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I was raised out of steel in the swamps of New Jersey, well, at least I like to think so. The reality is a mundane town in North Wales called Wrexham. After years of trying to escape via the means of sex, drugs and rock and roll (well, two of them are right!) I eventually settled down to a life of nappies and office work. This wasn't enough though and that urge to be Keith Richards just kept creeping up…that's when I met Dan. Like a collision of two worlds, a grand meeting of minds or just pure luck, I pestered Dan with my rather basic scrawlings on unknown punk bands only for the reply to be, you are able…join us…and so it was. I love music and I love writing so to do both is a no-brainer really. I may be the resident old school rocker of E&D but the truth could not be further away. Put aside my Springsteen fixation and you will find a nice sweet person who, when put in front of a typewriter, becomes a cross between Bukowski, Thompson and Bangs. Beware any bands who try to mollycoddle me into a good review, I bite. All music is good but in particular it has to be Americana, psych and garage for me. E&D has given me the opportunity to push my beliefs onto other people and I am forever grateful. May this go on forever! As a side note, I stilll to this day do not understand what Post-Rock is. Â

Articles by Martyn Coppack

Will Sol from Prana Crafter

Enter the Stream is a release which evokes the true meaning of psychedelic music, Prana Crafter, or Will Sol as he is known outside of his moniker, has crafted an album which is beautiful, spiritual and supremely tripped out. In order to find out more about this enigma, Echoes and Dust sent Martyn Coppack along for a chat.

King Buffalo – Longing To Be The Mountain

If either Orion, or Repeater whetted your appetite for this band, then Longing For The Mountain is that moment where you find a band really maturing and becoming something that could be really special.

Les Big Byrd – Iran Iraq IKEA

This band have it all, through wonderful melodic songs, an uber-cool image, an attitude which reeks of rock and roll, and the ability to make you smile.

RMFTM & 10,000 Russos

For all its heavy monstrous drones and gasps of industrial noise, there is something almost enticing about this release. It’s come at a time where both bands are at the height of their powers, and it really shines through.

Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets – O2 Apollo, Manchester

What hits home tonight is how influential these songs actually are. In Manchester you can see the chain of command from Pink Floyd, through the acid house days and into bands such as the Stone Roses. It’s all there, plain as day, yet hidden behind a fug of lysergic smoke.

Superfjord – All Will Be Golden

We don’t do ratings here at Echoes and Dust, but if we did this would be the epiphany of a three out of five. Interesting, but boring at the same time.

Garcia Peoples – Cosmic Cash

If you have been yearning for a return to the West Coast psych sound then this is the album for you. It’s the sound of summer, a fat one rolled, and a beer at your side.

Fanatism – The Future Past

If you have any inclination towards mind-bending music then this album must certainly lie at the top of your wishlist. Not content with taking you on a trip, Fanatism also want to turn your mind inside out whist doing so.

ST 37 – ST 37

On the whole, ST 37 is a good listen and ticks the requisite boxes for providing a tripped out experience. Certain moments do let the album down though, and for all its various nuances, it remains an album of blustering noise.

Oh Sees – Smote Reverser

There are few bands this long into their career that can even remember why it is they started making music in the first place, let alone constantly searching for new sounds. Oh Sees are an anomaly, and continue to release albums which continue to test.

Gulp – All Good Wishes

All Good Wishes is a much more grown up than Season Sun. It’s good to see the band build on that excellent debut and continue to push forward with Gulp music. That they can exist alongside Guto’s day job is cause for celebration too, although with the lack of original music coming from that direction, we can only have cause for celebration that we get more Gulp.

Alien Mustangs – Alienation

In the end that is all you can ask from a debut album, some great tunes, and a promise of something special unfolding. We will keep a psychedelic eye on these guys.

Evil Triplet – Have A Nice Trip

Whilst this album is fun enough, and worth a few repeated listens, there is little here of any circumstance that makes you want to return too often. The finger is well and truly on the pulse of psychedelia and for a quick, heady trip you can’t go far wrong.

Lumerians – Call Of The Void

Let’s hope they don’t leave it another four years until we hear some more music, as they seem to be heading in a rather exciting direction.

Saint Karloff – All Heed The Black God

There is much to love here, and they offer something different from a doom scene which has gone increasingly heavier. A welcome return to a classic 70’s sound.

Prana Crafter – Enter The Stream

What we ultimately have is one of the finer albums of this year, and if we are being honest, one of the best psych albums of recent years.

Funeral Horse – Psalms For The Mourning

By pushing the boundaries of a stoner rock band, they find themselves occupying a place where very few go. ‘Psalms For The Mourning’ may well mark a turning point for this band.

John Westhaver from The Band Whose Name Is Symbol

Martyn Coppack had a good long chat with John Westhaver from Canadian psych band The Band Whose Name Is Symbol, going from the early days to their work with Cardinal Fuzz and much more.

Papernut Cambridge – Outstairs Instairs

Whilst there may be a dearth of bands influenced by the classic sound of British psych, it only serves to make Papernut Cambridge that much more special. When listening to their music you feel as if a hole in time has opened and offered you a glimpse of what it used to be like.

Mansun – Attack Of The Grey Lantern (Remastered)

A welcome reissue by one of the more interesting bands of the Britpop period. Maybe now they will get the recognition they deserve.

Black Helium – Primitive Fuck (Review + Exclusive Track Premiere)

Primitive Fuck is one of those albums which has seemingly come from nowhere, yet carries all the hallmarks of a future classic which may well allow the band to carry on experimenting within their field.

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