Box Records 10th Birthday All Dayer

WHEN: 08/06/2019 at 12:00 AM

WHERE: The White Hotel, Salford

PRICE: £14

PROMOTER: The Beauty Witch


The Beauty Witch and Box Records present

Terminal Cheesecake
Big Lad
Luminous Bodies
Casual Nun

A celebration of ten years of one of the finest UK independent labels will take place at The White Hotel on Saturday the 8th of June. Line up and tickets going on sale will be announced in the next few weeks.

In the words of label boss, Matthew Baty…

“I started Box Records with my friend Matthew Childs in 2009. Running a DIY label was always something I’d been keen to do. At the time, I was living in Manchester and was a part time member of Gnod, who were blowing my mind on a consistent and regular basis. Back then they had a bunch of hand-made CD releases but nothing on vinyl. Both myself and Matty were fortunate enough to have a few savings which we wanted to do something positive with, it seemed like an ideal time to take the plunge.

Shortly following the first release, I took part in the increasingly popular ‘Pay Rent and Bills With No Job’ game. Those savings I wanted to do positive things with soon vanished, a considerable hiatus for the label ensued. Richard Dawson‘s The Magic Bridge album was the catalyst for us to dust ourselves off and start again…. Following the Richard Dawson release I’ve been flying solo.

I release music that moves me in some way. Sonically, the likes of Waskerley Way and Foot Hair are worlds apart but I do think there’s a commonality that holds these releases together. All of these artists have their roots in DIY music, whether that’s self-recording and producing or releasing their own CDs, cassettes etc. These are all musicians that make music for the love of doing so, none of them suffer from the delusions of grandeur that I depressingly see in so many musicians around at the moment. They don’t want to have their music on BMW adverts or headline Glastonbury. It’s all honest and true expression. That’s not to say they lack ambition, far from it. It’s just more about sticking to principles and philosophies that aren’t compatible with mainstream music.”

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