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Interview – Kellar

Ever wondered what goes on in the heads of people who play improvised music? Here at (((o))) we did, so we asked Brighton noise peddlars Kellar to open themselves up to a Vulcan mind meld so we could see for ourselves. Come and have a look what we foun …

Kellar – Smokescreen EP

Kellar love to experiment with sounds, and to share the results of those experiments. Having made plenty of loud guitar- and drum-based noise on debut “Beloved Dean of Magic”, Kellar return with a shift in sound on “Smokescreen” that is altogether more …

Kellar – The Beloved Dean Of Magic

Let’s get it straight from the outset – this is noisy and it won’t get much radio play. Most listeners will not make it through the first track and I’ve seen this kind of stuff empty a bandroom when played loud enough. For those of you who do like it n …

Kellar – Cell Divides

This is the third release from Brighton band Kellar and once again sees a shift in theme and style with synth joining the improvised guitar and pedal drone of the previous release “Smokescreen”. There’s even some melody of sorts and tuneful rhythm from …

Live: Gilmore Trail, Fly on Byrd, fly on & Kellar – Sebright Arms, London. Saturday 30th January

A quite fabulous evening of instrumental rock music, made all the more special by the superb sound and a wonderfully warm welcome. By Rich Buley

Kellar – Fulminant

Jake Gillen takes a galnce at Fulminant, the latest offering from Brighton noise duo Kellar.

Records Of The Year – 2011

Explore our top 40 records of 2011 as voted for by our writers.

The Blue Tapes House Band – Vol. 3: Chase Me Before the Plague

Mind-altering, disturbing auditory-noise brilliance from the creators of Blue Tapes.

Echoes And Dust Top 40 Records of 2011

Well, give or take a few days, that was 2011. As ever it’s flown by at an unbelievable rate of knots but it’s definitely been quite a year, both on and off the musical field of play, as it were. Special mention has to go to And So I Watch You From Afar …

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