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Motorpsycho- The Crucible

Judging by current form Motorpsycho may very well hold the claim for being one of the greatest bands currently plying their trade. A sprawling back catalogue may put some listeners off, but if ever their was a place to start it could very well be The Crucible.

These New Puritans – Inside The Rose

Unhurried art-rockers break a long creative silence with a mysterious, graceful and strikingly good album.

sceptre fretpen – Earthquake Park

The track titles hold succinct nuggets to spark the imagination and start the listener on the path of synaptic awakening.

Ritual Howls – Rendered Armor

A sort of Bela Lugosi’s Deadwood…Ritual Howls will scratch a very particular itch.

Sigils – You Built The Altar, You Lit The Leaves

Sigils’ debut is a fine collection of doom metal conveying grace, beauty and haunting melodies.

Human Leather – Succulent

Hits you with a combustible mix of emotion, abjection and simmering violence.

Daniel Thorne – Lines Of Sight

The musical equivalent of wet eyes looking out across the empty rooftops of a lonely city at night, watching the twinkle of streetlights mesh with the stars.

Oozing Wound – High Anxiety

Oozing Wound look around in dismay at the general levels of human stupidity, shake their heads and point and laugh the bitter laughter of the disappointed. Vitriol for all!

The Chocolate Watchband – This Is My Voice

It is hard to initially say whether This Is My Voice was recorded yesterday or today, and it is better for it!

Elizabeth Colour Wheel – Nocebo

The record’s warm yet scathing disposition leaves its mark accordingly and demonstrates that Elizabeth Colour Wheel can only go up from here.

Black Bombaim – s/t

Making no reparations to an easy listen, it is an album which needs to be taken in as one piece. Either in your head-space through headphones, or roaring out of your speakers, each listen will conjure up a different experience from the one before

Joost Maglev – Alter Ego

It’s been seven years since multi-instrumentalist Joost Maglev has released his first full-length studio album, Overwrite the Sin. When I first heard the album, I was very impressed of what Joost brought to the table. It had this combination between AO …

William Basinski – On Time Out of Time

Music that lingers on far after you’ve finished listening, that truly indulges in pure unbridled existentialism.

Plight – Linger

Plight combines the slow moodiness of early postrock/mathrock bands like Slint and Tortoise with restrained midrange vocals of bands like the Church or Interpol.

Dave Harrington Group – Pure Imagination, No Country

Covering a wide musical field from electric Miles to meandering fields of Krautrock and psychedelia with a guitar in your hand is a thorny field, and on Pure Imagination, No Country Dave Harrington and his group walk through it with no thorns stuck to their sides.

Aehpanemer – Prokopton

Aephanemer, with their rousing, upbeat take on melodic death metal, remind you of just how much fun this stuff can be

MY DISCO – Environment

Environment is a cold and empty warehouse, a ghost of industry. A space evoked through the tiniest of sonic details, an intangible presence.

Snapped Ankles – Stunning Luxury

The production work is fucking stellar throughout the record but, in ‘Skirmish In The Suburbs’ (and ‘Dream and Formaldehyde’) it really stands out, the whole track feels like climbing out of a warm bath at one thousandth of the natural speed.

The Blue Tapes House Band – Vol. 3: Chase Me Before the Plague

Mind-altering, disturbing auditory-noise brilliance from the creators of Blue Tapes.

Khana Bierbood – Strangers From The Far East

Khana Bierbood have done more than enough to prove themselves worthy of that wonderful seam of music travelling from the Far East and we wait in anticipation for further jangles from the outer zone.

Royal Trux – White Stuff

The first album in 19 years from Royal Trux is exactly what you would expect. Equal parts genius and trash.

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