Josh Elmore of Cattle Decapitation

Just before the release of the critically acclaimed Death Atlas, we cornered Cattle Decapitation’s Josh Elmore to talk legacy, history and what humanity is doing wrong.


Supersonic Festival has been wowing audiences with its varied lineups since 2003 and this year’s event held between 19th-21st July is shaping up to be an absolute cracker. With performances from Neurosis, Godflesh, The Bug & Moor Mother, Mono and A …


“We are most of the way towards having enough songs written for the next new album. It seems like bands normally start to release compilations, greatest hits collections, and live albums when they can’t come up with good new material anymore. We didn’t want people to see this Peel Sessions record and think, “I guess they’re done. Now they’ll put out some compilations and wrap things up”

Doom Or Be Doomed – An Interview With Dave Chandler of Saint Vitus

Following the (re)departure of Wino from vocal duties, a few chance opportunities and the willingness to keep pushing on has reunited them with original frontman Scott Reagers and led to the recording of a new, self-titled and utterly essential album. We spoke to band founder Dave Chandler prior to their European tour to dredge up ancient history and to peer into the future of the band.

James, Anya & Tina from Sœur

James, Anya & TIna from Sœur spoke to Echoes and Dust before a live show at Soup Kitchen in Manchester, March 15th 2019

Bad Breeding: Educate, Organise, Agitate. A dialog with Chris Dodd

There is no radical resistance in simply consuming music and adopting a disobedient identity. Simply saying “I don’t consent to this” with a t-shirt or a hashtag, is not enough – yet so many of us have swallowed it as being the epitome of rebellion. Action is derided, but performative angst is universally acclaimed. To break out of this trap you need organisation and direction

Zarraza: spreading the virus from Kazakhstan

Nick Khalabuzar is one of the founders of Kazakhstan metal band Zarraza and to say he’s a passionate metalhead would be a vast understatement. Guido Segers finds out more.

Label Focus with Clément Dupuis of Dur et Doux

Dur et Doux is a collective of musicians, a label and a production structure that defends a singular vision of amplified music. Founded in 2008 and carried by thirty or so musicians forming around 15 bands, Dur et Doux praises the unusual, the creation …

Dymna Lotva: Belarussian pagan fires burning bright

Dymna Lotva has been quite prolific over the years and plays a very distinguished type of music. Their origin leaves a little in the way of the language barrier, but they were kind enough to answer my questions. This took some time, but I’m certain that it will provide you with many new insights on this exciting band.

Post-Punk, Politics and Pleasure in Britain: Interview with David Wilkinson..

The first important thing to say here is that post-punk reflects a growing working class involvement in the leftist avant-garde that we can trace back to the expanded opportunities of the postwar years. John Cooper Clarke reckoned it was ‘the furthest the working classes had gone into areas like Dada’ and he was probably right.

Playing the Devil’s Advocate – Talkin’ about Satan with Twin Temple

Bound in unholy matrimony and devoted to spreading the dark gospel of God’s great Adversary, the duo known as Twin Temple may not sound the way your local church describes the ever-so-dreaded “Devil’s music”.

Kavus Torabi from Gong

Kavus Torabi, guitarist and vocalist with Gong, on the creative process behind their new record and why it’s a psychedelic rather than progressive. He also drops hints about a new project, discusses hair care tips and more!

A Broke Moon Rises – A Conversation with David Pajo

“You know, I’m not a minimalist composer, I didn’t grow up in that world, I grew up in a punk rock world. Limits have to be stretched, you have to test them – or break them.”

Scott and Tom from Green Lung

South London’s Green Lung reveal how Desertfest, a grandparent’s confusion, and the studying of song-structures help shaped the band and their impressive debut album ‘Woodland Rites’.

Unveiling ‘The Secret’ – An Interview with Alan Parsons

From his Historic debut efforts at Abbey Road alongside the Fab Four all the way up to his latest creative venture in his own recording studio in Santa-Barbara, Alan Parsons has made his mark in music history, as a technician behind some of rock musics’ most iconic albums as well as with his boundary-pushing work with the Alan Parsons Project.

Interview – Spotlights

Spotlights are a trio who describe the sublime music they make as dreamsludge, an apt description that takes in shimmering and dreamlike soundscapes and combines it with the heaviness of sludge to create an ethereal noise. Their new album Love & De …



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