerity and passion.

Raging Speedhorn – Hard to Kill

The line-up adjusted Raging Speedhorn prove they’re still sludging it large with a no nonsense, straight to the point ferocious sixth album.

In Parallel – Fashioner

Melancholic 80s synth layered shoegaze which has plenty of vocal hooks to entrance fans of the genre.

Shit & Shine – Malibu Liquor Store

There’s plenty of chaos and confusion here still but it might be the brightest and breeziest Shit & Shine have ever sounded and it’s a pretty fine way to be sitting out a lockdown if nothing else.

Sing Leaf – Not Earth

It all somehow fits into one cohesive whole. Most of it is due to Como’s ability to move around swiftly and combine musical elements that seem to have belonged together from the beginning.

Garcia Peoples – Nightcap At Wits’ End

It’s been nothing but pleasure to see a band develop so far in such a short space of time, and whilst there is always scope for improvement, in Nightcap At Wits’ End, the band have created their best release so far.

Andy Bell – The View From Halfway Down

It is such a pleasant melange of psych pop and electronica. It is like a soft filtered version of his work in Ride (who themselves have softened their musical attack since their early days).

Throane – Une Balle Dans Le Pied

In the season of horror and Halloween Throane delivers the perfect soundtrack to send the claustrophobic running for open space.

The Ocean – Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic | Cenozoic

Mesozoic | Cenozoic is the crushing finale to the Phanerozoic saga and another gem in The Ocean’s wondrous catalogue.



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