Brian Ortiz from Xibalba

Gavin Brown caught up with Xibalba guitarist Brian Ortiz to hear all about their latest album Años en Infierno and its creation as well as hearing all about the history of the band and their music.

Holly Ross of The Lovely Eggs

Like a lot of other bands, Lancaster’s day-glo, punk rock sweethearts The Lovely Eggs should be out on tour right now, rattling along the nation’s highways playing their astoundingly fine new record I AM MORON for adoring crowds of half cut malcontents …

Rikke Emilie List from Konvent

Gavin Brown recently caught up with Konvent vocalist Rikke Emilie List to talk all about their new album Puritan Masochism as well as how their recent debut European tour went, last year’s tour with Monolord, how the band started and the heavy music scene in their Copenhagen hometown.

Anthony Pateras from tētēma

Gavin Brown had a chat with Anthony Pateras from tētēma about the new album, covering Ennio Morricone on the album and working with Mike Patton as well as his extensive musical output and career highlights.

Sunny Jain

I listen to all types of music and while music is marketed to a consumer as a genre, I consume music for it’s emotional and visceral impact. So when I compose or perform, I aim to serve the music in order to deliver just that, not a “genre”.

Alex Vagenas from Krause

Greg Hyde talks to Alex Vagenas of Greek noise rockers Krause.

Sammy Sayed from Scarab

Gavin Brown had an extensive and very informative chat with the Scarab’s vocalist Sammy Sayed to get the lowdown on the new album and its creation and themes as well as hearing all about the bands history, influences and what is next for them.

Ted Parsons from Prong / Godflesh / Swans

Ted Parsons has had a storied career, playing drums for so many legendary bands from Swans and Prong to Godflesh and Jesu. Gavin Brown caught up with Ted to find out more.


We never constrain our inspiration. We let it pour out onto our instruments and the most fun we have, the more powerful are the resulting emotions.

Alison Chesley from Helen Money

David Bowes spoke to Alison Chesley of Helen Money about her latest album Atomic and the joys of being embraced by the metal community.


Collectress are a multi-instrumentalist chamber music collective based in and around London who have just released their new album Different Geographies. We had a chat with the band to hear all about the album, it’s creation and inspirations as well as …

Pär Sundström – Sabaton

Nathan Lagden caught up with Sabaton’s bassist Pär Sundström just before their sold-out show at Wembley Arena and found that, for a band immersed in history, they like nothing more than planning for the future. . .

Jim Coleman from Human Impact

Gavin Brown caught up with Jim Coleman from Human Impact to hear all about their self-titled album and its sound, how Human Impact came into fruition, his time with Cop Shoot Cop and life in the urban metropolis that is New York City.

Ashley Tubb of Sugar Horse

How do you top the release of a second EP and opening the final day of Arctangent? You get yourselves on a nationwide tour supporting one of the most popular bands in the UK right now. 2020 looks like it will blow its predecessor out of the water for S …

Sky Valley Mistress

Sky Valley Mistress reveal all about the making of their impressive debut album Faithless Ritual and its imminent release on the New Heavy Sounds label.

The Well

Austin, Texas rockers The Well chat to Echoes and Dust about their formation, making of current album ‘Death and Consolation’, and their involvement with the stoner rock collective Big Scenic Nowhere.



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