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The Myrrors – Borderlands

In essence, for Borderlands, The Myrrors may have conjured all those Zabriskie Point soundtrack spirits, but they have mixed all those sounds up, and like the Arizona sand, have thrown it up in the air and let it hang out there. Slowly.

Papa M – A Broke Moon Rises

Papa M is able to conjure exactly the musical theme and images he sets out to do, probably the hardest thing to do with this kind of atmospheric music.

The Black Delta Movement – Preservation

Sometimes it is better to hit the perfect sense of a certain genre than trying to invent the new musical wheel, and with Preservation, The Black Delta Movement is able to do exactly that.

Parades Against Parades – Driving Me Stoned

Parades Against Parades “I don’t care if you’ve heard it before” attitude works, because they not only know what they’re doing but they do it in such a great, cool manner, making you wonder what they put in the food and drink up there in Saskatoon!

Grex – Electric Ghost Parade

An intricate and varying set of psych variations recalling The Fiery Furnace’s best moments, with free jazz moments as an extra bonus.

Forma – Semblance

Finally, a conceptual piece of (musical) art that really works.

Dancehall – The Band

Deciding whether you want to pick up Dancehall and their The Band depends on what you feel at the moment and whether you want to pick up an energy drink or this album, or, preferably, whether you need to irritate your neighbours, at least for half an hour.

serpentwithfeet – soil

Serpentwithfeet just made sure I open my best of the year list a bit earlier this time around.

Maciek Dobrowolski – Ephemera

Dobrowolski has come up with a set of beautiful music that transcends the terms as modern classical, ambient or ‘video games music, for that matter.

Portico Quartet – Untitled (AITAOA #2)

Portico Quartet comes up with a set of musical sketches that stand on their own merit.

The Healers – i

Will from The Goats comes up with a short, sharp and weird one.

Turtle Skull – Turtle Skull

Taking the paths already taken works well for Sydney, Australia quintet Turtle Skull.

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Sparkle Hard

With Malkmus, it was always everything in between but done with style and aplomb, making it sound like that was exactly the way it should.

Emmerhoff & The Melancholy Babies – Circle Six

Norway’s Emmerhof & The Melancholy Babies show that you can change styles on an album and still maintain the quality of the music.

The Sea & Cake – Any Day

The Sea and Cake, the best jazz/pop band around are back with a new album after a six-year absence.

Leon III – Leon III

One of the more impressive psych Americana albums of the year so far.

GUM – The Underdog

Tame Impala and Pond member Jay Watson proves himself on his own with his fourth album as GUM.

Here, There and Everywhere – Interview with Patrick Grant

If you are under the impression that Patrick Grant’s name doesn’t sound too familiar, you are probably wrong, as certainly I was that he had only two (most recent albums. Grant was and still is all over the musical scale, having played or having musical associations with the list of names that range from Robert Fripp and John Cage on one end of the spectrum to Billy Joel and Quincy Jones on the other.

Okkervil River – In The Rainbow Rain

Okkervil River goes pop and still comes up with the goods.

Goldmund – Occasus

Keith Kenniff, also known as Goldmund comes up with yet another intriguing minimalist ambient album.

A Hawk And A Hacksaw – Forest Bathing

Albuquerque New Mexico travels to nether regions of The Balkans and wins.

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