Michael Baker


Michael Baker is a man with a frightening affection for 90’s metal, to a degree where 90’s metal tries to keep away and let him down politely with mace. He thought it would be a good idea to write some reviews in an attempt to get back onto music’s good side. With a music taste which is getting stranger everyday: Michael only seeks to alienate himself from conventional sense. Through an ever fluctuating music list filled with prog, punk and everything in between; Michael is a hoot at children’s parties.

Smells faintly of cabbage.

Articles by Michael Baker

Natalie Evans • Katie Malco – The Castle Cinema, London

The harp has a long tradition of being depicted as an instrument of heaven. It is Natalie Evans’ lyrics that bring those heavenly connotations to earth, and make everyday things sound sublime in a fashion that draws comparisons with Joanna Newsom. Even the plight of being stuck in a tree is given a great innocent splendour as if the experience is the height of life itself.

Zeal & Ardor – Stranger Fruit

‘Stranger Fruit’ is very much a natural evolution to ‘Devil Is Fine’, expanding on the sound and style, but along the way there are some gloriously unexpected mutations.

Queen Kwong – Love Me To Death

You can feel throughout that Queen Kwong isn’t interested in wasting time. Songs are butchered and cut until only the heart remains, the hooks are given all of the room in the world to amplify and dig in – whilst experimental synths and psych guitars scream out before being brutally silenced.

Rolo Tomassi – Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It

‘Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It’ is the release that their 13 year young career has been leading up to.

Lovebites • FEMM – The Underworld, London

Key to their success is vocalist Asami who not only has a voice that exemplifies the best in over-the-top power vocals, with some showstopper wails placed in, but a natural stage character that had the crowd eating out of her hand.

Vuur – In This Moment We Are Free – Cities

Vuur is a competent vessel for Anneke Van Giersbergen to shine but ultimately its globetrotting adventure leads it to a tour of progressive metal that never finds itself its own city to call home.

Unsane – Sterilize

‘Sterilize’ is an album with a singular dead end destination and nihilistic purpose, but with many ways of taking you there.

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