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The Body – Remixed

Few bands have completely opened out and deconstructed their own process so enthusiastically while retaining their essential dark vision and abrasive sound. It makes perfect sense to see their work torn up and reassembled by kindred spirits.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Mésange live at Supernormal

photo: Robin Hill Mésange | BANDCAMP  FACEBOOK  WEBSITE   Next up in our string of festival sets captured by the fine folk of IMPATV – atmospheric drone duo Mésange take to the Supernormal stage. A collaboration between violinist Agathe …


COCAINE PISS | BANDCAMP  FACEBOOK  INSTAGRAM Here come the Belgians! Don’t touch their cake! Today we’re rolling back a couple of months to a warm summer’s night at Braziers park and getting right down the front to see Cocaine Piss close out …

Moon Duo – Stars Are The Light

The sound is soft and transparent, a dreamy wander just off their usual track and down to the brighter shore, it drifts by in a warm languid haze.

Breakup Haircut – What Did You Expect? I Got It Off The Internet!

Fuzzy little two minute blasts of conflicted feelings, idle dreams, strong fashion choices and tooling up to battle the undead. Like you do.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Haq123 live at Supernormal

photo : Robin Hill HAQ123 | BANDCAMP  FACEBOOK   Here’s a treat for all ages – Haq123’s opening set from this year’s Supernormal Festival.  We’re happy to say this is the first of several sets we’ll be sharing as captured by the good peo …

Dan Friel – Fanfare

The front and centre wonk and distortion counter balance his remarkable knack for melodies so immediate you feel like you already know them.

Kemper Norton – brunton calciner

Modern electronic approaches are applied to folk themes with a curiously effective lightness of touch. Particular textures and obscured meaning creating a sense of suspended time.

Echo & The Bunnymen – The John Peel Sessions 1979-1983

A collection of all six sessions Echo and the Bunnymen recorded for Peel at the BBC during their initial golden run. A fascinating pile of sketchbooks and rough drafts for the greatest band to ever come out of Liverpool.

Burden Limbs – There is No Escape

four tracks of clammy emotional drama set to a wounded panoramic roar

Blanck Mass – Animated Violence Mild

As dense and intense as it can get there remains an unfailing ear for a stirring, stadium sized melody, something pumping the blood in the midst of the busy machine sound.

Alexander Tucker – Guild of the Asbestos Weaver

Tucker’s voice is so sweetly charming that the content seems secondary, washing over you in a bubbling stream of vowel sounds, somehow both emotional and affectless, open and arcane, devotional yet ordinary it makes his dense abstracted drone into approachable pop.

Loscil – Equivalents

Drawing on abstracted photographs of weather and achieving a similar suspended state. Colourless and indirect, natural and gently mesmerizing. Everything seems to unfold with the same essential rightness as the wind moving the clouds.

Haiku Salut – The General

strong and distant enough from the movie to work as a stand alone album of elegant piano, fluid electronica and understated post rock moods, it succeeds by finding the film’s emotional heart.

Supersonic Festival 2019 – Birmingham

In the first of a two-part series, Jared Dix finds a circle of musical life in his overview of Birmingham’s burgeoning Supersonic Festival.

Grey Hairs – Health & Social Care

Nottingham’s premier punk rock self help group get darker on their brilliant third album Health & Social Care.

Föllakzoid – ‘I’

A decisive step forwards in pursuing their goal of an organic electronic minimalism of the spheres. I is a successful experiment in taking their hands off the wheel, I wonder where it leads.

Brian Eno – Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks, Extended Edition

Remastered and reissued in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing this is a classic album by an acknowledged modern master. If you don’t already have a copy then now seems as good a time as any to fix that and make your life a little bit better by having it around to turn to.

Rainbow Grave – No You

Immense. A thick, layered, roar, the grindingly bleak sound of well fed disgust and smothering disenchantment.


“We are most of the way towards having enough songs written for the next new album. It seems like bands normally start to release compilations, greatest hits collections, and live albums when they can’t come up with good new material anymore. We didn’t want people to see this Peel Sessions record and think, “I guess they’re done. Now they’ll put out some compilations and wrap things up”

Big Stick – LP

LP is not just better than you would expect, it’s properly smiling, involuntary butt shaking, “hey, who IS this?” great. Never afraid to be stupid, trashy or wrong surely their time has come again.

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