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Exclusive Video Premiere: Thor & Friends, Live at The Star & Garter

Thor & Friends | WEBSITE   FACEBOOK   SOUNDCLOUD Here’s something to make your day/week better. Put aside whatever current political/financial/weather based misery is grinding your teeth and soak up the whole of Thor & Frien …

Dan Deacon – Mystic Familiar

Mystic Familiar offers a typically over saturated vision of both life and music as a wild psychedelic adventure.

hackedepicciotto – The Current

Travelling Berlin artists, comin’ over ‘ere… making cultural capital out of our magnificent post industrial decline? Bloody cheek of it!

Bohren & der Club of Gore – Patchouli Blue

Bohren & der Club of Gore play a superbly unhurried type of slow-core doom jazz. The sort of stuff to make long shot film noir images spool across the mind’s eye and your internal monologue turn all hard-boiled detective without warning.

Wire – Hare & Hounds, Birmingham

Wire rarely give you quite what you expect and yet the one thing I really never anticipated was for them to make me emotional.

WIRE – Mind Hive

Light on its feet, immediately melodic but richly layered with sonic details and the familiar gnomic lyrics. Mind Hive is another helping of that wonderful, streamlined, and enigmatic modern rock music they make.

Nathalie Stern – Nerves and Skin

Like a dark, smooth pebble from a brook. Pleasing to hold, glowing inwardly with secrets. A faultless combination of lovely vocal harmonies and meditative drone.

Exclusive Video Premiere : Stereocilia

Stereocilia | WEBSITE  BANDCAMP Well, it was nice to greet the bright new decade for a few hungover hours wasn’t it? It didn’t take long to proudly reveal it had flicked a lit cigarette butt into the bins out back and things had begun to swiftly s …

BNNT – Middle West

As we stumble blearily into a new decade Middle West is a timely splash of cold water in the face. It offers harsh truths, refusal, stubborn hope and endless questions.

Throbbing Gristle – Part Two: The Endless Not/ TG Now/ A Souvenir of Camber Sands

The pick of the three, Part Two: The Endless Not an imperfect but nonetheless decent stab at a late period comeback record.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Gum Takes Tooth live at Woodland Gathering

photo by Robin Hill Gum Takes Tooth | WEBSITE  BANDCAMP FACEBOOK   Our last trip this year down to Woodland Gathering through the magic cameras of IMPA TV finds London based ‘two man everything machine’ Gum Takes Tooth bringing the driving rh …

The Go-Betweens – G Stands For Go-Betweens: Volume 2 – 1985 -1989

literate, melodic pop songs pulling on a strand that runs from the Velvet Underground through the Modern Lovers and Television, given a uniquely sunlit Australian twist.

Stick In The Wheel – Against The Loathsome Beyond

The entwining of ancient and modern is explored throughout the tracks here, Stick In the Wheel bring a light alchemical touch to their materials with enchanting results.

Yammerer – Reality Escape Resort

Yammerer aren’t exactly reinventing the wheel here but they’ve left the car up on bricks and are rolling its wheels down a steep bank with giddy abandon.

Ekoplekz – In Search Of The Third Mantra

In this dank, urban, sonic rot the word mantra makes more sense as the optimistically exotic name of a mid range family car, rusting in a multi-storey or flaring brightly on waste ground.

Exclusive Video Premiere : Aja Live at Woodland Gathering

photo – Robin Hill   AJA | BANDCAMP  FACEBOOK  WEBSITE Today we’re heading back to Woodland Gathering for an electro-industrial exorcism at the cabin in the woods with AJA. Purveyor of improvised electronic noise and some pretty harrowin …

Giant Swan – S/T

Giant Swan is not an attempt to capture their exhilarating live show in album form but ten tracks of divergent abstract electronics.

Exclusive Video Premiere : Godspeed You! Peter Andre live at Supernormal

photo: Noisy Photography   Godspeed You! Peter Andre | BANDCAMP  FACEBOOK   The last of the sets we’re bringing you from Supernormal 2019 steps away from the shed stage and into The Vortex. A wonderful triangular barn which seems to have …

ENSŌ SONE: Qujaku + IMPATV • Group A – Hare and Hounds, Birmingham

Qujaku are not at the point in their career where they can yet play venues big enough for a production as impressive as IMPATV have brought here, but they’re so good it probably won’t be long. You don’t want to miss this tour.

A Winged Victory for the Sullen – The Undivided Five

A Winged Victory for the Sullen’s first release in five years is exactly what you want from them, more delicately woven and calming atmospherics to ease your troubled mind.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Petbrick live at Woodland Gathering

Petbrick | BANDCAMP  FACEBOOK   Petbrick are a powerhouse two-man noise unit set to destroy. They’ve just put out their debut album I via Rocket Recordings, ten hefty slabs of dystopian electronic scree and thundering metal drums with occasio …

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