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Gaerea – Unsettling Whispers

Unsettling Whispers is multi-dimensional and multi-generational black metal at its pinnacle of wonder. Flawless.

Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch – Époques

‘Redux’… seems to call out to comrades in loss. It extends a hand, an arm, a shoulder and whispers that you too can be pulled through this period and, in taking that hand, you will also help with the weight that seems so essential to her sounds. She wants us to know that, from this dark state, light can be found and it can be reached. And we can go on this journey together.

Twilight in Versailles – once

The attention to detail on this and all of Moser’s releases is what draws me into his music, with each listen I learn, hear and feel something new.

The Myrrors – Borderlands

In essence, for Borderlands, The Myrrors may have conjured all those Zabriskie Point soundtrack spirits, but they have mixed all those sounds up, and like the Arizona sand, have thrown it up in the air and let it hang out there. Slowly.

Forming The Void – Rift

Like riffs? Melody? Albums with a mammoth on the cover? You’re in luck. This strikes a perfect balance between heavy and crowd-pleasingly melodic.

Svalbard – It’s Hard to Have Hope

In an era where there is so much generic, recycled ‘heavy’ music such an album is a refreshing change, hard to define, musically ambitious and well done.

Claw Marks – Hee Hee

Claw Marks take a cracked bucket and mix filthy garage punk with noise rock and stir in matted tales of the uncanny and unwholesome.

Birds In Row – We Already Lost the World

This is great. From the visceral thump that introduces the opening track to the barrage of the final number, it is a heartfelt, if occasionally bleak, listen.

RDTK – Human Resources

It threatens to build into something explosive, something soaring but, like an MDMA-fuelled orgasm, the payoff seems to always be just out of reach.

Decline Of The I – Escape

Exactly what progressive metal should be: open-minded, fearless, genre-expanding. Escape has groove, heaviness and a delicious darkness.

Haan – By the Grace of Blood and Guts

That New York vibe is very much a part of the band’s sound/feel. It’s brutal, harsh, uncaring, but also very smart and somewhat irreverent.

Papa M – A Broke Moon Rises

Papa M is able to conjure exactly the musical theme and images he sets out to do, probably the hardest thing to do with this kind of atmospheric music.

The Secret – Lux Tenebris EP

A blackened doom whirlwind which will punish all who stand too close, a way for the band to re-grease the gears of their evil war machine and get their teeth back into the jugular of the underground metal scene.

ST 37 – ST 37

On the whole, ST 37 is a good listen and ticks the requisite boxes for providing a tripped out experience. Certain moments do let the album down though, and for all its various nuances, it remains an album of blustering noise.

Oh Sees – Smote Reverser

There are few bands this long into their career that can even remember why it is they started making music in the first place, let alone constantly searching for new sounds. Oh Sees are an anomaly, and continue to release albums which continue to test.

The Wolfhounds – Hands in the Till: The Complete John Peel Sessions

For Wolfhounds fans the complete John Peel sessions is an essential purchase as it offers the chance to hear some hidden gems, unreleased tracks, and arguably, better versions of firm favourites.

Radiant Knife – Science Fiction

Satisfying my interest for great progressive metal by adding sludge and atmospheric qualities, I can’t help but succumb to those elements when performed by these talented musicians.

Redemption – Long Night’s Journey Into Day

LA prog metallers Redemption return with a new vocalist and their best album in almost a decade.

Gulp – All Good Wishes

All Good Wishes is a much more grown up than Season Sun. It’s good to see the band build on that excellent debut and continue to push forward with Gulp music. That they can exist alongside Guto’s day job is cause for celebration too, although with the lack of original music coming from that direction, we can only have cause for celebration that we get more Gulp.

The Magpie Salute – High Water I

Former Black Crowe Rich Robinson’s Magpie Salute deliver on the promise of their live debut with the first batch of all new material on High Water I.

Alien Mustangs – Alienation

In the end that is all you can ask from a debut album, some great tunes, and a promise of something special unfolding. We will keep a psychedelic eye on these guys.

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