Graham Dunning & Edward Lucas – End Of A Cable

What this pair do succeed in doing is delicately inverting expectations and understanding through curling layers of textures and drones.

This Gift Is A Curse – A Throne Of Ash

A great mix of blackened hardcore and post-metal sensibilities creates an album packed with brutality which has longevity.

Touché Amoré – Dead Horse X

LA post-hardcore greats successfully re-record their debut.

Oh Sees – Face Stabber

It may not be as immediate as their last release, and its length may put some people off, but for those prepared to give up a couple of hours to it, they will find a remarkable piece of work.

FireWalkWithMe – The Eternal Black Rainbow

FireWalkWithMe’s debut is a rip snorting blast of Texan punk rock and killer tunes.

Acid Rooster – Acid Rooster

This is one of the best contemporary psych records I’ve heard, not just of this year but of any year. It is up there with the Gnods and White Hills of this world. Buy it and let it take you to special places.

Darsombra – Transmission

Transmission is the most fulfilling Darsombra release in their impressive catalogue.

The Round Up – Post Rock & Post Metal 2019 – Part V

A delayed appearance for part V of The Round Up, for a huge number of reasons, chief among them being straightforward editorial incompetence. In addition to this, we’ve had some technical issues, there’s been some work and some children to look after, …

Haiku Salut – The General

strong and distant enough from the movie to work as a stand alone album of elegant piano, fluid electronica and understated post rock moods, it succeeds by finding the film’s emotional heart.

Russian Circles – Blood Year

More massive post-rock./metal from the genres most prolific masters.

Grey Hairs – Health & Social Care

Nottingham’s premier punk rock self help group get darker on their brilliant third album Health & Social Care.

Föllakzoid – ‘I’

A decisive step forwards in pursuing their goal of an organic electronic minimalism of the spheres. I is a successful experiment in taking their hands off the wheel, I wonder where it leads.

Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch – Only You

Despite being a frail whip of a release (it clocks in at sub ten minutes), the level of fragile beauty on display far exceeds its brief length. Only You is a tremendous proponent of quality over quantity.

Sacri Monti – Waiting Room for the Magic Hour

A four year wait for Sacri Monti’s follow up to their loud and buzzing debut, Waiting Room For The Magic Hour brings added progressive rock elements to their psych rock flurry.

De Lorians – S/T

They have created an album of singular momentum and creativity, and can rest well knowing they have further stoked the fires of interest within the realms of underground music.

Sonologyst – Phantoms

Everything is manipulated. Time flows in all directions. Sounds mystify and beguile. This is sonic mastery as mysticism, as method of control.



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