Alexis SF Marshall from Daughters

Greg Hyde speaks to Daughters’ Alexis SF Marshall about touring, songwriting, and finally getting to be a ‘middle rung’ band.

Karl Sanders of Nile

David Bowes spoke to Nile guitarist Karl Sanders prior to their Glasgow show and rather than have us sling our hook, he was more than happy to answer a few questions about their phenomenal ninth album, Vile Nilotic Rites.

Neige from Alcest

Ahead of the release of their newest album ‘Spiritual Instinct’, Nick Dunn sat down with Alcest to discuss where its themes of spirituality and personal struggle come from.

Haunting the chapel – an interview with GosT

David Bowes spoke to GosT mastermind Baalberith to discuss the important things in life – Satan, synths and heavy metal.

Garcia Peoples

Resident Psychonaut and Deadhead Martyn Coppack asks the questions. Garcia Peoples’ Andy Cush, Derek Spaldo, and Danny Arakaki answer the call.

Bruce Soord

Bruce Soord candidly speaks about his new solo album, his equation with Katatonia and how the band The Pineapple Thief functions after Gavin Harrison joined the band.

Norman Westberg

Gavin Brown had a chat with Norman Westberg to hear all about the album and his transition from band member to solo artist and upcoming tour with Swans’ Michael Gira as well as career with Swans, Heroine Sheiks and his many other musical projects.

Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto of MONO – Beyond the Past Anniversary

The reason we can do these kinds of miracle things is because of our fans and partners throughout the world who understand and support our music. We’re truly thankful.


Gavin Brown caught up with Ufomammut to discuss their new release ‘XX’ as well as talking about the band’s musical history, new music, recent tour, their label Neurot and the Italian heavy music scene.

Trevor de Brauw from Pelican

Gavin Brown had a chat with Pelican guitarist Trevor de Brauw to talk all about their new album ‘Nighttime Stories’ and its inspiration, recording and artwork as well as discussing topics such as the effect fatherhood has had in the bands music, their latest tour, memories of their first ever gig and having their own collaboration beer and a burger named after them.

The Utopia Strong

The Utopia Strong consists of Steve Davis, Kavus Torabi and Michael J York. Gavin Brown caught up with the band to find out more about them and their upcoming self-titled release.

Yann Ligner from Klone

Progressive metal group Klone from France release their album Le Grand Voyage on 20th September on Kscope. Bidisha Kesh caught up with vocalist Yann Ligner to find out more.

Jed Maheu from Zig Zags

Andy Little asked Jed Maheu from Californian thrashers Zig Zags a bunch of questions about the band, their tour and more.

Tim Macuga from Consumer & Have A Nice Life (+ Consumer exclusive track premiere)

Our editor Sander asked Tim Macuga from Consumer/Have A Nice Life some questions to find out more about Consumer and their new upcoming album ‘In Computers’.

Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes

About to embark imminently on a substantial headline tour of North America in support of their Jerry Harrison (former Talking Heads guitarist/keyboardist) produced Bi/Mental album, Le Butcherettes dynamic Teri Gender Bender reveals the band is a family, the ‘honour’ of a former Talking Head as producer, and the wider inspirations of the Buzzcocks.

Henry Cow – An Interview With Chris Cutler

…Henry Cow embraced capital C culture with both hands and tried to integrate its fringes into a new mainstream. We didn’t just want to speak to our peers or our own generation. We were inclusive and directed our music at anyone prepared to listen…



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