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Primordial – Exile Among the Ruins

A masterful album produced by musicians who have honed their craft over more than two decades. Highly recommended.

Septic Tank – Rotting Civilisation

The whole of ‘Rotting Civilisation’ is literally a blast from start to finish and well worth the long wait for the first Septic Tank album.

Lazy Legs – Tremor EP

One thing is for sure is that once they have settled into their new surroundings and focused on some live work then they will deliver even more great things.   Keep an eye on this band in 2018.

Pharaoh Overlord – Zero

Finland’s wild, near mythic, psych-horde are back bringing the usual tasty blend of psych-kraut-space rock grooves. It’s light on its feet and the quicker, restlessly motorik numbers alternate with a couple of more laid back, wide eyed dreamers.

Toundra – Vortex

This album deserves to be appreciated. It’s inspiring, highly energetic, full of riffs, hooks, melody. What else do you need?

Goldmund – Occasus

Keith Kenniff, also known as Goldmund comes up with yet another intriguing minimalist ambient album.

Ihsahn – Ámr

Emperor’s enigmatic frontman returns to solo duty with his seventh album. Black metal fans beware though – Ihsahn is at his most accessible here with a record oozing in 80s influences and electronic sounds.

Birds Of Passage – The Death Of Our Invention

Recalling everything from, lapping waves, frost-tipped leaves and bygone seasons to introspective reflection and existential reverie, it’s a record that reveals itself more on each listen, enchanting and fascinating with its ethereal shimmer and emotional warmth.

Awooga – Condit

Visceral, memorable and satisfyingly dense, ‘Conduit’ is one of 2018s truly essential rock albums, a delight for riff lovers and prog fans alike.

Mien – Mien

A nostalgic revival of classic sixties psychedelia; spangled, starry-eyed sounds and almost Syd Barrett-esque lyricisms ooze lysergic bliss and a kickback calm akin to a sunny afternoon.

Dylan Carlson – Conquistador

For Dylan Carlson’s first studio record under his own name, it couldn’t be a better statement of intent.

Queen Kwong – Love Me To Death

You can feel throughout that Queen Kwong isn’t interested in wasting time. Songs are butchered and cut until only the heart remains, the hooks are given all of the room in the world to amplify and dig in – whilst experimental synths and psych guitars scream out before being brutally silenced.

Rival Consoles – Persona

Chords which sway from blissful to distraught rhythmically build towards an intense melancholic crescendo entirely devoid of percussion only to peter out before flailed arms can demand their erroneous entitlements. Encapsulating in one, surely not but apparently so, improvised instance the transcendent power of music to forge an emotional experience and add to our ever developing personas.

TesseracT – Sonder

‘Sonder’ is brooding album driven by punching guitar riffs, expected complexity and pop melodies.

River Cult – Halcyon Daze

If I mistake one of their songs for a Sleep song, you know that shit is aaaaaal right.

The Switching Yard – Yet Again

For pure unbridled psychedelic energy and fuzz, The Switching Yard have hit the nail on the head with Yet Again..

Chrch – Light Will Consume Us All

If the band’s name merely alludes to connotations of religious rites then the music fully insinuates a world of clandestine ceremonies carried out in reverb-waking halls slung with red drapes and lit by the flicker of candlelight.

Candélabre – Candélabre EP

Their music is essentially about the interplay of light and dark. One without the other, and this EP would be good, but together the result is much greater than the constituent parts. It’s magnificent.


IAH have crafted a great slab of psychedelic, instrumental stoner rock. This eponymous album is heavy on dynamics, often flitting between soft, Latin tinged passages, and full on heavy stoner/post-metal passages.

Sunflower Bean – Twentytwo In Blue

Sunflower Bean have no right to be making music as accomplished and ravishing as this at such a tender age.

Selva – Doma

On first impressions this consists of two squalls of blackened screamy intensity. But then you notice variations and major-chord progressions that your reptilian brain responds to by giving you goose-bumps.

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