Tim Porter

I have wide ranging musical taste – I listen to heavy metal, power metal, death metal, doom metal, black metal, post metal, blackened shoegaze metal, post apocalyptic technical death metal, funeral metal, funeral goth metal, industrial synth metal, and, of course, jazz.

Articles by Tim Porter

IIVII – Invasion

The album is a haunting soundscape, layered with a science-fiction edge and incredible attention to detail.

Com Truise – Iteration

The overall effort is more streamlined and consistent, fully of wonderfully elegant soundscapes and poignant rhythmic intricacy. It’s his best work since ‘In Decay’.

Wrekmeister Harmonies

Tim Porter caught up with JR from Wrekmesiter Harmonies before a show in Toronto where they talked about how he came his musical style, his collaborations and his new album in progress.

Terraformer – Mineral

This is solid technical post-rock, chock full of big highs, heavy lows, massive texture, and surprisingly tender meditative moments that pull at the heart strings like big-eyed immigrant children.

Show of Bedlam – Transfiguration

While the style is firmly rooted in doom and sludge metal, the band does a great job of incorporating a cinematic sensibility and experiments liberally with samples and creepy soundscapes that gives the album a rich complexity and makes it feel almost like a documentary horror.

A chat with Astronoid

Astronoid plays black metal themed blast beats married to vocals that almost gush positivity came at a time when a bit of optimistic vibe was exactly what a lot of people needed. Tim Porter caught up with the band to find out more.

Timber Timbre – Sincerely, Future Pollution

The full album experience is a bit like being tied up, blindfolded and hearing the breathy whispers of your dominant in your ear.

Kalopsia – Angelplague

Relentless in pace, Germanic in precision, and drenched in so much gore and destruction that your mom and her priest will have an immediate erection hearing it.

Thom Wasluck from Planning for Burial

Tim Porter had a chance to speak with Thom Wasluck before a show at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn NY. It was one of the first shows of a tour to support his most recent album, ‘Below the House’, which was released in early March.

Yardss – Singlesss (with exclusive track stream)

Yardsss is definitely on to something here with the mixes of styles, of synthetic and organic, old and new, and I suspect we’ll see more from the band over time.

Interview with Terraformer

Terraformer is a three-piece post-metal band from Belgium that makes punishingly heavy instrumental music. The band just released their third album Mineral on Dunk! records. If you like bands like Pelican, Year of No Light, or ISIS, you should give Terraformer a listen. I was able to catch up with the band by email and ask them a few questions.

Lingua Ignota – Let The Evil Of His Own Lips Cover Him

This music is born in the fear, shame, confusion, anger and ultimately strength and empowerment that comes with facing and then overcoming something terrible. It is deeply personal and to listen to it is to suffer with her.

Lazerhawk – Dreamrider

Perfect for accompanying any endeavor where relaxation and the slow head bob is the objective.

Chip King from The Body

Tim Porter caught up with Chip King from The Body to find out about the band’s recent US tour with Alcest, the band’s sound and what they have planned for the near future.

The Legendary Buzz Osborne from the Melvins and Crystal Fairy

Tim Porter caught up with the legendary Buzz Osborne who was very kind to spend an hour chatting about his new band Crystal Fairy, influences and guitars.

Morricone Youth – Mad Max

Morricone Youth’s new tribute to the classic 1979 movie, Mad Max, is a fun, kitschy ride sure to curl your lips into a big toothy grin.

Echoes Of The Past: Lighteater – Antique

If you feel like taking a break from Kyuss and Nightmares on Wax, but don’t want to hang up your smoking jacket, you may want to give these guys a try.

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