The Lovely Eggs – I Am Moron

The foundational myth of choice and the industrial manufacture of desire. The Lovely Eggs burn through a fistful of hallucinatory shopping lists shouting that the Emperor has no clothes. It’s an old song but it could hardly be more timely.

Sky Valley Mistress – Faithless Rituals

Sky Valley Mistress throw the gauntlet down and come out swinging with a debut of impressive revved up energy, gutsy attitude, and a refreshing unpredictable delivery to their kick-ass rock ‘n’ roll.

Moaning – Uneasy Laughter

Without pushing the envelope, California’s Moaning have crafted an accessible post-punk album for everyone to enjoy.

Hexvessel – Kindred

Kindred is the band returning to their original sound and is a welcoming return to the darker edges of the forest.

Bruxa Maria – The Maddening

This album is fucking repulsive and I love it.

Casual Nun – Resort For Dead Desires

“There’s an engrossing level of intrigue that will lend itself to many further listens and a more than ample level of riffage for me to blast tracks such as the climatic ‘Φυλαχτό’ on repeat”

Huntsmen – Mandala of Fear

Double concept albums can often be seen as acts of hubris by bands desperate to prove how clever they are, but you get the sense from Huntsmen that this music, noisy and threatening as it is, comes from the heart and soul.

Therapy? – Greatest Hits (The Abbey Road Session)

To celebrate 30 years of releasing short sharp shocks, Therapy? lovingly recreate 12 of their greatest hits in the famous Abbey Road Studios.

Ell Kendall – Marlen/Nuha

These distinct portraits of wildly differing people lean trustingly into one another, carefully segueing from one slowing life to another.

Arvo Party – Love Above All

Love Above All is a beauty of a record, Arvo Party has come a long way in a short period of time and here’s hoping there’s a long way to go.

Lurker Of Chalice – Tellurian Slaked Furnace

For an album that could have been a cut-and-paste mishmash of two disparate releases, what Whitehead has instead delivered is an intensely personal work that is beautiful, chilling and heart-wrenchingly inked in sorrow, one whose story comes not from words or melody but rather from the atmosphere of overwhelming solitude that permeates it.

Sightless Pit – Grave of a Dog

An inevitable consequence of the collaborative creative community that swirls around The Body, Sightless Pit is a tastily seditious inversion of the rock power trio.

Jaz Coleman – Magna Invocatio: A Gnostic Mass For Choir And Orchestra Inspired By The Sublime Music Of Killing Joke

At times harrowing and bleak but ultimately uplifting and that captures the feeling of Killing Joke wonderfully.

Unreqvited – Mosaic II: la déteste et la détresse

鬼 continues to haunt the scene with a rainbow-dipped brush stained with hues of despair, painting a smile onto faces that can truly make you grin ear to ear as darker colours drip away, fading and forgotten.

King Dude – Full Virgo Moon

Full Virgo Moon, despite its brief running time and fairly light musical style, is a tough, grim listening experience.

Fós – Rinne mé iarraidh

When it works we get visceral, atmospheric music that breathes new magic into some gorgeous, plaintive singing and lifts it to a new height.



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