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Paul Davies from Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard’s guitarist Paul Davies explains how they wanted to ‘evolve the music’ for their expansive third and trilogy closing Yn Ol l Annwn album.

Interview & exclusive video premiere: Barnett + Coloccia

Gavin Brown had a chat with Faith Coloccia and Alex Barnett to talk all about their new album ‘VLF’ and how the recording and creation of the album went as well as Faith’s work with her other projects Mamiffer and Mára as well as the SIGE record label and what inspires them as an artist.

Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto of MONO

Honoured by the opportunity, we got a chance to catch up with Taka to talk about the new album, their anniversary and much more.

Kashgar: Nature, History and Tradition from Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan, the name alone beckons with mystery and a peculiar allure. Most people only know it as one of those odd country names, but Khashgar has the potential to change that with their crushing death metal. Guido Segers found out more…

Iluntze: Basque mythology, identity and black metal

The Basque country, partly in Spain and partly in France, is an ancient culture with a language that differs from anything else on the continent. Iluntze is a product and an expression of that identity. Guido Segers caught in touch with Synder, the sole member behind the band.

Inside Label: Adam Harmsworth Of Drone Rock Records

“For me Drone Rock Records has been a hobby first and foremost so its never been about making loads of money and retiring to Necker Island a la Branson”. Martyn Coppack talks psych & the hazards of running a small label with Adam from Drone Rock Records.

Test Dept: Art, Politics and a New Album

“Hopefully this period in our history will pass and we can once again look to a bigger world-view, which looks to tackle critical issues of poverty, corporatism and climate change.”

BODEGA: Post Punk Situationists.

Often we don’t think but are ‘thought’ by the medium(s). For example the kind of thoughts my brain has when scrolling Twitter is not the same kind of thought I have when talking face to face with a friend over a bottle of wine. Most behavior is chameleon-esque. That’s the danger of over-exposure to vapid media : You become vapid yourself.

Mirai Kawashima from Sigh

David Bowes spoke to Sigh founder Mirai Kawashima about three decades of metal innovation.

Interview – Randall Dunn

Gavin Brown chats to renowned producer Randall Dunn about his first solo album and much more.

Sakis Tolis from Rotting Christ

Nick Dunn sat down with vocalist and guitarist Sakis Tolis to discuss the past, present, and future of Rotting Christ.

Flea: The Band That Wouldn’t Die!

A lot of our songs addressed mental illness or the glossy packaging over the shit we really get sold. It does seem that democracy is suffering from some kind of mental illness in 2018 and we are still being sold the same overpriced shit dressed up as gentrification, or must have consumable. Flea have still got traction.

Planet B

Planet B combine elements of hip-hop, hardcore, punk, turntablism and a series of more abstract influences to create the dazzling melding of sonic assaults that form their just released self-titled debut album. The duo that consists of like-minded crea …

Ennui: From the tombs of Georgia

Guido Segers spoke with Ennui from Georgia, who play monolithic funeral doom in the most dark and melancholic traditions.

The Lovely Eggs

The council’s gonna fucking regret ever tangling with us because we’ve got a lot of people backing the campaign and they’ve got such bad publicity in the last week I think they’re already regretting it.

Dividing The Element: From Zimbabwe, for Zimbabwe

Chris Van from Zimbabwean metal band Divide The Elements answered a bunch of questions asked by Guido Segers about the metal scene in Zimbabwe, their self-titled album and much more.

Waylander: The Spirit of Northern Ireland

Guido Segers got to ask Ard Chieftain O’Hagan from legendary Northern Irish folk metal band Waylander a bunch of questions about their new upcoming album, being a folk metal band, beers and much more.

Gentry Densley from Eagle Twin

Gavin Brown caught up with Eagle Twin vocalist and guitarist Gentry Densley to hear all about the latest record and its creation and themes, influences as musician, the bands live plans, touring with Sunn O))), the influence of jazz on the music of Eagle Twin and his favourite gigs.

Jess Williamson

Jess Williamson reveals how bold decision making led to personal happiness and the making of Cosmic Wink, arguably her finest album to date.

Will Sol from Prana Crafter

Enter the Stream is a release which evokes the true meaning of psychedelic music, Prana Crafter, or Will Sol as he is known outside of his moniker, has crafted an album which is beautiful, spiritual and supremely tripped out. In order to find out more about this enigma, Echoes and Dust sent Martyn Coppack along for a chat.

Josh Graham from A Storm Of Light

Gavin Brown caught up with A Storm Of Light main man Josh Graham to talk about the new album ‘Anthroscene’, the inspiration for his work as a visual artist, touring with Sleep, working with hip hop megastar Jay-Z on tour visuals and much more.

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