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Started out musically educated by the following: John Peel, Tommy Vance Friday Night Rock Show, Alice’s Restaurant, Pirate Rock Radio, friends and older brothers record collections, and the music papers/mags of the time, Sounds, NME, Melody Maker, Kerrang, Metal Forces. Going out into the wider world and spending too much time in numerous record shops including, Shades, Downtown (especially the second hand section upstairs), and what seemed like the endless amount of stores in Camden and Central London. Then there are the countless gigs, and festivals. Even excursions into own musical attempts as a guitarist with The Kirsty Injection, Way Hey Hey, and laughably as a drummer in Trad Arr, albeit very briefly. Favourite genres and sub-genres: Rock, Metal, Doom, Stoner, Thrash, Psychedelic, Americana, Blues, Indie, Punk, Soul, Singer-songwriter, and a whole lot more besides, in-between, and further afield. And, after scribbling duties for the now defunct This is not a Scene, I have the privilege and pleasure to continue this musical adventure writing for Echoes and Dust.   

Articles by Andy Little

Various Artists – Brown Acid: The Seventh Trip

RidingEasy’ Records Brown Acid Seventh Trip continues. where number six left off and more very obscure rock-out gems are unearthed for our listening pleasure.

Jess Williamson – Lexington, London

Jess Williamson delivers her hypnotic, intoxicating third album, Cosmic Wink, with the aid of a full-band experience for the first time in Europe.

Amy Helm – This Too Shall Light

Amy Helm’s sophomore album This Too Shall Light is an ideal Sunday morning record, serving some spiritual, heart and soul, uplift.

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs • Bonnacons of Doom – MOTH Club, London

Pigs x 7 and Bonnacons of Doom form a memorable head-on collision of all-absorbing rollicking, heavy and mesmerising sounds at the former’s King of Cowards album-launch party.

Walking Papers – Borderline, London

Recent obstacles are decisively knocked down as Walking Papers strut and groove triumphantly at London’s Borderline.

Oh Sees • Beak> • Flatworms – O2 Forum, London

Oh Sees pound out a trailblazing, intoxicating, impression at London’s O2 Forum on their current European tour to promote latest release Smote Reverser.

The Skull – The Endless Road Turns Dark

The Skull’s sophomore album ‘The Endless Road Turns Dark’ truly delivers in high quality, heavy, melodic doom, which cements strongly that they are masters in their respected field.

Magpie Salute – The Oslo, London

Magpie Salute celebrate their High Water I album release with an intimate acoustic show at London’s Oslo.

John Martin from Mick’s Jaguar

John Martin of New York’s based hard rockin’ sextet Mick’s Jaguar, reveals how ‘cracking beers’, ‘draining whiskey’, ‘ranting’ and ‘pasting’ form their impressive debut album Fame and Fortune.

The Wolfhounds – Hands in the Till: The Complete John Peel Sessions

For Wolfhounds fans the complete John Peel sessions is an essential purchase as it offers the chance to hear some hidden gems, unreleased tracks, and arguably, better versions of firm favourites.

The Magpie Salute – High Water I

Former Black Crowe Rich Robinson’s Magpie Salute deliver on the promise of their live debut with the first batch of all new material on High Water I.

Here Lies Man – You Will Know Nothing

Here Lies Man sophomore album You Will Know Nothing continues to nourish fuzzy, riffy, danceable grooves.

Filthy Dirty and Stomper from Evil Blizzard

Lancashire’s sonic crusaders Evil Blizzard’s Stomper and Filthy Dirty reveal the inner workings of the making of third album ‘The Worst Show on Earth’ and their favourite live shows.

Sam Cooper from Limb

Limb’s Sam Cooper informs Echoes and Dust how they got the right ‘whoosh’ for their latest album ‘Saboteurs of the Sun’.

Evil Blizzard – The Worst Show On Earth

Masked, horror clown-esque troupe Evil Blizzard’s third album is an inviting dark trip of bangin’ melodies and all-consuming drones.

From Beyond – The Band From Beyond

Austin’s Sci-Fi stoner rockers debut ‘The Band From Beyond’ display a fondness of doom as much as their love of stoner rock and John Carpenter film soundtracks.

Desertfest 2018, London – Sunday Extra

Sunday’s Desertfest ended the glorious weekend with Monolord’s huge Doom stamping enthusiasm and Hawkwind’s space riding grooves.

Limb – Saboteurs of the Sun

Limb’s third album ‘Saboteurs of the Sun’ is a harder straightforward punkier-esque spirit wrapping around the inner, hard, chewy sludge centre, and their most consistent and satisfying album to date.

Desertfest London 2018 – Saturday

The rising heat and volume continued at Saturday’s Desertfest.

Desertfest London 2018 – Friday (Extra)

This year’s Desertfest opened with a spoilt-for-choice line-up for the hordes of rockers and metalheads who gathered upon North London’s Camden.

Church of the Cosmic Skull – Science Fiction

Church of the Cosmic Skull’s sophomore album ‘Science Fiction’ wraps the listener around in a thick blanket of extra warm, sumptuous, soothing sounds.

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