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Sam Cooper from Limb

Limb’s Sam Cooper informs Echoes and Dust how they got the right ‘whoosh’ for their latest album ‘Saboteurs of the Sun’.

Remi Gallego of The Algorithm

As The Algorithm, Remi Gallego has consistently pushed the definition of what can be considered metal, producing a maelstrom of brutality, glitch, synthwave, and bizarre Frenchness. Chris Sharp sat down with Remi to chat at Tech Fest.

Marc Emmerik from Vitamin X

Gavin Brown had a chat with guitarist and songwriter Marc Emmerik from hardcore band Vitamin X to hear all about their latest album ‘Age Of Paranoia’, how J Mascis came to play on the album, their legendary live shows and the band’s staying power and legacy in the hardcore scene.

Mau from AMFest, Barcelona

AMFest has been running for 5 years now but it only really came across our radar last year when the standout quality of the lineup, featuring the likes of And So I Watch You From Afar, pg lost & Sleepmakeswaves, really caught our attention. This ye …

Girls In Synthesis: An Interview.

…audiences do react if you give them an opportunity to. We’ve had shows where people will just grab the mic and start doing there own thing. We’ve given people our guitars and let them get on with it… we’ve only really just started touching this aspect, really.

Slow Faction: Punk, Politics and German Literature!

I started reading Heinrich Boell… His views were very much ones of the politics of the everyday – how we relate to people, our thoughts when confronted by people less fortunate or different than ourselves, how sharing a conversation or a coffee or a cigarette could be interpreted politically or even take on an almost sacramental value.

Dylan Carlson

Gavin Brown had a good, long chat with Dylan Carlson, where they discussed his new solo album, Earth and other musical highlights.

Art as Resistance: NurseOnDuty.

The act of creativity I feel is something I have put consciously into my life to avoid the traps and pitfalls of consumption within the capitalist system. I think music and the creative projects I have been involved in have massively defined my sense of self.

Interview with Silas Neptune

Silas Neptune talks to Dave Cooper about his debut album ‘The Scales Of Tahuti’, what it’s like to grow up around the Ozric Tentacles and his “odd mix” of influences.

Shawna Potter of War On Women talks Music, Politics and Making a Difference!

…there is no reason in the circus that is Warped Tour to keep standing there if you’re not into something. So for that reason, we might have avoided some run of the mill heckling. But there were plenty of men and boys who told us they were surprised to realize that they liked our band, and even “got it” after seeing us play live.

Interview with Jaye Jayle

Interview with Jaye Jayle

AlNamrood will not be tamed: metal in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia it can be punishable by death to play dark blasphemous music. That doesn’t keep AlNamrood from doing so though. Guido Segers asked main member Mephisto some questions to find out more.

Gaerea: Art, concept, black metal from Portugal

Portuguese black metal band Gaerea were kind enough to have a chat with Guido Segers and tell more about their band, vision and what this music means to them.

SarcotrofiA: Mozambique Death Metal

Guido Segers caught up with Goro Fast, who drums in Mozambique death metal band SarcotrofiA.

Eyre Llew & In The Endless Zanhyang We Are – Tour Swapping

A few weeks ago we received an email that really piqued our interest. We thought the idea of two bands, one from the UK (Eyre Llew) and one from South Korea (In The Endless Zanhyang We Are), joining forces to tour with each other in their native countries so we caught up with them both to find out more.


Sander van den Driesche caught up with Gwyn Strang and Sean Bilovecky, the duo behind heavy witch rock band Frayle to find out more about the band and their recent signing to Lay Bare Recordings.

Black Sails For Red Seas

If it’s one lesson that time in this business has taught us is the importance of “team”. Our approach has always been to ensure that the whole (band, label, studio) is greater than the sum of its parts.

Facing The Gallows from South Africa

South African metalcore outfit Facing The Gallows are pushing boundaries and making people stand-up and notice that they’re in the big leagues now. Guitarist James Irving talks to pen-pusher Lav Nandlall about what’s coming and what’s going down.

BlackWater HolyLight

Alison (Sunny) Faris founder from Portland, Oregon’s BlackWater HolyLight talks to Echoes and Dust about the band’s formation, and the intentions and vision behind their self-titled debut album on RidingEasy Records

Here, There and Everywhere – Interview with Patrick Grant

If you are under the impression that Patrick Grant’s name doesn’t sound too familiar, you are probably wrong, as certainly I was that he had only two (most recent albums. Grant was and still is all over the musical scale, having played or having musical associations with the list of names that range from Robert Fripp and John Cage on one end of the spectrum to Billy Joel and Quincy Jones on the other.

Grave Lines

Echoes and Dust caught up with Oli, Jake, Julia, and Matt from Grave Lines to explain the inspirations which drove the making of sophomore album ‘Fed Into The Nihilist Engine’.

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