Yann Tiersen – All

In the times when we actually have too much of a bad thing, some solid counter-balance is needed, and on All Yann Tiersen obliges to provide it.

Slumberland – Sea, Sea, Sea Drifter / See, See, See Drifter

Throughout, Baelus and his cohorts leave you wondering which sound is which, to force you at one moment not to care anymore and just enjoy their dark musical concoction.

Lefty Fish – Hello Kittie’s Spank

It’s complete sensory overload, but the moment the adrenaline injection and eye crossing confusion starts to wane you start to see that this is music with melody, rhythm, and poise at its beating heart with every element pushed to its most extreme.

HEALTH – Vol 4: Slaves of Fear

HEALTH are envisioned as a digital, sonic militia dispatching waves of audial gunfire whilst a honey-voiced dictator enchants his republic with vague, nihilist rhetoric.

YODOK III – This Earth We Walk Upon

A relentless flight into the heart of a storm.


INTRCPTR resume their breakneck pace across the dusty, unforgiving landscape with charging new EP ‘II’.

Guided By Voices – Zeppelin Over China

How does he do it? We should be making plans to save Robert Pollard’s brain for science, if it’s not already preserved by what made Milwaukee famous.

Ed Wynne – Shimmer Into Nature

This music is not so much written as grown, possessed of the anything-goes spirit of improvisation that the Ozrics have been synonymous with since their early days, yet refined into an irresistible, purposeful collection of music imbued with a strange sense of peace.

Deceased – Ghostly White

Put Ghostly White on, turn it up loud and revel in the triumph of the band’s timeless death and horror obsessed metal sound.

Mauerbrecher – The Sacred Oak

The Sacred Oak is a mystical portal to a forgotten Fantasy realm, with rich compositions and diverse instrumentation. It’s captivating atmosphere and attitude will effortlessly take you to a different world, your mind the canvas and the album the paintbrush.

Kungens Män – Chef

From pure psychedelic freak out, to exploratory ramblings, and all imbued with a sense of communal priority to create together a work of immense intelligence, Chef is an album which begs for continued listens and deep immersion.

Tim J. Grant – Fluorescent Lamp Pop

From the ‘modern’ electronic sound of the opener ‘Bullseye’, Grant delves into musical diversity as much as he can.

Kanaan – Windborne

On hearing Windborne for the first time, perhaps the most surprising thing is that it is their debut album

Swallow the Sun – When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light

It is a strikingly emotional, ascertainably emotive, beautifully artistic, ponderously atmospheric, measured jagged burn. It offers a lot to take in and its lustre may be slow to reveal itself to some listeners.

Left Hand Cuts Off The Right – Purge

The sure and familiar footsteps of the piano guide us down echoing hallways of filtered field recordings and radio noise.

Boy Harsher – Closer

Boy Harsher walk a precarious tightrope between alluring and eerie on their second full-length, with strong, sinister results.


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