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Psychic Markers – S/T

Psychic Markers’ real-life experience did influence their sound profoundly, without really removing them from their psych roots, and it is all for the better.

Niika – Close But Not Too Close

As debuts go, this one will be hard to match in the year of the pandemic.

Golden Retriever & Chuck Johnson – Rain Shadow

Very few joint efforts are able to come up with such excellent results as Golden Retriever and Chuck Johnson are able to do on Rain Shadow, proving that experimentation and music pleasing to the ear can go hand in hand.

Chip Wickham – Blue To Red

Blue and Red comes to us at a time when the deep, spiritual feeling is one of the things we can cling to, and Chip Wickham hits all the right notes for that to be possible.

Adeline Hotel – Solid Love

Adeline Hotel, the band, and  Dan Kniskowy have come up here with some mellifluous, soothing sounds without exhibiting a single iota of pretentiousness. Possibly the reason Solid Love is so much more than solid.

Steve Dawson & Funeral Bonsai Wedding – Last Flight Out

What we have on our hands is one of the more poignant, melodic, chamber folk/pop albums to pop up in a while.

The Soft Pink Truth – Shall We Go On Sinning So That Grace May Increase?

What we get on Shall We Go On Sinning So That Grace May Increase? is a mesmerizing musical concoction that expresses exactly what Daniel set out to do.

Jeff Beam – Jeff Beam

Beam was able to package all of his influences into a set of well-rounded and thought-out songs that deserve to be heard.

Jennah Barry – Holiday

In these self-isolation and social distancing times, Jennah Barry’s Holiday reflects the times but with a healthy dose of hope.

The Roseline – GOOD/GRIEF

Halliburton’s motivation might not have been havoc the dreaded virus is creating, but he is definitely telling terrible things through beautiful melodies.

Windy & Carl – Allegiance and Conviction

Whether this is exactly how Windy and Carl wanted this album to sound makes no difference. With it, even after eight years of absence, they still remain at the forefront of whatever genre you want to file their music under.

Oval – Scis

What we get in these ten new compositions on Scis is yet another set of creative human/machine interaction that pushes the boundaries of electronica further on.

Artifiseer – Syncretist

Syncretist as the title actually perfectly describes Artifiseer’s album – it “involves the merging or assimilation of several originally discrete traditions”. In this case musical traditions.

Gabriel Birnbaum – Not Alone

Not Alone it is one of those creeping sleepers that you definitely can play at any point in time with ease.

Rob Shapiro of Populuxe

Smart “pop” was EVERYWHERE. It was an embarrassment of riches — the songwriting genius of Steely Dan, the power and precision of Motown, Kool & The Gang, Earth Wind & Fire, Curtis Mayfield, the hilarity and impossibility of Zappa and Captain Beefheart, the crushing, exhilarating intelligence of Zeppelin…

Populuxe – Beauty In A Broken Place

On Beauty In A Broken Place Populuxe make ‘simple’ pop sound complicated, or if you will, make complicated things sound like ‘simple’ pop, which it isn’t.

Charles Rumback & Ryley Walker – Little Common Twist

Throughout the album, Rumback and Walker show that the old maxim ‘less is more’ proves itself once again, but also that it can be only done by those that truly know and feel the music.

Suss – High Line

It seems that SUSS is well versed in all musical tips and tricks because they pass the test with flying colors. Flying colors that seem to stay on the (American Western) ground, just as the band intended them to do.

Stone Irr – Performance

Stone Irr’s Performance brings harmony music to the level that even hardcore metal fans might turn into converts.

Sequoyah Murray – Before You Begin

With Before You Begin, Sequoyah Murray at the same time breaks the rules and sticks to them, bringing some unique music along the way.

Paper Beat Scissors – Parallel Line

The melodic intricacy and imagination Crabtree shows on Parallel Line should put the album and his Paper Beat Scissors moniker into a more prominent light.

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