Mariano from DEAFKIDS

Gavin Brown caught up with drummer Mariano from DEAFKIDS to hear all about how the tour went and their live experiences as well as their latest release, being signed to Neurot Recordings and their experiences with Neurosis and the influence of d-beat as well as music from their homeland in Brazil.

John Martin from Mick’s Jaguar

John Martin of New York’s based hard rockin’ sextet Mick’s Jaguar, reveals how ‘cracking beers’, ‘draining whiskey’, ‘ranting’ and ‘pasting’ form their impressive debut album Fame and Fortune.

Rauhnåcht: From the Alpine peaks

Taking inspiration from the Alpine traditions, Rauhnåcht is a band that requires a different kind of listening. Music, that somehow emulates the eerie sounds of the peeks and embodies the myths and fears of the inhabitants. Guido Segers caught up with Stefan Traunmüller to find out more.

Rugged Shores: Mistwalker and Viridian Records from Newfoundland

Guido Segers had a chat with Greg Sweetapple from Mistwalker and the affiliated projects on the collective Viridian Records, which comes from the coast of Newfoundland originally but has since changed his native Glovertown for Montréal. Greg Sweetapple

Memories and Mesmerists – An Interview with Peter Murphy

There’s nothing worse than a band describing their work before hearing them talk about how they go back to their normal lives at the end of the day.

Colombia as it once was: Guahaihoque

Guahaihoque merge Andean folk with black metal in a very own way. Guido Segers found them willing to answer questions about Colombia, their history and music and what freedoms they currently have in their country.

Matt Cargill of Sly & The Family Drone

In the wake of a turbulent first half of 2018 and ahead of the release of their new live album, Jared Dix talks road accidents & music with Matt from Sly & The Family Drone.

Laurie from Leeched

Released in October 2017, ‘Nothing Will Grow From The Rotten Ground’ was a nasty slab of hardcore, and Leeched were quick to record a follow up; ‘You Took The Sun When You Left’ drops on August 24th via Prosthetic Records. With a couple of UK tours coming up, Chris Sharp sat down to chat to bassist/vocalist Laurie after their performance at Tech Fest.

Anders Jakobson from Axis of Despair

Gavin Brown had a chat with drummer Anders Jakobson from grindcore band Axis of Despair to hear all about the band and their new album ‘Contempt For Man’.

Eric Hernandez from Wrong (and Torche)

Tim Porter caught up with Wrong frontman (and Torche bassist) Eric Hernandez about Wrong’s excellent sophomore full-length record, released in April through Relapse Records.

Filthy Dirty and Stomper from Evil Blizzard

Lancashire’s sonic crusaders Evil Blizzard’s Stomper and Filthy Dirty reveal the inner workings of the making of third album ‘The Worst Show on Earth’ and their favourite live shows.

Music, Catharsis and Anarchy: An Interview With Interrobang’s Dunstan Bruce

Middle aged men coming up to me after a show and sharing their own stories about their difficult relationships with their dads, about feeling invisible, about never giving up. I discovered it was a common experience that I had gone through. Talking about stuff like that at a gig rather than at some men’s group was incredibly rewarding.

John Westhaver from The Band Whose Name Is Symbol

Martyn Coppack had a good long chat with John Westhaver from Canadian psych band The Band Whose Name Is Symbol, going from the early days to their work with Cardinal Fuzz and much more.

Danny Marshall from Baptists

Gavin Brown had a chat with guitarist Danny Marshall from Canadian hardcore punk band Baptists about the band’s latest album ‘Beacon Of Faith’ and more.


Plini is Australia’s premier guitarist/composer and also extremely affable. Gaz Cloud caught up with him ahead of his appearance at Be Prog! My Friend to discuss touring with Tesseract, his relationship with practice, the development of his signature sound and more in a revealing interview.

Igor Omodei from Uneven Structure

Uneven Structure’s latest album La Partition is a monumental slab of post-metal, channelled through Meshuggah-tinted goggles. Chris Sharp managed to grab a quick chat with guitarist Igor Omodei at Tech Fest.



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