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Diatribes – Echoes & Sirens

Like quite a number of mountain roads, diatribe’s dub to the avant-garde trip was riddled with possible potholes, but these guys effectively escape them quite admirably.

Holy Monitor – II

Some would complain that Holy Monitor needs a bit more originality, but when the old psych elements are put in place so well, who cares?

Amy Rigby – The Old Guys

With The Old Guys, Amy Rigby shows that ‘standard rock’ is neither gone nor faded if you come up with enough quality and inventiveness to hold the torch.

Willard Grant Conspiracy – Untethered

Untethered leaves you with this enormous feeling of beauty, melancholy and ultimately loss.

Frog – Whatever We Probably Already Had It

Possibly, one of the briefest, under the radar gems of 2018.

Penelope Trappes – Penelope Two

What we get on Penelope Two is music that is at the same time disturbing and comforting familiar and unfamiliar, everything the late night listening demands.

Benjamin Finger – Into Light

With Into Light it is obvious that Finger is on the sort of creative streak rarely exhibited by musicians trying to cover that border territories of ambient/classical/jazz/post-rock.

Klaus Johann Grobe – Du Bist So Symmetrisch

Yes, you can listen to this stuff sitting down, but then the question remains, why would you want to?

System – Plus

If you are still not sure what post-rock or any of those posts, post terms really are all about, try Plus it will all become a bit clearer.

Forever House – Eaves

With Eaves, Forever House, who comes from a different musical background, have shown many aspiring rockers what math-rock/prog rock, or whatever you want to pigeonhole your music into, should sound like.

Dan Managan – More Or Less

As 2018 winds to a close, a certain characteristic, a label could be put on quite a number of releases that came out – bleak records for bleak times. Vancouver’s Dan Managan and his fifth album More Or Less seems to be here to prove the point.

Jessica Moss – Entanglement

The overall effect of the music Jessica Moss creates on Entanglement is of the subdued tension of a calm before the storm.

Dean Wareham & Cheval Sombre – Dean Wareham vs. Cheval Sombre

Whether Wareham is truly back in the saddle is to be seen, but Dean Wareham vs. Cheval Sombre is a great sign.

Makaya McCraven – Universal Beings

The music on Universal Beings just keeps on its excelling standard and you don’t even notice that the whole album lasts well over two hours, you just want to start it all over again.

Cave – Always

With Always, Cave prove one more constant with ’space jam’ bands – if they are really good, their music just keeps growing on you. Cave are that good.

Patrick R. Pärk – Library Sounds

Patrick R. Pärk has come up with something excellent for a lazy afternoon with your headphones on.

Exploded View – Obey

With Obey, the Exploded View seem to have done quite a good job of presenting the concept they deal in – and that is exploring the subliminal in all of its aspects.

Alejandro Escovedo – The Crossing

The musical excellence presented on The Crossing simply accentuates the potency of Escovedo’s lyrical message, making this album probably one of the strongest musical/lyrical statements this year.

Det Skandaløse Orkester – Tenk om noen ser deg

All this adds up to an avant-garde prog album that doesn’t make you run for a handful of headache tablets after you are finished listening.

Milton Man Gogh – XXXX Bitter Irony

The only ‘problem’ is that after you’ve gone once through XXXX Bitter Irony, you have a nagging feeling you have to immediately give it yet another run.

Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood – With Animals

With Animals is some of the best nocturnal music to be heard recently.

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