Null – Entity

Null build on their sprawling debut with a follow up Entity, six tracks of dense atmospherics elevated by some striking and properly extreme vocalisations.

[.que] – And Inside

The whole album plays like a set of mellow late-night mind-movies. And Inside is essentially what you get. A good fuzzy feeling.

Laura Taubman – Revelation

Judging by what she has come up with on Revelation, there might really be something in her idea to take a part in helping save the music.

Introduction – S/T

If you enjoy charming, slightly low-fi music replete with pretty voices and memorable melodies, this is for you.

Samantha Crain – A Small Death

Samantha Crain has made the transition from an artist full of promise to a great one. A Small Death is the sound of re-birth from the deep depths of adversity.

Witchcraft – Black Metal

The album is wonderfully recorded, there are not many places to hide with only a nylon string guitar and vocals but the warmth comes across and it’s very intimate. Might not be one for everyone as it is very different from the bands previous work, however, it is an interesting and very personal peek into Magnus Pelander’s soul.

Mansur – Temple

Deftly combining East, West and Middle in a heady procession of the electronic and the orchestral, calm and urgency that goes beyond the merely cinematic.

Kestrels – Dream or Don’t Dream

This is a terrific modern shoegaze album from a thoughtful artist known to sprinkle his work with literary references. Highly recommended!

We Wild Blood – Vicious Virtues

It’s so relentless that ‘Osiris’ basically functions as a three minute collecting of one’s asshole after it gets blown off repeatedly during the previous track.

Sly & The Family Drone – Walk It Dry

Fresh and alive with ideas Walk It Dry finds Sly & The Family Drone really coming into their own and making their best, most ambitious statement yet.

The Bobby Lees – Skin Suit

The Bobby Lees are a very young band from Woodstock NY and they play the garage punk blues with real fire and wild animal energy like they can hardly stop themselves.

Svärd – The Rift

A promising new project featuring members of Ahab and In Mourning, Svärd offer up a psych-tinged stoner doom EP in the shape of The Rift, and the tantalising promise of more to come.

Kansas – The Absence of Presence

For me, Kansas aren’t just a band, but a family as well… The train for them will never, ever stop.

Mugstar & Damo Suzuki – Live at The Invisible Wind Factory

The band have an innate sense of what makes a jam work, and within their familiar sound, they have threaded together a mystical path via Damo.

Guy Grogan – Same Morning Light

All this knowledge and experience would go to no avail if it wasn’t backed by some serious talent, and on the evidence of this album, Grogan has quite a bit of it.

Amy Birks – All That I Am & All That I Was

With a pop, folky, and carrying that classical approach, Amy Birks has spread her wings.



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