Nathan Lagden


A 28 year-old history graduate living in Oxford, I am a lover of most kinds of rock and metal.

Articles by Nathan Lagden

Live Review: Ghost & Poltergeist – London Palladium

In many ways then, Ghost’s performance at the Palladium was a simple and predictable one. But in no way did this make it anything other than a truly special experience for those of us who were lucky enough to be there, and I could not hear anybody from the audience say anything to the contrary as we filed out of the theatre. – By Nathan Lagden

Live Review: Symphony X, Myrath & Melted Space – Islington Assembly Hall, London

It’s always refreshing I feel, to see bands who do have an abundance of talent and aren’t afraid to showcase it. Symphony X do that whilst adding energy and showmanship to their shows to boot. – By Nathan Lagden

Live Review: Dream Theater – London Palladium

It’s not the best show I’ve ever seen. In fact, it’s probably not the best Dream Theater show I’ve ever seen. But it’s nonetheless one which will resonate with me for some time to come and one which has cemented Dream Theater in my mind as the best band going at the moment. – By Nathan Lagden

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