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Sylvain Chauveau – Simple

From the architecture-worrying rumbles on ‘Noir’ to the violins that appear to have been strung with my own heartstrings on ‘Everything Will Be Fine’, Chauveau is in encouraging form.

Lunacy – Age of Truth

All in all, it’s a good old fashioned pummelling. It’s music that straddles the line between ecstasy and anguish.

Shida Shahabi – Shifts

Shida Shahabi has seized time as if it is a tangible commodity and forged this short but affectingly delicate EP

Shida Shahabi – Shifts Exclusive Premiere & Track by Track Commentary

Hampus Norén, who mixed my previous record also did some beautiful work in adding the colour and depth that was needed for the sound. Ah, the euphoria you feel when the dynamic you have with the people you work with is great!

Low Variety – #1

Sandwiched within the gargle of otherworldly noise, these tiny and imperceptible trinkets dazzle when illuminated.

Sunn O))) – Pyroclasts

This harks back to ancient ways. If Life Metal was a tilting of heads towards the heavens, then this is twisting focus back towards the dawn of time.

Minor Pieces – Heavy Steps of Dreaming

The pair’s music gnaws like forgotten memories and treasured recollections coming back in broken fragments. Misremembered and patched together.

François J. Bonnet & Stephen O’Malley – Cylene

Like witnessing the solemn performance of an ancient rite that somehow pierces through your shield of disbelief and touches you deeply. It is careful, considered, patient, and provoking.

Jenny Hval – The Practice Of Love

Hval has actively encouraged others to share in this process and, as a result, this has led to her most incisive, stirring, and, dare I say it, catchy record yet.

Mai Mai Mai – Nel Sud

It is maximalist devastation. Industrial revenge. Club music for doomsday cults.

Graham Dunning & Edward Lucas – End Of A Cable

What this pair do succeed in doing is delicately inverting expectations and understanding through curling layers of textures and drones.

Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch – Only You

Despite being a frail whip of a release (it clocks in at sub ten minutes), the level of fragile beauty on display far exceeds its brief length. Only You is a tremendous proponent of quality over quantity.

Sonologyst – Phantoms

Everything is manipulated. Time flows in all directions. Sounds mystify and beguile. This is sonic mastery as mysticism, as method of control.

Burning House – Anthropocene

There are undeniable hooks laden throughout. Lines that will burrow deep into your subconscious and lay dormant only to be sifted out and spun internally at a later date.

Full Of Hell – Weeping Choir

There is plenty to unpack beneath this caustic juggernaut, but even a coast across the surface is rewarding enough.

Waste Of Space Orchestra – Syntheosis

The whole album is chock-full of fun as it rampages from one over-egged, over-clocked, and over-the-damn-top composition to the next. It takes the theatricality of operatic performance and threads it through with an explosive and wild extreme metal performance.

Sunn O))) – Life Metal

That Sunn O))) can keep releasing albums that are this fantastically captivating is practically absurd. By all rights their music ought to feel like rank repetition. Like it is kicking up old, worn, ground. And yet, instead, this feels full of vitality. It’s fresh and demanding of your attention.

Giancarlo Erra – Ends

A work of heaving emotional frailty.

Daniel Thorne – Lines Of Sight

The musical equivalent of wet eyes looking out across the empty rooftops of a lonely city at night, watching the twinkle of streetlights mesh with the stars.

Peter Broderick & Friends Play Arthur Russell

This serves as a little time-travelling gift which Peter Broderick has been able to deliver as if spurred on from the past. It was encoded for the one but is relatable to so many.

Low – St George’s Church, Brighton

When they shift off of the beaten path into untrammelled sounds, Low’s noise is that of a dense unravelling. It is furrowed from fathomless depths. It is the sedate carnage of planetary creation, of rushing magma, and swelling seas.

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