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Burden Limbs – Flashback Records Shoreditch, London

It’s this DIY, unpolished grit that makes Burden Limbs an exciting prospect going forward – scraping away all the gleam and cleanliness of contemporary post-metal acts to return to those crust-laden roots from where the genre was born. (Photo: Jenny Robertson)

Thou – Nice n Sleazy, Glasgow

While songs like ‘Transcending Dualities’ and ‘Sovereign Self’, which manifest tonight as eldritch monoliths of funereal doom, prove disarmingly effective at stripping away emotional barriers through distortion and volume alone, Bryan Funck’s voice is enough to push anyone over the edge. He constantly looms over the mic, his screech like a demon’s death rattle, dripping pain from each syllable, and as he periodically peels off layers of clothing, you can feel the intensity racking up.

Zig-Zags – Our Black Heart, Camden

Zig-Zags only increase the temperature with an enormously exhilarating set on a hot and humid summer’s night in Camden..

BABYMETAL – O2 Academy, Brixton

There have been arguments about the legitimacy of Babymetal since they were jettisoned into the stratosphere, but those are arguments are both reductive and redundant. They are what they purport themselves to be – a highly manufactured hit machine oiled with a killer song-writing team behind them and wired with a solid-gold gimmick.

Wild Paths Festival 2019, Norwich

Get up down and across to Norwich this October because Wild Paths Festival is going to be a buzz!

GosT • ORAX – Underworld, London

It’s probably because I come to this as a metaller rather than a clubber or a gamer that I’m intrigued about exactly how this will operate in the live environment. Metallers are used to standing and watching the band, maybe moshing a bit. Clubbers are used to dancing, chatting and occasionally giving props to the DJ for dropping a massive tune. So how will the two mix, in the Underworld, on a wet rainy Wednesday?

Festival Review: Roadburn Festival 2019

With a bit of delay, here is Sander van den Driesche’s review of the recent Roadburn Festival.

Gojira – O2 Academy, Brixton

Technical glitches aside this was a triumph for Gojira, playing a packed Academy to a rapturous reception.

Haru Nemuri – Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London

Haru Nemuri draws from the wax of classic hip hop, spitting emotion, and hazy dreams to a warm turntable in a similar way to dälek or Melt-Banana. This is pop music for the weird generation; Britney Spears for the vaporwave crowd.

MONO • Emma Ruth Rundle – Bohemian National Cemetery, Chicago

After the final waves of feedback and noise faded away I felt as I had just witnessed something incredible special; and even though I know they have put in hundreds of performances, the setting made this one almost transcendent.

Villette Sonique 2019, Paris – Day 3

Therein lies the magic of Miss Holter; hers is the voice of dreams, who effortlessly show the way through the majestic gardens of Alice’s Wonderland . . . as though we’ve always belonged in these strange new places.


The second evening of our grim summer of love at La Villette Sonique switched things up with some cutting edge talent from the alternative hip-hop scene. Most exciting of all was the long-awaited return of the psychotic rhyme-clown known as Danny Brown, promoting the acid-laced fever dream that is Atrocity Exhibition. . .


Top-notch psychedelic music abounds as Gong and Ed Wynne’s tour stops in Bristol, where even sound issues can’t dampen the vibe.

Villette Sonique 2019, Paris – Day 1

My first rendezvous was the lovely Cabaret Sauvage, set right along the Ourq canal running through the park, for an evening dedicated to ambient and experimental sounds. . .

Sœur • Trigger Thumb – Soup Kitchen, Manchester

Sœur are an unconventional band (dual guitars and vocals and drums with no bass) with an unconventional approach to songwriting; however, it just all sits perfectly together.

Filthy Friends – Garage, London

Corin Tucker, Peter Buck and their Filthy Friends put on an Indie rock masterclass at North London’s Garage.



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