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We Lost The Sea – Triumph & Disaster

We Lost The Sea have done it again. They’ve done it again, and yet in a different way. This album is an evolution of their sound, their imagery, their songwriting, their use of sonic palettes… the lot.

TOOL – Fear Inoculum

This is a wonderful release. I like it more than ‘10,000 Days’. It’s not as immediately engaging, but I feel like in time I’ll still be finding things in it to make me sit up and take notice. And honestly, what a gift that is.

MONO – Requiem For Hell

This is beautiful music, well thought out, crafted, mixed and quite simply a band that you need. – By Nick Dodds

Ortega – Sacred States

What a corker of an album. It’s bleak, relentless, black and evil, while still being musical and well thought out. Highly, highly recommended. – By Nick Dodds

RLYR – Delayer

This is music made for love and for fun. There’s no real pretension here, just a sense of three guys kicking ass, taking names and enjoying one of the most beautiful things humans can do – create something special. – By Nick Dodds

Show Me A Dinosaur – Show Me A Dinosaur

I confess, this release didn’t grab me as much as the previous one, but it is a fair old change. The addition of the vocals seems a little untoward at times, but that’s the direction that they chose to go in, so who am I to judge? Overall a very different direction for them, and a strong showing if that’s the path they choose to continue down. By Nick Dodds

Jakob – Sines

This is a release of love, affection, passion, hope, desire and sheer wilful bloody mindedness. It drips with effort, relief and everything else that makes music special. – By Nick Dodds

Eyehategod – Eyehategod

There’s ample detuned guitars, solid, powerful drumming, brick walls of feedback and harsh, screamed vocals. Just as you want an Eyehategod release to be. – By Nick Dodds

Ortega – Crows

Nick Dodds gives his thoughts on the new Ortega track ‘Crows’, in a very Lovecraftian way.

Live: The Smith Street Band, The Corner Hotel, Melbourne, 16th March 2014

That’s what this band is about – life affirming music. Even in the depths of their saddest moments they somehow manage to remind you that it’s all going to be ok… and I love that. By Nick Dodds

Burning Full Throttle – No Man’s Land

A great slice of stoner/drive goodness, and should definitely put a smile on your face. By Nick Dodds

Timesloth – Sole

I can hear the passion and enthusiasm come through clearly in the music, but at the same time the ‘jaded asshole’ in me wants better musicianship. – By Nick Dodds

In Memoriam: Tony Sly

One year on from his untimely death, Nick Dodds reflects on the life of one of his musical heroes, Tony Sly…

Life Coach – Alphawaves

So this album is all one big cliché – but in a good way. There are only so many different ways you can do a 4/4 beat with fuzzy guitars and ‘driving’ drumming but I’ve now listened to this a few times and it manages to skirt right on the edge of boring without falling into the chasm. By Nick Dodds

The Shaking Sensations – Start Stop Worrying

This is the second album from a band that I must confess, I know little about. A five-piece hailing from “windy Denmark”, The Shaking Sensations have shared the stage with some ‘glitteratti’ of the post-rock genre and been around for 10 years. And I have never heard of them, or heard them. I hang my head in shame, for they are pretty good.

Olekksii – Iris EP

So – this is a melodic, emotive and yet sparse and cold release. I like the juxtaposition of these conflicting states and think it’s done well overall. If you like smooth beats on a Sunday, melancholy on a Tuesday or just something a little different then give this a spin.

Feuerzeug – Dead Wahines and Tsunamis

Feuerzeug is a band from Switzerland and their album “Dead Wahines and Tsunamis” is already a classic stoner rock album, with fuzzy guitars, big rock epics and simply great music. This is a compulsory album for fans of QOTSA, Kyuss, Slow Burn and Fu Manchu.

Live: 65daysofstatic – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne. January 4th 2013.

So back in 2006 I spent 8 hours waiting patiently outside a pub in Camden Town (the name escapes me but rest assured it was a shithole) to see 65daysofstatic… And I didn’t get to see them. No amount of cajoling, begging, pleading or even my best Aussie …

Across The Waves – War End, Misery Stays

How often do you get to listen and review post-rock from a part of the world more known for its religious hatred, lack of human rights and obsession with Rebecca Black? Ok, I might have made up the last point but you get the idea. Not often. Across The …

Toundra – III

This album kicks ass. Really. I snagged Toundra’s ‘II’ a year or so ago purely based on the cover art… and was not disappointed. Post-metal/post-rock from Spain? Sure! All the right types of sludgy riffage interspersed with some nice melodies….. We …

Nilihore – Lost Souls

I wanted to like this release – I really did. I like trip hop, post-rock, prog, ambient and all the other genres that this artist clearly likes – just not like this. Unfortunately I think he’s over-reached and tried a few too many things. Nihilore’s we …

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