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I’ve been doing bits and bobs on music for about 10 years-still learning, still insufficient knowledge!

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Glen Matlock

The Sex Pistols were the Sex Pistols and it was the sum of the people that were in it, once you step outside of that and you’ve got different people it’s a different thing. If you try and copy that you’re either going to fail miserably or you’re going to be dishonest, pretending you’re something you’re not.

Truth Equals Treason – Know Your Place…?

Punk at it’s best! Truth Equals Treason manage to encapsulate all that makes punk important-intelligent, engaged, angry, compassionate. This album is the distillation of hours of reading, thinking, discussing, acting. I’ve just read Reminiscences of RAR this band carry on that struggle.

Music, Catharsis and Anarchy: An Interview With Interrobang’s Dunstan Bruce

Middle aged men coming up to me after a show and sharing their own stories about their difficult relationships with their dads, about feeling invisible, about never giving up. I discovered it was a common experience that I had gone through. Talking about stuff like that at a gig rather than at some men’s group was incredibly rewarding.

White Skull Death Snakes of Death – Reification Blues

You probably haven’t heard of White Skull Death Snakes of Death, you’re confused by their name, it’s got two ‘Death’s in it for one thing but you are seriously missing out if you don’t give this album a listen.

Girls In Synthesis: An Interview.

…audiences do react if you give them an opportunity to. We’ve had shows where people will just grab the mic and start doing there own thing. We’ve given people our guitars and let them get on with it… we’ve only really just started touching this aspect, really.

Slow Faction: Punk, Politics and German Literature!

I started reading Heinrich Boell… His views were very much ones of the politics of the everyday – how we relate to people, our thoughts when confronted by people less fortunate or different than ourselves, how sharing a conversation or a coffee or a cigarette could be interpreted politically or even take on an almost sacramental value.

Art as Resistance: NurseOnDuty.

The act of creativity I feel is something I have put consciously into my life to avoid the traps and pitfalls of consumption within the capitalist system. I think music and the creative projects I have been involved in have massively defined my sense of self.

Shawna Potter of War On Women talks Music, Politics and Making a Difference!

…there is no reason in the circus that is Warped Tour to keep standing there if you’re not into something. So for that reason, we might have avoided some run of the mill heckling. But there were plenty of men and boys who told us they were surprised to realize that they liked our band, and even “got it” after seeing us play live.

Interrobang‽ – Interrobang‽

This album is a thing of rare magnificence; intelligent, self reflective, humourous, honest, angry. An ageing group of men who refuse to accept what is, who still dream of, and hope for, what could be. Call it Utopian if you like. Interrobang‽ are part of the original punk generation, the generation who believed things could be changed for the better and still believe that despite all the disappointments along the way.

The Ruts DC: Continuity and Change

“And the Overton Window is not enough for us, it’s too narrow. I don’t want to even get into that tube, y’know what I mean. Our whole politics is about everyday personal politics, how you treat people and the way you treat yourself” Tim Forster talks music, punk & politics with the legendary band.

Kemakil – Thrash Metal with a ‘raw punk edge’.

…a stunning set of pounding, driven, riff based politically tinged thrash that the crowd loved and that fitted in very nicely alongside the metal punk of Radioactive Rats and Meinhof.

track not found; Your New Favourite Band?

The Only Way Is Lost EP, three tracks of intense, masterful rock that is dramatic and visceral, without ever being overblown, and draws on a wide range of musical resources without ever sounding derivative.

Thunder On the Left – National Insecurity

A superbly realised album of intelligent, well written, modern rock music that is full of texture and complexity while expertly critiquing social injustice in the UK.

Radioactive Rats – Nigdy się nie damy! (We Will Never Give Up!)

I don’t think you need to understand all the lyrics to understand the meanings and feelings. In our music and lyrics there is a lot of anger, but it’s hard to say whether I feel anger on the stage. It’s more that I just feel the music and energy.

The White Skull Death Snakes Of Death!

“Again there are influences, people like Biafra, Rollins early on in Black Flag, Albini. A bit of Iggy. Nick Cave even, with The Birthday Party”.

“Songs about social injustice and the struggle for a better future” – An interview with Healer of Bastards

“We can’t change the world from our keyboard, or through Facebook, so we have to get out there and work together. Along the way, we should all challenge our own thinking, and the thinking of others. Music has a part to play in this but, ultimately, it’s all about communication and reflection.”

Truth Equals Treason: “(Punk) cannot afford to stagnate. Our message should not be diluted…”

“A song like ‘Fuck off back to Eton’ can be seen as flippant and knee-jerk, but it comes from a serious place – sometimes I’m adding the politics to the personal experience sometimes vice versa. I really haven’t been putting pen to paper very long, but I’ve been ranting all my life so it comes naturally – hahaha!”

Dystopian Situationists Black Light Mutants

‘The album explores themes of gentrification, the commodification of areas, communities and culture, the death of music venues and creative spaces, the worlds of consumerism, advertising and marketing and surviving as anarcho-creatives in the modern age.’  

Dissident alt-rockers Thunder On the Left! (Video Premiere)

‘It is saddening that some venues are dropping off the face of the earth due to capitalism, building flats and gentrification etc, however, there are bigger concerns we have with the world than music venues closing – music will always exist, even if it is driven underground by the dystopia’.

Jitterz: Lo-fi Feminist Punk.

‘In all seriousness, I care strongly about a lot of things. Intersectional feminism is the bee’s knees and there’s a lot to talk about and stand up for and get angry about right now’. Tim Forster talks to lo fi feminist punks Jitterz.

Lene Lovich: Post Punk Legend

‘I don’t really look for outside sources although they’re probably there, they go into the back shelves of my mind, somehow they just come out. I get inspired by lots of things… you might go into a crowded room and you hear somebody laughing and that might trigger something in your mind…

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