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Black Lips – Sing In A World That’s Falling Apart

An effortlessly cool listen, all the way from the first burp to the final flick of the tongue. With Sing In A World That’s Falling Apart Black Lips bring a kind of chaos for reform that mimics the insanity and squalor around us.

Artifiseer – Syncretist

Syncretist as the title actually perfectly describes Artifiseer’s album – it “involves the merging or assimilation of several originally discrete traditions”. In this case musical traditions.

WIRE – Mind Hive

Light on its feet, immediately melodic but richly layered with sonic details and the familiar gnomic lyrics. Mind Hive is another helping of that wonderful, streamlined, and enigmatic modern rock music they make.

Nathalie Stern – Nerves and Skin

Like a dark, smooth pebble from a brook. Pleasing to hold, glowing inwardly with secrets. A faultless combination of lovely vocal harmonies and meditative drone.

Earth Moves – Human Intricacy

Human Intricacy is an interesting album, worthy of a place amongst the various modern, British, heavy bands.

Caspian – On Circles

Caspian has done it again. Only the band themselves can tell you whether it was worth all the pain and torment. But I can tell you undeniably that it was well worth the wait.

Raphael Weinroth-Browne – Worlds Within

The upcoming release by Raphael Weinroth-Browne is quite simply, beautiful. A master on cello and the art of composition, he uses all of his influences from classical to metal and everything in between.

Nektar – The Other Side

Now was this album worth the wait to start the New Year off with a bang? Absolutely!… The Other Side is a warm welcoming return for Nektar.

Big Scenic Nowhere – Vision Beyond Horizon

A cast of stoner rockers unite for going beyond the horizon in Big Scenic Nowhere’s full debut, following last year’s Dying on the Mountain EP.

Purple Heart Parade – Desolation Angel

It shows a band who are totally in tune with each other, as they instinctively create a sound made for triggering your mind into a trance. In fact, for all your staring into the distance in awe moments, PHP have it all nailed down.

Sylvain Chauveau – Simple

From the architecture-worrying rumbles on ‘Noir’ to the violins that appear to have been strung with my own heartstrings on ‘Everything Will Be Fine’, Chauveau is in encouraging form.

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – X: The Godless Void And Other Stories

Trail of Dead rediscover their youthful exuberance and pop sensibilities for one of their finest albums.

Perihelion – Agg

Otherworldly post-rock that sucks you in with its vast and soaring melodies.


Bright-colored, catchy ‘80s-style pop with some seriously standout tracks

BNNT – Middle West

As we stumble blearily into a new decade Middle West is a timely splash of cold water in the face. It offers harsh truths, refusal, stubborn hope and endless questions.

StarGazer – Gloat / Borne

An intriguing look at the roots of a band who have carved out their own place in the death metal universe as well as a glimpse of the state of Australian extreme scene in the mid ‘90s.

Brume – Rabbits

Massive slabs of fuzz with reassuring melancholy, which tugs at your innards, and a heap of gorgeous melody.

Lethvm – Acedia

A top release of 2019 mixing doom tinged sludge and influences of some familiar Belgium musical masters.

Toxic Holocaust – Primal Future: 2019

A brilliant slice of raw heavy metal with a healthy side order of nostalgia which makes the experience that bit more magic.

Earth And Pillars – Earth II

Atmospheric black metal that embraces nature, shining a slowly dying light on a blistering and bleak landscape.

Gabriel Birnbaum – Not Alone

Not Alone it is one of those creeping sleepers that you definitely can play at any point in time with ease.

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