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Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters – Come & Chutney

Friends of mine frequently mention the good times to be had catching the band in action and no doubt their corpsepaint and tie-dye look makes them hard to forget, once witnessed.

Novusolis – Collapse

This sophomore release showcases the duo’s continued experimentation with sound. Delving further into the world of synths and effects while keeping their signature sound of emotive instrumentation and dreamy vocals.

Death Will Tremble – Departures

An emotionally intense listen that leaves its mark long after the last bars have faded.

David Sylvian & Holger Czukay – Plight & Premonition, Flux & Mutability

Intention or the ‘hand of the artist’ seem absent from the picture as if the tape had captured ghosts in the studio. The music is full of soft drones and washes of sound in which more recognisable instrumentation appears briefly before dissolving, Czukay’s beloved short wave radio burbles in from time to time.


I continue to love this band’s work and heartily recommend that you get on board their crazy train to fun town. P.S. bring glitter, lots of glitter!

Papernut Cambridge – Outstairs Instairs

Whilst there may be a dearth of bands influenced by the classic sound of British psych, it only serves to make Papernut Cambridge that much more special. When listening to their music you feel as if a hole in time has opened and offered you a glimpse of what it used to be like.

Mary Lattimore – Hundreds Of Days

Hundreds Of Days is a thing of delicate, shimmering beauty. It wraps around you like a warm breeze in an unfamiliar place. It’s your new favourite harp record.

Low Hums – Night Magic Wine

Drenched in shimmering riffs from the 1960s and full of enthusiasm, this is a record for listening to while driving on the coast in the sun.

Jaye Jayle – No Trail and Other Unholy Paths

There is no doubt that it will stand any test that time decides to throw at it because it already sounds older than it could ever be.

Immersion – Sleepless

Across the record their tunes unfold in an unhurried and slightly directionless manner, turning this way and that on a whim. The journey has no particular goal, it’s all about the ride.

End Christian – Bach Part One

This isn’t music that either knows of or wants a safe space. It’s vanquishing. It’s cathartic. It’s working through its mental passengers. It’s also the paranoid rave of the avant garde.

White Skull Death Snakes of Death – Reification Blues

You probably haven’t heard of White Skull Death Snakes of Death, you’re confused by their name, it’s got two ‘Death’s in it for one thing but you are seriously missing out if you don’t give this album a listen.

Spider Kitten – Concise & Sinister

Concise & Sinister is yet another reason why Spider Kitten are rightfully revered and has to be the band’s most accomplished and well executed material yet with the variety and delivery of the bands music here demonstrating how great a band they are.

Mansun – Attack Of The Grey Lantern (Remastered)

A welcome reissue by one of the more interesting bands of the Britpop period. Maybe now they will get the recognition they deserve.

Evil Blizzard – The Worst Show On Earth

Masked, horror clown-esque troupe Evil Blizzard’s third album is an inviting dark trip of bangin’ melodies and all-consuming drones.

Black Helium – Primitive Fuck (Review + Exclusive Track Premiere)

Primitive Fuck is one of those albums which has seemingly come from nowhere, yet carries all the hallmarks of a future classic which may well allow the band to carry on experimenting within their field.

The Re-Stoned – Stories Of The Astral Lizard

Taking their cue from the slow morbidity of Pink Floyd, and letting the looseness of free-form experimentalism guide the way, they have created an album which is at times frustratingly pedestrian, but also satisfyingly uplifting once they hit their stride.

Lay Llamas – Thuban

This album really shows off it’s African roots and 60’s influences to perfection. Highly Recommended.

Lik – Carnage

An album of relentless brutality, gory lyrics, a hefty dose of humour and – this is most important – mammoth hooks and breakdowns. When only death metal will do, this will do nicely.

Raum Kingdom – Everything & Nothing

Raum Kingdom has offered up a real meaty post-metal effort which is another contender for the end of year lists.

Dancehall – The Band

Deciding whether you want to pick up Dancehall and their The Band depends on what you feel at the moment and whether you want to pick up an energy drink or this album, or, preferably, whether you need to irritate your neighbours, at least for half an hour.

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