Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto of MONO

Honoured by the opportunity, we got a chance to catch up with Taka to talk about the new album, their anniversary and much more.

Jess Williamson

Jess Williamson reveals how bold decision making led to personal happiness and the making of Cosmic Wink, arguably her finest album to date.

Will Sol from Prana Crafter

Enter the Stream is a release which evokes the true meaning of psychedelic music, Prana Crafter, or Will Sol as he is known outside of his moniker, has crafted an album which is beautiful, spiritual and supremely tripped out. In order to find out more about this enigma, Echoes and Dust sent Martyn Coppack along for a chat.

Josh Graham from A Storm Of Light

Gavin Brown caught up with A Storm Of Light main man Josh Graham to talk about the new album ‘Anthroscene’, the inspiration for his work as a visual artist, touring with Sleep, working with hip hop megastar Jay-Z on tour visuals and much more.

Active Slaughter: Back And Still Bothered!

Tim Foster caught up with anarcho-punk band Active Slaughter to find out how they’ve been getting on since reforming.

Cocaine Piss

Before their show at London’s The Lexington, Michael Baker caught up with Belgium’s Cocaine Piss and they were kind enough to talk to him about collectivist ethos, positive punk, and cornering the poker market.

From The Bogs of Aughiska: Fairy trees, Seanchaí and black metal

Guido Segers caught up with Conchur O’Drona of Irish black metal band From The Bogs of Aughiska to talk about their latest album, the band and inspirations.

Dale Crover of the Melvins

We wanted to do some recording with Jeff because he’s a great songwriter, so when we in the middle of recording A Walk With Love & Death we had Jeff come out and record an EP full of songs. As that went along, we thought “What would it be like if we got Jeff and Steve on an album?” And from the moment they both plugged in we were like “oh fuck yeah, let’s do this”.

Harsh Battlefields – An interview with Chthonic’s Freddy Lim

As both the vocalist of one of East-Asias’ most successful metal bands and a central figure in Taiwan’s political arena, Chthonic vocalist Freddy Lim has recently found himself leading a double life unlike any other after founding his own political party and being elected into Parliament. However, Freddy’s devotion to political affairs as a congressman has done little to undermine the man’s musical passion. Robin Ono finds out more.

Ildaruni: Myth and legends from Armenia

Guido Segers caught up with Armenian black metal band Ildaruni, to ask about their band, the history, and myths of Armenia, and playing black metal.

Boss Keloid at ArcTanGent 2018

Boss Keloid, are a heavy, progressive, stoner-influenced band that’ve created a name for themselves with relentless touring and a blistering live show. After two critically acclaimed albums, The Calming Influence of Teeth (2013) and Herb Your Enthusiasm (2016). This year seems them expand their line-up, adding keyboards and a new bass player, signing to Holy Roar Records and releasing their new record, Melted on the Inch.

Striborg: Covering new ground with blackwave

Guido Segers caught up with Russel Menzies, the man behind Striborg from Tasmania, Australia, and asked him all about his ‘blackwave’ music.

Jamie Lenman at ArcTanGent 2018

Jody Dunstan had a chat with ex-Reuben frontman and now solo artist Jamie Lenman before his storming set at ArcTanGent 2018 to talk about his creative process, life after Reuben, his live show and what keeps him creating music.

Adam Ian Sykes from Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs

The first time I ever saw Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs it was at The Lexington, two years ago, with Lower Slaughter. Then the second time was also at The Lexington, as part of a Quietus series that was going on with support from Richard Dawson. So, it seemed fitting to me that we should conduct the interview in the venue, and also get some beers in the process.

Interview: Vodun

“It is compassion, empathy and love which unite us and make us better as a human race” – so say Vodun, ahead of the launch of their latest album ‘Ascend.’

Rumour Cubes with Exclusive ¡No Pasarán! Track Stream

Two and a half years on since their last show and more than four years since Appearances Of Collection came out, Rumour Cubes are back with a gig, on Friday 14th Sep at The Underdog Gallery in London Bridge, and not one but two new tracks to release. With that in mind, we thought it was a good time to have a chat with the band and see what they’ve been up to in all that time.



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