Festival Preview: Roadburn Festival 2019

Dear Roadburn fans, I apologise for leaving this preview way too late. But what can I say? I suppose life got in the way. As the festival has long sold out, I decided to at least share some of the names with you, names of bands and artists I am definit …

Under The Influence Halloween Special with Kev from The Fierce And The Dead

‘So what sort of stuff do you play?’. The ubiquitous question that plagues pretty much every musician. The band I’m in, The Fierce & The Dead, play – well, what the hell do we play? I normally say that it’s really loud but you can dance to it which …

Under the Influence with Dan Burchmore from Alunah

Midlands based doom band Alunah will return this autumn with new music and an updated lineup. The EP entitled Amber & Gold will feature the exciting and powerful delivery of new vocalist Siân Greenaway and will be self-released on November 16th (av …

Under the Influence with Teddy Panopoulos from Dead Waves

New album God of the Wild is Dead Waves’ sixth release. The vibe is dark, fragile, haunting – hints of 1980s Sonic Youth, gone in a lo-fi, psych direction. Dead Waves consists of NYC-based brothers Teddy and Nick Panopoulos. On God of the Wild …

Under The Influence with Justin Lockey (Editors/Minor Victories/Lights On Moscow)

Justin Lockey is best known for his brilliant work with Editors and Minor Victories so the news of him working with Hazel Wilde from longtime E&D faves Lanterns On The Lake got our full attention! Their debut EP is out today (Oct 19th) so we thought it was a perfect time to get Justin to pick his three most influential albums.

Under the Influence with Rikard Sjöblom’s Gungfly

Rikard Sjöblom’s Gungfly recently announced the release of Friendship, their brand new studio album, due out on 9th November 2018 on InsideOut Music. Following the release of 2017’s On Her Journey To The Sun, as well as 2018’s retrospective 5CD collect …

Under the Influence with Gösta Berlings Saga

Progressive rock instrumentalists Gösta Berlings Saga from Stockholm, Sweden will be releasing their newest, 5th studio album effort entitled ET EX on October 12th, 2018 via InsideOutMusic worldwide. We asked guitarist Rasmus Booberg …

Under the Influence with Scott Donaldson from King Buffalo

New album Longing to Be the Mountain sees this Rochester, NY band’s psych-rock ascend to a whole new level of haunting vocals, hypnotic grooves, and explosive buildups. The album will be released on October 12th (self-released in the US, released …

Under the Influence with A Storm Of Light

A Storm Of Light will release their new album Anthroscene on October 5th through Consouling Sounds (EU), Translation Loss (US), and Daymare (JP). Ahead of the release the band is about to start their European tour with Mono, so …

Ten Years of Kscope

Ahead of their 10th anniversary party in London, Gaz Cloud looks back at the defining moments of the Kscope label.

Under The Influence with Benjamin Shaw

Melbourne via Blackpool via Edmonton bedroom artist and anti-genre introvert Benjamin Shaw recently returned with his Megadead LP on Audio Antihero and Kirigirsu Recordings. Their first vocal album since 2014’s acclaimed Goodbye, Cagoule World, it’s an …

Under the Influence with Jason Corbett from ACTORS

From Vancouver, Canada, ACTORS electrify with a modern take on post-punk. On debut full-length It Will Come to You, anthemic songs evoke the urgency of early-’80s U2 (Boy, October, War) as well as the d …

Under The Influence with Adam Fulford from Dream Logic

We were pointed in the direction of Dream Logic by Tim from perennial E&D faves Tomorrow We Sail & we thought anything Tim was in to would be worth checking out; and how right we were. We were so impressed that we immediately booked Adam to play our show with Rumour Cubes at The Underdog Gallery next week (14th Sep) so we thought it would be a good time to get him to give us the lowdown on his influences.

Under The Influence with My Baby

A couple of weeks ago we saw My Baby absolutely tear it up in the rain at Boomtown Festival, attracting a sizeable crowd to shake their funky stuff in the mud to the band’s stoner disco grooves.  With a new video just released & a new album on the horizon, we thought it an ideal time to grab the band and find out what influenced their superfun sound.

Norwood and Brixton Food bank Fundraiser

London promoters Wrongpop & Chaos Theory have teamed up for a one-off special event to raise money to help buy supplies for Brixton and Norwood food banks.

Under the Influence with Josh Griffin from Caligula’s Horse

Ahead of their extensive European tour later this autumn, we asked drummer Josh Griffin from Australia’s progressive rock band Caligula’s Horse about the 3 albums that have influenced him the most.


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