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Exclusive track première: SardoniS – Ruined/Decay

We’re proud to present an exclusive stream of the track ‘Ruined/Decay’, which is the fourth track on ‘III’, the new album by Belgian two man instrumental sludge battalion SardoniS.

Exclusive track première: Treha Sektori / RM74 / BARST – With Sermons

We’re proud to present an exclusive stream of the track ‘With Sermons’, which is the third and last track on ‘Tri Muerti’, a unique dark ambient and drone collaboration between France’s Treha Sektori, Switzerland’s RM74 and Belgium’s BARST.

Exclusive track première: All We Expected – We’re Not Born To Live Like Brutes

We’re proud to have an exclusive stream of the All We Expected post-metal track ‘We’re Not Born to Live Like Brutes’, which will be released in September on their split with Raum Kingdom.

Exclusive Album Stream: Stern – Bone Turquoise

Ahead of its release date we’re very proud to present the exclusive stream of ‘Bone Turquoise’, the new album by Brooklyn based avant-garde band Stern, which includes members of Kayo Dot.

Exclusive track première: Luminous Bodies – Man’s Milk

We proudly present the exclusive première of ‘Man’s Milk’, the opening track of the self-titled début album by the double drumming London based rockers Luminous Bodies.

Single File: June 2014

Some cracking new music in June’s singles submissions. Our panel have painstakingly trawled through them & here’s the best of them just for you.

Single File: May 2014

Every month we are going to compile a bunch of the singles we get sent and get a panel of our writers to listen to them & the ones that everyone likes the most get in to our monthly playlist. Here’s May’s, see what you think.

Live: Denovali Swingfest – Village Underground & Cafe OTO, London. 19 & 20 April 2014

“Disorientating more than disarming, Köner’s status as one of the world’s top current sound artists made him the perfect choice to close such an esoteric festival, one that I hope much returns to London in 2015.” – Benjamin Bland

Silo – Work

A collection of discordant and distorted digital soundscapes that welcome you with open arms, as long as you have an open mind that’s ready to be rewarded. By Stephen Clarke

Black Light Brigade – Black Light/Black Heat

It is at times brilliant, always harrowing and occasionally painful. By Aidan Hehir

Radstewart – Wiccans & Beatlemancers EP

If you like twee indie music with “smart” lyrics you will love this band. By Martyn Coppack

Wolves Like Us – Black Soul Choir

Most of the eleven tracks on offer essentially float by without really catching the attention on the first few listens. By Andrew Rawlinson

North Atlantic Drift – Resolven

If you’re in any way a fan of ambient-post rock music, don’t let Resolven pass you by. By Daniela Patrizi

The Men – Campfire Songs

In making this album, The Men have opened up further avenues of travel on their musical journey and it will be interesting to see where they head next. In the meantime enjoy this, it’s a perfect antidote to the closing in of winter. By Martyn Coppack

Live: 65daysofstatic at the New Slang club night, Kingston, 19th September, 2013

65daysofstatic are the best band you will ever see live. Know this. – By Darren Saunders

The Deep Red Sky – Plans

To these ears, there’s a mismatch between the two singers in this band. It truly spoils and puts me off what should be a fine debut. Apologies… By Geoff Topley

Interview: Bruce Soord from Wisdom of Crowds

Bruce Soord must be one of the busiest men in the business right now. Off the back of a successful album and tour with his ‘main’ band The Pineapple Thief he has launched straight in to his next project, teaming up with Jonas Renske of Katatonia to create Wisdom of Crowds. We got John Sturm to find out more.

Wired To Follow – Everything in Colour

The debut EP from Liverpool’s Wired To Follow leaves Jake Murray begging for more.

Albums of the Year 2012 – Our Writer’s Top Picks

So, now you’ve seen the results of our Albums of the Year post we want to share with you the selection of records that our writer’s personally thought were the best of the year. It’s an eclectic bunch, I’m sure you’ll agree. In no particular order… W …

#1 – What The Blood Revealed – Harbour Of Devils

The Echoes And Dust Writers Poll Album of 2012 – Harbour Of Devils by What The Blood Revealed. To be fair, the vote was so close this year that a vote either way could have meant top spot for any of the MONO, Godspeed or Trail of Dead albums but the ve …

Giza – Future Ruins

Giza plays instrumental music. And I happen to be a fan of instrumental music. But, I don’t tend to write about instrumental music much as there are a lot of writers at (((O))) that simply are a lot more qualified than I am. For Giza I am happy to make …

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