Alice Tambourine Lover – Down Below

On Down Below Alice Tambourine Lover are able to assimilate all their influences very smoothly and come up with an album you can keep your windows open to as the weather is getting better.

Abul Mogard – And We Are Passing Through Silently

Abul Mogard brings five disparate tracks by different artists together into a new, cohesive narrative; a hushed, richly atmospheric musical journey that is never content to rely on the clichés of the genre.

The Briefs – Platinum Rats

Platinum Rats is 12 examples of great songwriting, musically fresh and exhilarating and lyrically intriguing, the whole album sounds like one beautifully crafted melodic punk gem after another!

Bismuth – The Eternal Marshes (Review + Premiere)

Premiere of a huge, slow, affecting song, originally recorded in 2012, from cerebral drone doom duo.

Fennesz – Agora

A multi-textured tapestry of treated guitar, laptop static and meditative drones combined and recombined to stunning effect.

The Magic Roundabout: A Psychedelic Catchup 2019 Pt1

Album reviews…you never have enough time in the world for them do you? The sheer velocity in which new releases hit your inbox everyday simply leaves you swimming in a sea of sound, grabbing and hoping that your chosen victim will be the one that lights up your world. Unfortunately some get missed along the way, but fear not, here at Echoes & Dust we do try to fit in as much as possible.Which leads us to our inaugural column for the psychedelic genre.

Periphery – Periphery IV: Hail Stan

It is a real triumph for Periphery and continued proof that even after six albums they are still one of the most exciting metal bands around.

Alex Kozobolis – Somewhere Else

Kozobolis makes sure that he has something substantial to say with his music, and again, scores full points. All in all, a worthy listen and an album that scores quite well on that solo piano scale.

Ioanna Gika – Thalassa

Greek American artist Ioanna Gika is a remarkable emerging talent and Thalassa is a stunning debut album.

STAHV – All-Seeing I (Review + Exclusive Track Premiere)

We’re stuck in a time machine listening to mutant AOR from the retro-future.

Latitudes – Part Island

Post-metal at its most unique and finest. Latitudes’ fourth album is glorious with a luscious sound that pounds you and embraces you in equal measures.

Bibio – Ribbons

A gentle, meandering album, Ribbons’ countrified stylings hide a sinister undercurrent.

Pozi – PZ1

A promising debut from London newcomers Pozi. The band have a unique sound, melding violins with punk rock sensibilities, but are let down by an uneven tone.

L’Acephale – L’Acephale

The record is a sprawling multifaceted thing that gets better each listen,… You’ll be wandering around in search of your own head by the end of it.

UNKLE – The Road: Part II / Lost Highway

Selective listening will reveal some genuinely outstanding highlights on Lost Highway.

Chris Forsyth – All Time Present

Due to the drawn out experimentations, this album may be more for the hardened Chris Forsyth fan, although for the brave new listener it does offer a unique starting point.


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