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Rich’s Roundup: Post Rock & Post Metal 2018 – Part 1

Rich Buley rounds up a half dozen of the best post rock & post metal releases from the last few months.

Lights & Motion – Dear Avalanche

Whether there is enough differentiation in his work, and originality in his post rock production, to warrant both the continuing demarcation, and the pursuit of a possibly unworthy distraction.

Palehorse/Palerider – Burial Songs

One of the most stunning and original albums I have heard for quite some time, and if I hear something better this year I will be surprised and delighted.

Kairon; IRSE! – Ruination

They push the boundaries to such an extent that they are a band that one must invest time in, and for that reason they are likely to remain an underground concern, but a thoroughly loved and highly valued one at that.

Resounding Echoes February 2017: Punk & Hardcore

In this month’s roundup the team focus on hardcore & punk releases that nearly slipped through our net in the last few months.

Minor Victories – Orchestral Variations

After the slow-reveal majesty of Minor Victories’ debut album last year, for this wonderfully re-constructed variation to have arrived less than 8 months later is a remarkable achievement.

I Like Trains – A Divorce Before Marriage (Film & Soundtrack)

Whatever the future does hold for I Like Trains, they can be immensely proud of all that they have achieved as a band.

Tears Run Rings – In Surges

Where a lot of bands might smother song and vocals in an effects-laden racket in order to disguise the fact that there isn’t much of either, Tears Run Rings simply use their pedals to enhance a collection of well-written songs, which are sung beautifully.

Resounding Echoes 2016 – Psych & Stoner Rock

This month the Roundup Team catch up on a swathe of the best psych and stoner rock from the last few months.

Alcest – Kodama

Without losing any of the cascading, incandescent refinement of their very distinctive wall of sound, ‘Kodama’ sees Alcest make a ferocious and triumphant arrival back into the arms of black metal.

My Invisible Friend – My Invisible Friend

The band set the controls for the heart of the psych, wigging out entirely with repetitive, teutonic chords, colossal amounts of fuzz and a nagging, inspired riff that would undoubtedly lay waste to alternative dancefloors right across the globe. By Rich Buley.

Resounding Echoes 2016 – Post Rock & Post Metal

Welcome to a new feature which will seek to broaden our coverage of certain genres through pithy, ‘catch-up’ reviews of recent records we may have only just discovered, or not managed to get to around the release date.

The Battles of Winter- At Once With Tattered Sails

A post punk record of exceptional quality, made highly distinctive within the current trends of independent music by its inviting darker hue, immaculate production and the band’s wonderfully curious lyrical imagery. By Rich Buley.

Nothing – Tired Of Tomorrow

Where others’ rage and disaffection will clearly be heard in their music, Nothing have left anger behind and escaped into a world of inner peace and beauty. By Rich Buley.

Mogwai – Atomic

Atomic gives further proof, if any were needed, of Mogwai as multi-faceted, masters of their craft. They have never stopped innovating and evolving in over twenty years of creating, time and time again, some of the most remarkable, heart-stopping, beautiful music you are ever likely to hear. By Rich Buley.

Simmer – Paper Prisms

From raucous and chaotic origins the band have in a very short space of time developed into a refined, multi-faceted alternative rock band, who should build a decent following on the back of an excellent debut album. By Rich Buley.

School of Seven Bells – SVIIB

As a memorial of their relationship, and a summary of all that they were together musically, it is a more than fitting epitaph. By Rich Buley.

Film School – June EP

The sound of a special band clicking straight back into gear after nearly a decade apart. By Rich Buley.

Holy Esque – At Hope’s Ravine

What gives the band its distinctive and intriguing edge is the larynx-shredding, gravel-gargling vocals of Pat Hynes. I have heard some wracked, anguished voices in my time, but this one sounds as if it has been honed on a daily mouthwash of bleach and fence paint. By Rich Buley.

Sennen – First Light

Tinkering ornately on the brink of an enormous sonic meltdown that tantalisingly, and refreshingly, never materialises. By Rich Buley.

Live: Gilmore Trail, Fly on Byrd, fly on & Kellar – Sebright Arms, London. Saturday 30th January

A quite fabulous evening of instrumental rock music, made all the more special by the superb sound and a wonderfully warm welcome. By Rich Buley

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