Zatemno – V Petle

By taking an obscurantist approach to everything about their sound, they’ve created a quintessentially Russian metal album that doesn’t rely on gimmicks or nationalism to make its mark. For those who seek out the innovative, this is treat.

Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble – Where Future Unfolds

The music Locks presents is compelling enough to reward repeated listenings that reveal new, subtle elements each time.


MØL excel at turning extreme, narratively rich music into digestible bite size chunks that work – they manage to distil the essence of Deafheaven and Alcest into condensed glistening sweat upon petal fields on a dying earth.

Cave In – Final Transmission

Cave In dawn the spacesuits once more and go on a new spacial journey whilst dealing with the loss of a brother.

Pelican – Nighttime Stories

Pelican at their best are one of those bands whose music is so evocative of driving through the landscape, of scenery and emotion fusing in the mind.

Vivien Goldman – Revenge of the She-Punks: A Feminist Music History from Poly Styrene to Pussy Riot

Structuring the book thematically around identity, money, love/unlove and protest enables Goldman to join the dots up between a multiplicity of artists across time and space, seeing the similarities in struggles for equality, community, safety and freedom at various times and in various places.

Michael Neal – Lapse

Lapse is a profound statement of beauty. I don’t believe in the concept of perfect, but Lapse comes pretty damn close.

Krypts – Cadaver Circulation

A standout death/doom release that has risen from the swamp to haunt your day.

Todd Rundgren’s Utopia – Live at the Chicago Theatre

Now understand, this was my first time delving my toes into the waters of Todd Rundgren’s Utopia. But after listening to the 2-CD set of Live at the Chicago Theatre, it made me want to go back and listen to some of those albums to see what I was missing.

JuJu – Maps & Territory

Maps & Territory is one of those albums for psych music aficionados who see the genre in a much wider concept than just, fuzz, acid, and flowers.

Acquaintances- 8 ½ Lives

Although the theme of mortality is usually one of thoughtful contemplation, the guys in Acquaintances come at it with a rock out approach, and I for one find it refreshing.

O.R.k – Ramagehead

It’s been two years since O.R.k have released a new album after their 2017 release, Soul of an Octopus. O.R.k is formed by Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari (LEF) which includes members from King Crimson (Pat Mastelotto), Porcupine Tree (Colin Edwin), and Mar …

Full Of Hell – Weeping Choir

There is plenty to unpack beneath this caustic juggernaut, but even a coast across the surface is rewarding enough.

Eluvium - Pianoworks

Eluvium – Pianoworks

Simple but elegant neoclassical piano offers lovely company – but it could have been much more.

Gong – The Universe Also Collapses

The Universe Also Collapses effortlessly manages to both forge a new path for the band and reinforce the very things that made Gong such a beloved institution in the first place. Bold, colourful, atmospheric and truly absorbing, it’s a 40-minute psychedelic voyage that compares favourably with the band’s best work.

Petrol Girls – Cut & Stitch

They’ve not gone completely sewing circle on you don’t worry, Cut & Stitch is more human and more vulnerable, more varied and more interesting but it is still raging feminist post hardcore.


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