Nathalie Stern – Nerves and Skin

Like a dark, smooth pebble from a brook. Pleasing to hold, glowing inwardly with secrets. A faultless combination of lovely vocal harmonies and meditative drone.

Earth And Pillars – Earth II

Atmospheric black metal that embraces nature, shining a slowly dying light on a blistering and bleak landscape.

Gabriel Birnbaum – Not Alone

Not Alone it is one of those creeping sleepers that you definitely can play at any point in time with ease.

The Night Watch – An Embarrassment of Riches

With An Embarrassment of Riches, The Night Watch has truly proven that good things come to those who wait. The band are incredible musicians and this album showcases their many talents in both music composition and musicianship. 

Drose – boy man machine+

If you want to have your mind blown and kickstart your creative juices, listen to this album.

Eluvium – Virga I

A welcome ambient companion on long winter nights.

A-Sun Amissa – For Burdened and Bright Light

It’s been out a while, and when I first heard it I tweeted that it was A-Sun Amissa’s best work to date. That opinion still holds. Vital listening.

Throbbing Gristle – Part Two: The Endless Not/ TG Now/ A Souvenir of Camber Sands

The pick of the three, Part Two: The Endless Not an imperfect but nonetheless decent stab at a late period comeback record.

Lunacy – Age of Truth

All in all, it’s a good old fashioned pummelling. It’s music that straddles the line between ecstasy and anguish.

The Great Black Shark – VOMIT

Dark debut from off-kilter Greek punks.

The Go-Betweens – G Stands For Go-Betweens: Volume 2 – 1985 -1989

literate, melodic pop songs pulling on a strand that runs from the Velvet Underground through the Modern Lovers and Television, given a uniquely sunlit Australian twist.

Myriad Drone – Arka Morgana

Arka Morgana is an ambitious piece of work and the band should be applauded for trying something a bit different. In places, the band create a stunning and wonderful soundscape. In just under an hour the band range from sparse to melodic to frantic and heavy.

Nocturnal Depression – Tides of Despair

Overall a worthwhile addition to the discography for Nocturnal Depression, though for newcomers to the band I’d probably refer them to the earlier touchstone albums.

Cattle Decapitation – Death Atlas

My metal album of the year. Truly a soundtrack for the end of times.

Glassing – Spotted Horse

Devastatingly unique, incredibly hard to describe but ultimately some very special atmospheric post-hardcore/black-metal which keeps on giving with every listen.

Blood Incantation – Hidden History of the Human Race

Complicated, weird, heavy, tight and uncompromising but also cerebral, curious and accessible. All praise that this record has received already is definitely well deserved.


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