David Sylvian & Holger Czukay – Plight & Premonition, Flux & Mutability

Intention or the ‘hand of the artist’ seem absent from the picture as if the tape had captured ghosts in the studio. The music is full of soft drones and washes of sound in which more recognisable instrumentation appears briefly before dissolving, Czukay’s beloved short wave radio burbles in from time to time.

Raum Kingdom – Everything & Nothing

Raum Kingdom has offered up a real meaty post-metal effort which is another contender for the end of year lists.

Dancehall – The Band

Deciding whether you want to pick up Dancehall and their The Band depends on what you feel at the moment and whether you want to pick up an energy drink or this album, or, preferably, whether you need to irritate your neighbours, at least for half an hour.

Yob – Our Raw Heart

The Oregon transcendental doomsters Yob return with their raw, heart-filled record named ‘Our Raw Heart’.

Haggard Cat – Challenger

As far as dirty two-piece bands go, Reynolds and Marsh are a force to be reckoned with and have set the bar high with this glorious, cacophonous collection of riffs and guttural lamentations.

Ancient Lights – Ancient Lights

Ancient Lights eponymous album is the perfect backdrop to a Saturday night ritual with friends who have a penchant for hooded robes.

Colin Stetson – Hereditary OST

On his horror soundtrack for Hereditary, Colin Stetson opts for mood and texture throughout and when he pushes the discomfort into noise it’s gratifyingly abrasive at the same time as being densely layered up.

From Beyond – The Band From Beyond

Austin’s Sci-Fi stoner rockers debut ‘The Band From Beyond’ display a fondness of doom as much as their love of stoner rock and John Carpenter film soundtracks.

Petyr – Smolyk

The wheels are set loose on Petyr with this album, and they can claim their place amongst their peers on the San Diego scene as the rude, noisy awakening, when all around are still lost in space.

VLMV – Stranded, Not Lost

This record is quietly anxious, earnestly calm and wistfully hopeful. It’s a sigh of acceptance. It’s simultaneously serene and sorrowful in equal measure.


This is music of escapism. Of thoughts drifting from the concrete surroundings, peeking over a grey wall and daubing it with the colours of the mind.

Furia: Silesian folklore from the mines to the moon

Furia is not for everyone, but the Polish band has continuously been searching within the realm of black metal and folklore for new expressions. At the last Roadburn Festival, Guido Segers sat down with the band to find out more.

Wrong – Feel Great

They play a style of metal that is harsh, angular and meticulously precise. Their songs are short, succinct, eruptions of energy often noted by odd time signatures and barking staccato vocal delivery while at the same time maintaining some modicum of mass market radio sensibility and a surprising emotional punch.

serpentwithfeet – soil

Serpentwithfeet just made sure I open my best of the year list a bit earlier this time around.

The Armed – Only Love

‘Only Love’ is interesting, sonically ambitious and in places, exciting. Brutal noise delivered with surgical precision.

BARST – The Endeavour

An album of dazzling maturity, poise, complexity and sheer brilliance. A must-buy.


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