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High On Fire – Electric Messiah

Using proto-thrash touchstones, the majority of the nine tracks on Electric Messiah are punchy, energetic and primordial.

Frontierer – Unloved

Thankfully, ‘Unloved’ easily lives up to the expectations heaped upon it, but at the same time is not exactly what people might have predicted. The fully anticipated ferocious pace, out-of-control programmed drums, staccato rhythms, gut-wrenching vocals, distorted riffs and outrageous guitar noises that featured on ‘Orange Mathematics’ are all present and improved upon by Frontierer 2.0.

Buried Sleeper – Obsidian

Obsidian is very much an engrossing and enjoyable listen that flows excellently, and it has interesting dynamics over the course of its heavy trip. A definite recommendation for fans of the likes of Mars Red Sky and Pallbearer.

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