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Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble – Where Future Unfolds

The music Locks presents is compelling enough to reward repeated listenings that reveal new, subtle elements each time.

JuJu – Maps & Territory

Maps & Territory is one of those albums for psych music aficionados who see the genre in a much wider concept than just, fuzz, acid, and flowers.

Olden Yolk – Living Theatre

It is these touches and elements that separate Olden Yolk from the ordinary and lift their music into something you want to take another listen to.

Opossum Sun Trail – Strontium Highway

So Strontium Highway steps on the same trail through the sand, but you can never make the exact same steps in the desert even if you wanted to, and again, Opossum Sun Trail make new shifts in their steps.

Toth – Practice Magic and Seek Professional Help When Necessary

Alex Toth is a music experimentalist of another sort.

Fox Millions Duo – Biting Through

It is an album for heavy thoughts and sometimes you have to go through those. This is could be your best bet for those times.

Chris Lastovicka – Fortune Has Turned (Remixed)

The initial Fortune Has Turned didn’t make much of a splash, hopefully, this remixed version will.

Anna Mieke – Idle Mind

Mieke escapes one of the usual traps of the singer/songwriter mode, that is the sameishness of ideas and interpretation that can bog down albums of artists that have a specific voice as she does.

Alice Tambourine Lover – Down Below

On Down Below Alice Tambourine Lover are able to assimilate all their influences very smoothly and come up with an album you can keep your windows open to as the weather is getting better.

Hearing Things – Here’s Hearing Things

Here’s Hearing Things works practically on all levels, and you can even slow dance to it.

Just Like Honey – The Weight of The Stars

Yes, the influences are evident, but then, if you play your influences with care and passion like Just Like Honey do, who cares if you can notice them?

Damien Jurado – In The Shape Of A Storm

Throughout the album, Jurado doesn’t break the sensitive line, nor does he resort to melodrama, just raw feeling, voice, and acoustic guitar.

Alex Kozobolis – Somewhere Else

Kozobolis makes sure that he has something substantial to say with his music, and again, scores full points. All in all, a worthy listen and an album that scores quite well on that solo piano scale.

The Chocolate Watchband – This Is My Voice

It is hard to initially say whether This Is My Voice was recorded yesterday or today, and it is better for it!

Dave Harrington Group – Pure Imagination, No Country

Covering a wide musical field from electric Miles to meandering fields of Krautrock and psychedelia with a guitar in your hand is a thorny field, and on Pure Imagination, No Country Dave Harrington and his group walk through it with no thorns stuck to their sides.

Maurice Louca – Elephantine

What Maurice Louca and his Elephantine album bring is yet another set of inventive musical twists into the field of avant-garde/experimental music.

Yann Tiersen – All

In the times when we actually have too much of a bad thing, some solid counter-balance is needed, and on All Yann Tiersen obliges to provide it.

Old Mexico – Old Mexico

This may be just a side project for these guys, but based on the quality of this album, maybe they should consider making Old Mexico a more regular project.

Major Moment – Leave Out All The Rest

The trio has teamed up with “320 Changes Direction” foundation headed by late Chester Bennington’s wife and “Relix” magazine to raise the awareness about mental health and suicide problems.

Slumberland – Sea, Sea, Sea Drifter / See, See, See Drifter

Throughout, Baelus and his cohorts leave you wondering which sound is which, to force you at one moment not to care anymore and just enjoy their dark musical concoction.

Tim J. Grant – Fluorescent Lamp Pop

From the ‘modern’ electronic sound of the opener ‘Bullseye’, Grant delves into musical diversity as much as he can.

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