Rich Buley


Now well into his fourth decade, and still longing for a reverb-drenched return to the halcyon days of the early nineties, when indie bands with very good pop songs replaced their guitars with buzzsaws and it all became far more alluring.

In the meantime, joined the wonderful, talented, thoroughly unpaid Echoes And Dust writing team in October 2014, to inflict questionable prose on unsuspecting post rock bands, as well as verbally dissecting the varying works of artists in the field of post punk, indie rock and what might pass for shoegaze these days.

Favourite current bands : Mogwai, Caspian, Jakob, God is an Astronaut, We Lost The Sea, Nothing, Slowdive, Alcest, Ride, Amusement Parks On Fire

Band of all time : Fields of the Nephilim



Articles by Rich Buley

Compass & Knife – The Setting Of The Old Sun

Compass & Knife have risen far above the sum of their influences, and delivered a very fine instrumental rock album that made its way comfortably into this writer’s overall top 20 releases of 2015. Jolly well done them. By Rich Buley.

Cheatahs – Mythologies

Mythologies is the sound of Cheatahs not just breaking out from the sonic limitations of their previous incarnation, but almost literally wiping the canvas clean of it, and re-imagining themselves. By Rich Buley.

Victories At Sea – Everything Forever

There is much to be admired here, with the band again demonstrating an innate ability to pen highly charged, intoxicating electronic pop. By Rich Buley.

Air Formation – Were We Ever Here EP

Their return is most welcome and this EP is a very worthy addition to an extensive and excellent back catalogue. By Rich Buley.

Static Daydream – Static Daydream

A no-nonsense, heads down, blistering ride through the scuzzier, punkier side of shoegaze. By Rich Buley.

Vaadat Charigim – Sinking As A Stone

Shimmers and soars in the traditionally gloomy, fringe hiding face fashion, but with a liberal sprinkling of eastern flavours thrown in for distinctive measure. By Rich Buley.


Ægeria will see POSTVORTA further enhancing their status as a rising force in the world of post and black metal. By Rich Buley.

Weird. – A Long Period Of Blindness

Resonating, psychedelically tinged shoegaze that is possessed of a dark and melancholic heart, the like of which usually makes for a thoroughly compelling aural experience, and it certainly has here. By Rich Buley.

The Telescopes- Hidden Fields

As the so-called psych rock bandwagon rolls inexorably on in 2015, it is entirely appropriate for one of the old guard, the visionaries, of psychedelic guitar music to step back into the limelight now and let everyone hear what ‘psych’ should really sound like. By Rich Buley.

Final Days Society – Icebreaker

Final Days Society have recorded an album that undoubtedly wears its influences on its sleeve, but here is a band full of integrity, delivering often quite beautiful music in a passionate, evocative way. By Rich Buley.


Allow Alma to show you the beauty that lies within the calm of the storm, rather than the ferment and noise found in the eye of it. By Rich Buley.

Maff – Maff

Maff have a solid foundation to build from, with the strength of the song-writing and a promising amalgamation of classic alternative guitar styles marking them out as ones to watch. – By Rich Buley.

The Sound Of Rescue – Aperture

An album of supremely executed, instrumental post rock, underpinned by an inherent understanding of ambient drones and sonic landscaping. By Rich Buley

Flying Saucer Attack- Instrumentals 2015

Flying Saucer Attack sit here, somewhere in the black and quite appropriately I suppose, and they provide a widescreen interpretation of all that is dark, unknown, and slightly threatening, but it is entirely tranquil and totally beguiling. By Rich Buley

Wozniak- Auster EP

Displays a style and distinction of sound that consummates their identity as an exceptionally talented instrumental rock band, but one residing at the dreamier end of the spectrum. By Rich Buley.

93MillionMilesFromTheSun – Fall Into Nothing

For those discovering 93MillionMilesFromTheSun for the first time with this album, there is absolutely nothing intrinsically wrong with the record, and it would certainly provide a basic introduction to this special band. By Rich Buley

Loop – Array 1 EP

It is a very special thing indeed to have a thoroughly convincing manifestation of Loop recording and releasing music again after all these years. By Rich Buley.

Flyying Colours – ROYGBIV EP

Flyying Colours are delivering a revved up, Australian version of the kind of glistening, all-encompassing Noise Pop that made us all fall in love with the likes of Ride and Kitchens Of Distinction in the first place. Keep up the excellent work, please. By Rich Buley.

La Casa al Mare- This Astro EP

If La Casa al Mare can move onto a debut album and find the same dynamic range, involving depth and melodic intent regularly displayed on this EP, we could be in for a bonafide Shoegaze classic. By Rich Buley.

Cheatahs – Murasaki EP

The opening track is worth the admission money alone, and Cheatahs are maturing quickly as a band and are likely to broaden their musical horizons, and mine, still further on future releases. By Rich Buley

Westkust- Last Forever

Westkust have delivered a scorching debut album full of fervour and melodic intent, that should see their profile rise considerably. By Rich Buley.

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