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Gone From My Sight – Twenty Twenty

Essentially, on Twenty Twenty, Gone From My Sight give us some quite sophisticated, thinking man’s electro-pop that shows some excellent promise.

Josh Werner – Mode For Titan

Essentially, Mode For Titan could have potentially been a bass-dominated disaster, but actually turns into its promise – ambient bass music you can enjoy.

Rachel Grimes – The Way Forth: Instrumentals

The point of this type of music is to be listened to, with enjoyment, and like a good cup of coffee, you need to have the right balance of ingredients in there to really leave the desired effect. Rachel Grimes has not failed that test so far.

Sing Leaf – Not Earth

It all somehow fits into one cohesive whole. Most of it is due to Como’s ability to move around swiftly and combine musical elements that seem to have belonged together from the beginning.

Elvis Perkins – Creation Myths

You do get the feeling that the songs on Creation Myths were written instinctively, out of subconscious somewhere. Instinctively and subconsciously by somebody who proves to be quietly an excellent artist.

The smallest Creature – Magic Beans

With all the musical references, The smallest Thing manages to own that Nineties guitar sound, updating it for these ‘modern times’ a notch, resulting in quite a pleasurable listen.

Psychic Temple – Houses of the Holy

“Houses of the Holy” brings the flight of Schlarb’s imagination and creativity to full light and makes you think have we finally got ourselves a double album with no fillers?

Takuya Kuroda – Fly Moon Die Soon

Fly Moon Die Soon is an album that seems to go by the maxim – if it sounds this good, bring it on!

Joshua Van Tassel – Dance Music Volume II: More Songs For Slow Motion

Joshua van Tassel’s Dance Music Volume II: More Songs For Slow Motion is that type of an album that you just keep on pressing the repeat button on and on. Particularly very, very late at night.

Mark Vickness – Interconnected

Vickness and other musicians try to show that there are so many points where different musical styles and concepts overlap and have something in common. Luckily for all, they are able to prove their point with ease.

Vast Caldera – Vast Caldera 1

Vast Caldera 1 might be the perfect example that prog music is neither fully black nor white, but all shades in-between.

Sam Prekop – Comma

Comma might be an all-electronic affair, but Prekop at no point loses that jazzy/bossa nova feel, or whatever you want to call it. Or you can simply just call it excellent music.

Eito – While You Were Sleeping

On While You Were Sleeping Eito presents us with one of the better versions of what you can call ‘thinking man’s hip hop.’

Suit of Lights – Hide and Seek

The answer might lie in the fact that if you pick any of those dusty Canterbury or latter-day XTC albums up, you probably wouldn’t be able to say for sure when they were recorded – yesterday or 15 or 50 years ago. The same can be said about the Suit of Lights’ Hide and Seek.

Les Techno – Flowers For Dystopia

Without taking even a cursory listen, some would dismiss Les Techno’s Flowers for Dystopia as a failed joke. But then, the joke would be on them.

Secret Machines – Awake in The Brain Chamber

An album whose layers have to be uncovered slowly.

The Waterboys – Good Luck, Seeker

Mike Scott has still got it and The Waterboys have yet again come up with an excellent album.

Sally Anne Morgan – Thread

It seems that Sally Anne Morgan’s message with Thread is – folk and modern music might seem separate, but they are actually more or less one thing – natural music.

Livingdog – The Four Times

No matter how complicated the subject matter is, Livingdog is able to present it in musical terms that can be acceptable by any listener.

Winter – Endless Space (Between You & I)

Based on what she presents here, there seems to be endless (musical) space in front of Winter.

Blunda – Pulling For You

On Pulling For You Blunda’s meticulous approach works, making the listener yearn for a full-fledged album release.

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