Iamthemorning – Ocean Sounds

Ocean Sounds, then, is everything that fans might have hoped for, and whole lot more besides. It seems only fitting that Iamthemorning eschew sweaty clubs or grandiose halls and find a location so suited to their sonic universe. A stunning showcase for some of the band’s best material to date, it’s also richly atmospheric, surprisingly involving, and a visual feast in its own right. Quite simply, a sensational piece of work.

Upper Wilds – Mars

Snatches of world beating tunes bleeding through the squalls of noise and weirdness.

Un – Sentiment

A sonically dense, crushing record set to further establish Un as one of doom metal’s most relevant bands today. Escaping common tropes, the band has delivered a deeply introspective and emotionally poignant follow up to a stellar debut release.

Cave – Always

With Always, Cave prove one more constant with ’space jam’ bands – if they are really good, their music just keeps growing on you. Cave are that good.

Endless Swarm – Imprisoned In Skin

Their latest album Imprisoned In Skin sees the band reach new levels of intensity as well as speed and heaviness.

Bast – Nanoångström

After a four year gap since their debut, Bast delivers another album of neck achingly catchy blackened doom.

Big Lad – Pro Rock

Pro Rock is a full strength jolt of gleefully dumb fun, a clattering headrush of fluorescent nonsense, superhuman drum battery and ridiculous table top electronic wizardry, hardcore party music.

Shineback – Dial

Simon Godfrey returns with the second Shineback album. And it’s spectacular.

Matt Berry and the Maypoles – Television Themes

Most of this will mean little to most people, and possibly nothing to some depending on age and geographical status.  I don’t care, and everyone else who listens to this and is instantly transported back to a childhood that didn’t completely exist won’t care what you think either.

Soulfly – Ritual

A refreshed, revitalised Soulfly give the people what they want in Max Cavalera’s best release in ages.

flirting. – This Would Be Funny If It Were Happening To Anyone But Me

For London’s self-proclaimed ‘anxiety pop’ group Flirting. and their debut This Would Be Funny If It Was Happening To Anyone But Me this introduction is an erratic, melancholic, and infinitely fascinating glance from the night time veranda of a bar. It’s a stare that will leave you uncomfortable and disconcerted – but you’d dare not look away because its so infatuating in its iridescence.

William Basinski & Lawrence English – Selva Oscura

Two lengthy ambient drones from two giants of the genre working together for the first time

Domkraft – Flood

An album of riffs which are massive and majestic, at once conjuring mental images of barren space-scapes and a big-sky desert wilderness.

We Hunt Buffalo – Head Smashed In

Vancouver’s We Hunt Buffalo ably match the creature they proudly claim to seek, in every way. Powerful, loud and fuzzy!

Jeff Greinke – Before Sunrise

Brings the sound and vision of southern Arizona to life.

Forest Mountain – Prisma

The album is succinct in its execution from start to finish and filled with enigmatic and hard-hitting soundscapes in between. The way each track flowed from one to the next felt like a story was being told.


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