Brian Ortiz from Xibalba

Gavin Brown caught up with Xibalba guitarist Brian Ortiz to hear all about their latest album Años en Infierno and its creation as well as hearing all about the history of the band and their music.

Kool Keith X Thetan

Gavin Brown caught up with Thetan members drummer Chad L’Plattenier and bassist/vocalist Dan Emery to hear all about their collaboration with Kool Keith.

Harley Flanagan from Cro-Mags

Gavin Brown had the pleasure of catching up with the Cro-Mags vocalist/bassist Harley Flanagan to talk all about the band’s new album ‘In The Beginning’, touring with the original Misfits recently and with Motörhead back in the day, quarantined live shows in these crazy times, the book that told his life story and the reaction to it and takes from his legendary career in music.


Adriana caught up with Richard Bunze, the Montreal-based artist who recently released his first solo album titled The Lines Between via Velouria Recordz. They talked about the new album, the difference between playing solo vs in a band, his influences and much more.


Adriana Ciccone caught up with the members of Antethic to talk about how the band came to be, their writing process and of course, their new album.

Dan Nastasi from Kings Never Die

Gavin Brown caught up with Kings Never Die’s guitarist Dan Nastasi to hear all about how they got together, their debut EP Raise Your Glass and working with Agnostic Front legends Vinnie Stigma and Mike Gallo and some memories from his time with Mucky Pup, Dog Eat Dog and the hardcore scene in NJ and NY from the past and present.

Alex Taylor from Malevolence

Gavin Brown had a chat with Malevolence vocalist Alex Taylor to hear all about the new EP ‘The Other Side’, filming a video for one of the EP’s songs in Tokyo, creating an anthem for these times, how he is keeping busy during the lockdown, touring with Terror, crazy gigs and the heavy music scene in the band’s Sheffield hometown.

Las Ratapunks!

We got together because we wanted to have a band, sing about some experiences, let our voices be heard in regards to certain issues that we don’t agree with, and to give visibility to other issues that are still taboo.

Stig Miller from Amebix

Gavin Brown had a chat with Amebix guitarist Stig Miller to delve into the band’s past, the recording of their classic albums and subsequent comeback and enduring legacy as well as hearing about what he is working on at the moment and how he is keeping busy during this uncertain period.

Silk Leash

“People are really clever when things are left with empty spaces to fill in” – Shalin.

Steve Austin from Today Is The Day

Gavin Brown caught up with Steve Austin from Today Is The Day to hear all about the madness of being on tour when the pandemic took full effect, but also about the tour’s plus points as well as an insight into the creation of No Good To Anyone.

Shane Embury from Napalm Death / Dark Sky Burial

Gavin Brown had a chat with Shane Embury about his ambient project Dark Sky Burial as well as the new Napalm Death album, how this pandemic will affect bands, memories with John Peel and Ronnie James Dio and the best curry in Birmingham!

Scott Peterson from Lowlife (Cryptic Slaughter)

Gavin Brown had a chat with Lowlife’s drummer Scott Peterson who talked us through the band’s name change, how life has been since Lowlife got together and all manner of tales from the Cryptic Slaughter days.

Jim Davies (Formerly of The Prodigy / Pitchshifter)

Gavin Brown caught up with Jim Davies to hear all about his new album Headwars and how it came together as well as tales from his time with both the Prodigy and Pitchshifter, his TV and film work and his career in general in an interesting and informative chat.

Ilia Gorovitz

“I always appreciate an artist more when I know he does a lot by himself and also it helps you understand the mind of that artist better”

Interview with Abood Ashqar of miserable.noise.club

The miserable.noise.club is a collective where its members reside in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S., Guangzhou, China and Amman, Jordan. Adriana Ciccone caught up with founding member Abood Ashqar to talk about the collective and more.



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