Null – Entity

Null build on their sprawling debut with a follow up Entity, six tracks of dense atmospherics elevated by some striking and properly extreme vocalisations.

Shackleton & Zimpel – Primal Forms

The title Primal Forms suggests something irreducible, even basic, but this is music as a primordial ooze, fundamental elements stirred into a bubbling soup of possibilities.

Bloodmist – Phos

Phos is an eerie, disquieting soundtrack to the loss of tangible hope.

Blunda – Pulling For You

On Pulling For You Blunda’s meticulous approach works, making the listener yearn for a full-fledged album release.

Reciprocate – Yeah Well

The loose song structures are contorted by hyper charged playing, love songs played at full force and high volume to achieve an emotional frenzy.


A rock record that feels equal part hopeful and solemnly exposed

Taylor Swift – Folklore

Folklore is an album which sets her up on the pantheon of greats alongside those artists she grew up revering.

Paint – Spiritual Vegas

Spiritual Vegas is an assured and accomplished album that goes beyond being a side project for the Allah-Las guitarist.

Jon Durant & Robert Jürjendal – Across the Evening

Jon & Robert have upped their craftsmanship to take listeners on exotic landscapes.

The Tangent – Auto Reconnaissance

The Tangent’s music is more than just a prog sound, but going beyond those structures. Whether you like the band’s music or not, Auto Reconnaissance may take some time to get into, but you will be rewarded with an impressive album.

Drouth – Excepts from a Dread Liturgy

Drouth’s sophomore LP may not serve as the breakthrough it intends to be, but nonetheless it remains an enjoyable, solid album.

Imperial Triumphant – Alphaville

‘Alphaville’ builds upon the trio’s previous work, showcasing a band at the peak of their powers.

Thiago Nassif – Mente

Mente is Nassif’s show throughout, particularly exemplified in his songwriting and arranging skills.

Magenta – Masters Of Illusion

I would love to think that six masters in the horror genre, would be thrilled to have this album dedicated to them.

Courtney Marie Andrews – Old Flowers

She uses the songs as a mirror on herself, and as such these represent some of the most naked and revealing songs that she has committed to tape.

IZZ – Half Life

IZZ have kept their trains chugging for more adventures that await us beyond the horizon.



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