Rick Wakeman & The English Rock Ensemble – The Red Planet

Rick Wakeman is a true visionary, a maestro, and a storyteller that has brought The Red Planet to life.

A A Williams – Forever Blue

The talented A A Williams debut album Forever Blue is a masterclass in achingly beautiful, swooping melancholy.

Bell Witch & Aerial Ruin – Stygian Bough – Volume I

Gentle but still epic, ‘Stygian Bough – Volume 1’ is not crushing so much as it is meditative. It looks to a path beyond loss, a journey to light and acceptance.

Larkin Poe – Self Made Man

I guarantee that if you hear one of the singles on the radio it will lift your spirits for four sweet minutes.

Yaldabaoth – That Which Whets The Saccharine Palate

That Which Whets The Saccharine Palate is an album that works because it feels wrong and sounds great. It’s almost ungainly, like it doesn’t quite fit in its own skin, but like any good monstrosity, that is its beauty.

VoidCeremony – Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional Unravel

A great gutturally fierce, rumbling weird death metal debut album from VoidCeremony.

Various Artists – ISOLATION AND REJECTION: Vol 1

It has been most thoughtfully compiled and programmed so that its strange cargo of rejects contrast and complement one another as part of a remarkable whole. Rare is the compilation that pulls this off so effectively.

Entry – Detriment

If you’re looking for music that reflects the current degenerative, regressive, dangerous state of the world, then this album does that and then some.

Umbra Vitae – Shadow of Life

Supergroup’s approach to contemporary death metal leaves a bitter taste.

Ballpeen – Pachinko

An effective blast of muscular, chaotic hardcore dragged through the noise rock mud.

Pyrrhon – Abscess Time

Abscess Time is exception and serves as another reminder of what makes Pyrrhon so special.

Wren – Groundswells

Wren have made huge leaps from its debut album and this is some stunning dark and heavy post-metal.

Patrick Ames – Reawakened 2020 & Liveness EP

With his music and lyrics, this might be a perfect time for Patrick Ames.

Noveller – Arrow

In this cinematic quest, Sarah Lipstate takes us on a sonic journey that rides a breathtaking gauntlet of emotions but settles, ultimately, on tragedy as we reach its life-weary climax. 

Vile Creature – Glory! Glory! Apathy Took Helm!

Vile Creature forge a new sound and showcase a bold, positive path for the future of doom metal.

Wire – 10:20

Intended as an odds ‘n’ sods release for fans and completists, 10:20 nonetheless offers a strange and persuasive career overview, entry via the side door into the stunning catalogue of one of our most unique and brilliant bands.



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