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David Brenner from Gridfailure (+ Exclusive Video Premiere)

Gavin Brown caught up with Gridfailure main man David Brenner to delve deep into the world of Gridfailure to hear all about the new album ‘Sixth Mass-Extinction Skulduggery II’.

Adam Whalley – DJ/Owner of Feedback Radio

Adam Whalley talks to Echoes about his guitar based Radio station Feedback Radio; his vision, passion, and his fresh approach to promote current and new artists as well as the old.

Andreas Nilsson from Naglfar

Gavin Brown caught up with Naglfar guitarist Andreas Nilsson to hear all about the new album ‘Cerecloth’, the video for Vortex Of Negativity, keeping busy during lockdown, memorable live gigs and essential black metal albums.

From The Vastland – The Haft Khan and Blackhearts

From The Vastland is a black metal band from Iran, a country known for its strict regime and limitations in expression. Guido Segers finds out more.

Billy Anderson

Gavin Brown had the privilege to talk with legendary producer/engineer Billy Anderson about his storied career in music, including tales of working on some iconic albums, his own bands and what he is working on at the moment in an insightful and fascinating chat with one of the finest music producers out there.

Cornelius Althammer from Ahab

Gavin Brown caught up with Ahab drummer Cornelius Althammer to hear all about their new live album ‘Live Prey’ as well as the status of the band’s follow up to their last album The Boats Of The Glen Carrig, memories from the bands early days and how the bands last live shows went.

Mileth: Galician Celts and Oral Traditions

Mileth from Galicia plays its very distinct mixture of folk music and metal. Marcos do Relicario from the band was kind enough to answer Guido Segers’ questions and tell them more about their unique background and history.


We’re working on our next full length release – it’ll be our second as a band but our first since Mandy joined, so we’re really excited to get it out there. We’ve been underwater for our last couple of releases (‘The Race’ and ‘The Narrator’) so we’re heading into space for this one. Not to have our heads too far up our own arses, but we’ve really enjoyed translating stories into music (The Narrator is based off an HP Lovecraft story), so we decided to write our own this time. The record follows the story of a civilisation whose planet is destroyed for reasons they will never know – their escape into space and eventual decline into ritual and entropy.

King Fowley from Deceased

Gavin Brown caught up with Deceased vocalist King Fowley to talk about the band’s new release ‘Rotten To The Core 2 (The Nightmare Continues)’, an album of covers that sees them take on songs from everyone from The Clash to Cryptic Slaughter.

Dionysiac from Okkultokrati

Gavin Brown spoke with Okkultokrati vocalist Dionysiac to talk all about ‘La Ilden Lyse’ and how it came together, black metal and its influence on the band and much more.

The Eskimo Chain

Having recently released our second album, which was very different from the first, we are looking at how to keep things exciting, not just for the listener but for ourselves as well. Over the recent years we have been listening to more and more electronic music and going to more raves than gigs per se. Exploring labels like WARP, R&S, artists like Aphex Twin / Clark / Squarepusher / Lone / Orbital. With this in mind we are very interested in making more electronic music, putting down the guitars for ARPs and sequencers and designing and building crazy circuits and exploring different drum machines from over the years. 

Dream Wife

(((o))): Hi I hope you’re all well! I know you mostly met and formed the band after studying at art school in Brighton. What was the driving force behind starting the band? Alice: We were all studying different forms of art at the time, being taught wh …

Faca De Fogo – An Interview with Chris Haslam and João Pais Filipe

“We plan to play live with this project at some point. We were down to premiere it to the UK at Supersonic this year but that’s obviously fucked now. However, IMPATV & myself, and also Pedro Fonseca (a filmaker from Porto) have made a video of visuals for the album (keeping in with the Manc/Porto collaboration). It will be streamed on their website on what would have been when the festival was due to take place – the 17th & 18th July. See the Supersonic Festival website for more details”.

Brian Ortiz from Xibalba

Gavin Brown caught up with Xibalba guitarist Brian Ortiz to hear all about their latest album Años en Infierno and its creation as well as hearing all about the history of the band and their music.

Kool Keith X Thetan

Gavin Brown caught up with Thetan members drummer Chad L’Plattenier and bassist/vocalist Dan Emery to hear all about their collaboration with Kool Keith.

Harley Flanagan from Cro-Mags

Gavin Brown had the pleasure of catching up with the Cro-Mags vocalist/bassist Harley Flanagan to talk all about the band’s new album ‘In The Beginning’, touring with the original Misfits recently and with Motörhead back in the day, quarantined live shows in these crazy times, the book that told his life story and the reaction to it and takes from his legendary career in music.


Adriana caught up with Richard Bunze, the Montreal-based artist who recently released his first solo album titled The Lines Between via Velouria Recordz. They talked about the new album, the difference between playing solo vs in a band, his influences and much more.


Adriana Ciccone caught up with the members of Antethic to talk about how the band came to be, their writing process and of course, their new album.

Dan Nastasi from Kings Never Die

Gavin Brown caught up with Kings Never Die’s guitarist Dan Nastasi to hear all about how they got together, their debut EP Raise Your Glass and working with Agnostic Front legends Vinnie Stigma and Mike Gallo and some memories from his time with Mucky Pup, Dog Eat Dog and the hardcore scene in NJ and NY from the past and present.

Alex Taylor from Malevolence

Gavin Brown had a chat with Malevolence vocalist Alex Taylor to hear all about the new EP ‘The Other Side’, filming a video for one of the EP’s songs in Tokyo, creating an anthem for these times, how he is keeping busy during the lockdown, touring with Terror, crazy gigs and the heavy music scene in the band’s Sheffield hometown.

Las Ratapunks!

We got together because we wanted to have a band, sing about some experiences, let our voices be heard in regards to certain issues that we don’t agree with, and to give visibility to other issues that are still taboo.

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