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MONO • Emma Ruth Rundle – Bohemian National Cemetery, Chicago

After the final waves of feedback and noise faded away I felt as I had just witnessed something incredible special; and even though I know they have put in hundreds of performances, the setting made this one almost transcendent.

Villette Sonique 2019, Paris – Day 3

Therein lies the magic of Miss Holter; hers is the voice of dreams, who effortlessly show the way through the majestic gardens of Alice’s Wonderland . . . as though we’ve always belonged in these strange new places.


The second evening of our grim summer of love at La Villette Sonique switched things up with some cutting edge talent from the alternative hip-hop scene. Most exciting of all was the long-awaited return of the psychotic rhyme-clown known as Danny Brown, promoting the acid-laced fever dream that is Atrocity Exhibition. . .


Top-notch psychedelic music abounds as Gong and Ed Wynne’s tour stops in Bristol, where even sound issues can’t dampen the vibe.

Villette Sonique 2019, Paris – Day 1

My first rendezvous was the lovely Cabaret Sauvage, set right along the Ourq canal running through the park, for an evening dedicated to ambient and experimental sounds. . .

Sœur • Trigger Thumb – Soup Kitchen, Manchester

Sœur are an unconventional band (dual guitars and vocals and drums with no bass) with an unconventional approach to songwriting; however, it just all sits perfectly together.

Filthy Friends – Garage, London

Corin Tucker, Peter Buck and their Filthy Friends put on an Indie rock masterclass at North London’s Garage.

Kikagaku Moyo – Stereo, Glasgow

This is a living, breathing kaleidoscope, a swirl of colour, shape and sound. For a band who embody that on record anyway, tonight they have truly outdone themselves.

Cardiff Psych & Noise Fest 2019

Still standing after 25 bands and an inestimable number of beverages, Jamie Jones makes a definitive din for Cardiff’s second Psych & Noise Festival. . .

Ezra Furman – UEA Waterfront, Norwich

Ezra Furman is a spectacular performer and an incredibly humble and passionate musician . . . it is clear he can do it all when it comes to live music.

Ex Hex – The Hare & Hounds, Birmingham

The tunes tumble past at a pace, all short, sharp and shiny. There’s a few broken hearts and hurt feelings in there but Ex Hex aren’t really about the introspection, they’re about escape and the healing power of rock ‘n’ roll.

Green Lung • Deathbell • Juniper Grave – Our Black Heart, Camden

Green Lung storm to a triumphant album launch party at Camden’s Our Black Heart.

Test Dept – Studio 9294, Hackney

From the first track the music is controlled intensity, constructed to achieve an objective, form follows function. The crowd at Studio 9294 must be predisposed towards the message Test Dept are sending to be here, understand its importance, or they couldn’t endure this bombardment of the senses. . .

Desertfest London, 2019 – Sunday

The Sunday finale featuring Witches past and present, the Devil’s whiskey-soaked blues, and not-of-this-world riffage cement why we love this festival!

Riverside – SWX, Bristol

Riverside are a band on top of their game, turning in a top notch, professional trawl through their new album and back catalogue to a delighted Bristol audience.

Desertfest London, 2019 – Saturday

Saturday’s Desertfest brings the noise in celebratory and triumphant fashion.

Desertfest London, 2019 – Friday

Chris Ball and Andy Little Zig-Zagged their way between Blackwater and spilled beer to capture their thoughts on Desertfest Friday with a Wovenhand…

Festival Preview – Cardiff Psych & Noise Fest, 2019

The 2nd Cardiff Psych & Noise Fest promises to be a highlight of the year for the Welsh capital city, a categorically unmissable event for fans of underground music. Despite it’s name there’s a great deal of variety across the 3 days and 3 venues so we’ve broken it down and hand picked our Must Watch bands from the stacked bill for your delectation.


Calling Daughters incomparable might be a cliché but it has a huge amount of truth to it. They are an immensely emotional prospect but also a cerebral one, utilising movement, contrast and guttural outpourings of frustration to draw the room into their own desperate universe.

Cellar Darling – Jazz Cafe, London

The truly incredible thing about Cellar Darling is that they make an astonishing performance like this feel so effortless and natural. They combine technical brilliance with entrancing ambiance, yet with a real human side that leaves everybody in the venue leaving feeling as though they had witnessed something very special indeed.

Holding Absence – Underworld, Camden

Holding Absence duly delivered on one of the biggest nights of their career thus far, wonderfully fusing the dynamic power of hardcore with beautiful melodic emotion. They are one of the most exciting bands breaking through the British alternative scene right now, and they will have many more nights like this to come.

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