Sam Cooper from Limb

Limb’s Sam Cooper informs Echoes and Dust how they got the right ‘whoosh’ for their latest album ‘Saboteurs of the Sun’.

Black Sails For Red Seas

If it’s one lesson that time in this business has taught us is the importance of “team”. Our approach has always been to ensure that the whole (band, label, studio) is greater than the sum of its parts.

Facing The Gallows from South Africa

South African metalcore outfit Facing The Gallows are pushing boundaries and making people stand-up and notice that they’re in the big leagues now. Guitarist James Irving talks to pen-pusher Lav Nandlall about what’s coming and what’s going down.

BlackWater HolyLight

Alison (Sunny) Faris founder from Portland, Oregon’s BlackWater HolyLight talks to Echoes and Dust about the band’s formation, and the intentions and vision behind their self-titled debut album on RidingEasy Records

Here, There and Everywhere – Interview with Patrick Grant

If you are under the impression that Patrick Grant’s name doesn’t sound too familiar, you are probably wrong, as certainly I was that he had only two (most recent albums. Grant was and still is all over the musical scale, having played or having musical associations with the list of names that range from Robert Fripp and John Cage on one end of the spectrum to Billy Joel and Quincy Jones on the other.

Grave Lines

Echoes and Dust caught up with Oli, Jake, Julia, and Matt from Grave Lines to explain the inspirations which drove the making of sophomore album ‘Fed Into The Nihilist Engine’.

Dusty Brooks and Dorian Domi from Austin Terror Fest

Kara Chavez chats to Dusty Brooks and Dorian Domi about everything Austin Terror Fest.

Earthling Society Interview: Fred Laird

Whilst psych music has taken many forms over the last few years, few bands have managed to dive deeper into what it actually means to be psychedelic than Earthling Society. Riding high on the back of the excellent Ascent To Godhead, Earthling Society are still very much an underground concern. For any true connossieur of psych though, they remain an essential part of the scene. Martyn Coppack chats to Fred Laird from the band.

Oscuro Mito: Bolivian death dancers

Guido Segers caught up with Fernando and Andres from Bolivian black metal band Oscuro Mito.


Hawklords blend youth with experience from the 70s and 90s line-ups of Hawkwind. We caught up with the band’s two elder statesmen, guitarist/vocalist Jerry Richards and keyboardist/vocalist Harvey Bainbridge, to discuss their rich history, a brand new album, and the future plans of this psychedelic ensemble.

De Veneficas Inferi: Pyrenean black metal from Andorra

Guido Segers dives into the Pyrenean black metal scene and fired over some questions to Séan B., the sole member of De Veneficas Inferi.

Dunstan Bruce from Interrobang‽

I’m worried that my back might go. I’m worried that my voice might disappear. These are the things I worry about. Not sex. Not drugs. I’m not being facetious when I say that if I was going to die on tour, please let it be on stage and not in a service station toilet.


I saw Gene Simmons spitting blood on TV as a four-year-old kid, and I thought that was the best thing in the world. Then someone brought the first WASP album into our house circa 1984 . . . and I forgot all about KISS, and WASP was the shit for a while . . . I eventually found myself being engulfed by Tolkien, Occultism, Bathory, and Venom. . .

Dave Sweetapple and Roadburn’s San Diego Take Over

Sander van den Driesche had a long chat with Dave Sweetapple from Tee Pee Records / Outer Battery Records about the San Diego Take Over event which takes place at this year’s Roadburn Festival.

King Witch

Grant McPhillips fired over some questions to Edinburgh based doom band King Witch, who have just released their first full-length release ‘Under The Mountain’ on Listenable Records.

Hades Ghosphell: Laotian metal upstarts

Hades Ghosphell are from Laos and they play black metal, which does make them stand out a scene that is overwhelmingly death metal of the more brutal kind. The band was kind enough to answer some of Guido Segers’ questions about playing metal in Laos.



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