Pete Cogle

Pete Cogle


I collected my first vinyl in 1973. Went to my first gig in 1976. Been totally addicted to music ever since, starting with Heavy Metal (as they called it then), Electronica, Jazz Rock, Punk, Post-Punk, Indie, Dub, Drum & Bass, House, Hip-Hop, Dub Step and just about every genre in between.

Been podcasting since January 2006 (see and won the European Podcast of the Year (Personality) award at the end of 2010. I’m passionate about new music, especially Netlabels and Creative Commons licensed releases. I always podcast a feature about Netlabel Day each year.

I live near Brighton and attend lots of gig there. Highlight of the year is The Great Escape Festival which I have attended with a couple of mates since May 2007.

I’m also a freelance IT Consultant, Husband and Father.

Articles by Pete Cogle

Death & The Penguin – Anomie

Death and The Penguin’s debut album Anomie is full of syncopated bass and drum driven goodness. Math-rock anthems, bursting at the seams with energy and attitude.

Lay Llamas – Thuban

This album really shows off it’s African roots and 60’s influences to perfection. Highly Recommended.

The Golden Dawn Arkestra – Children of the Sun

With 15+ band members there’s, understandably, a big sound, incorporating a wide variety of musical styles, with a focus on a funky beat. This is a band you want to see live.

Sherpa The Tiger – Great Vowel Shift

Drawing on classic kosmische/krautrock influences from the 1970s, such as Can and Neu!, but then adding in live sampling Sherpa The Tiger create some hypnotic and extremely danceable tracks. This is definitely an album for chilling out with over the summer.

Beans On Toast – Standing on a Chair (Vinyl Re-Issue) and Drunk Folk Stories (Book)

Beans has got one of those voices that you’ll always recognize and never forget. It’s like you’ve always known him. You can (and you should) expect Beans on Toast to make exquisite music for years to come

Lazy Legs – Tremor EP

One thing is for sure is that once they have settled into their new surroundings and focused on some live work then they will deliver even more great things.   Keep an eye on this band in 2018.

Candélabre – Candélabre EP

Their music is essentially about the interplay of light and dark. One without the other, and this EP would be good, but together the result is much greater than the constituent parts. It’s magnificent.

Various Artists – The Death Roots Syndicate: Volume VII

Aficionados say the appeal of Country Music is three chords and the truth. Well the Death Roots Syndicate tells some pretty dark truths, I can tell you.

Nest Egg – Nothingness Is Not A Curse (Review & Album Stream)

The tracks on this album have been developed over a couple of years and it shows. It’s as much about what they leave out as put in that sets this album apart.

Louis Lingg and The Bombs – Kiiroichurippu, Hopeless Love in the Age of the Glitch

Their music is infectious and they always makes me want to smile, want to sing and want to dance.

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