Under the Influence with Frog

Hailing from ‘The Swamp’ in Queens, NYC, acclaimed cult guitar band Frog have returned with Whatever We Probably Already Had It. In our upcoming review Ljubinko Zivkovic has described it as “possibly, one of the briefest, under the radar gems of 2018”, so we thought it would be interesting to find out a bit more about the records that have influenced them.

Under The Influence with Adam Fulford from Dream Logic

We were pointed in the direction of Dream Logic by Tim from perennial E&D faves Tomorrow We Sail & we thought anything Tim was in to would be worth checking out; and how right we were. We were so impressed that we immediately booked Adam to play our show with Rumour Cubes at The Underdog Gallery next week (14th Sep) so we thought it would be a good time to get him to give us the lowdown on his influences.

Under The Influence with My Baby

A couple of weeks ago we saw My Baby absolutely tear it up in the rain at Boomtown Festival, attracting a sizeable crowd to shake their funky stuff in the mud to the band’s stoner disco grooves.  With a new video just released & a new album on the horizon, we thought it an ideal time to grab the band and find out what influenced their superfun sound.

Norwood and Brixton Food bank Fundraiser

London promoters Wrongpop & Chaos Theory have teamed up for a one-off special event to raise money to help buy supplies for Brixton and Norwood food banks.

Under the Influence with Josh Griffin from Caligula’s Horse

Ahead of their extensive European tour later this autumn, we asked drummer Josh Griffin from Australia’s progressive rock band Caligula’s Horse about the 3 albums that have influenced him the most.

Under the Influence with Chuck Stern of Stern

Chuck Stern of Stern tells us about the 3 records he thinks have influenced him the most during his musical career.

Shake Rattle Fest 2018

The first Shake Rattle Fest is a non-profit charity event with all proceeds going the amazing Project Mama – maternity action for migrants and asylum seekers. It will be at the most punk venue in New Cross – The Birds Nest and the line up is immense.

Under The Influence with The Callas

The Callas hail from Athens, Greece where they are the tip of an artistic collective producing music, artworks, films, magazines, events, art shows, initiated by the brothers Lakis & Aris Ionas.  The group have worked with the legendary Lee Ra …

Under the Influence with Ryan Schutte from Pound

Pound – the duo of Ryan Schutte and David Stickney – takes influence from across the spectrum of grind and doom, from Nasum to Sleep, then chops up these influences and delivers its own brand of hyper-shred-math that twists and turns rel …

Under the Influence with Ben Chatwin

Working from ‘The Vennel’, his home studio in South Queensferry, Scotland, Ben Chatwin creates a musical language permeated with a tension between electronic and acoustic worlds. His new album Staccato Signals is set for release on 6th July 2018 t …

Under the Influence with Charlie Schmid from Del Judas

Del Judas is the new solo incarnation of Brooklyn musician Charlie Schmid, known for his work as a drummer in bands such as Vaura and Tombs. Under the Del Judas name, Schmid launches an entirely new persona: singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalis …

Under the Influence with Rich Henshall from Haken

Richard Henshall from progressive rock/metal band Haken tells us about his 3 most influential albums.

Echoes Of The Past: Re-jigging Manic Street Preachers’s Know Your Enemy

Stephen Naish takes an alternative look at Manic Street Preachers’s much maligned sixth album, Know Your Enemy.

Under The Influence with Steve Cleaton from The Fierce And The Dead

To mark the release of their third album, we asked Stevie from The Fierce And The Dead to pick the 3 albums that most influenced him as a musician.

Under the Influence with Big Kizz

Big Kizz is the new Swedish rock band featuring drummer Axel Sjöberg (ex-Graveyard), bassist Johannes Cronquist (Vidunderand) and vocalist/guitarist Pontus Westman (Lady Banana). The group recently release its debut full-length, Music is Magic, on May …

Under The Influence with Blanket

Blanket have been on our radar for a little while now, last year’s Ep Our Brief Encounters was a fine record, so we were very much looking forward to their debut album, How To Let Go,. To coincide with that release, we asked the guys to pick the books, films & music that have influenced where they are as a band today.


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