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Yammerer – Reality Escape Resort

Yammerer aren’t exactly reinventing the wheel here but they’ve left the car up on bricks and are rolling its wheels down a steep bank with giddy abandon.

Ekoplekz – In Search Of The Third Mantra

In this dank, urban, sonic rot the word mantra makes more sense as the optimistically exotic name of a mid range family car, rusting in a multi-storey or flaring brightly on waste ground.

Exclusive Video Premiere : Aja Live at Woodland Gathering

photo – Robin Hill   AJA | BANDCAMP  FACEBOOK  WEBSITE Today we’re heading back to Woodland Gathering for an electro-industrial exorcism at the cabin in the woods with AJA. Purveyor of improvised electronic noise and some pretty harrowin …

Giant Swan – S/T

Giant Swan is not an attempt to capture their exhilarating live show in album form but ten tracks of divergent abstract electronics.

Exclusive Video Premiere : Godspeed You! Peter Andre live at Supernormal

photo: Noisy Photography   Godspeed You! Peter Andre | BANDCAMP  FACEBOOK   The last of the sets we’re bringing you from Supernormal 2019 steps away from the shed stage and into The Vortex. A wonderful triangular barn which seems to have …

ENSŌ SONE: Qujaku + IMPATV • Group A – Hare and Hounds, Birmingham

Qujaku are not at the point in their career where they can yet play venues big enough for a production as impressive as IMPATV have brought here, but they’re so good it probably won’t be long. You don’t want to miss this tour.

A Winged Victory for the Sullen – The Undivided Five

A Winged Victory for the Sullen’s first release in five years is exactly what you want from them, more delicately woven and calming atmospherics to ease your troubled mind.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Petbrick live at Woodland Gathering

Petbrick | BANDCAMP  FACEBOOK   Petbrick are a powerhouse two-man noise unit set to destroy. They’ve just put out their debut album I via Rocket Recordings, ten hefty slabs of dystopian electronic scree and thundering metal drums with occasio …

Exclusive Video Premiere: Casual Nun live at Woodland Gathering

photo: Robin Hill Casual Nun | BANDCAMP  FACEBOOK   Woodland Gathering is a small, independent festival held at Fell Foot Wood in Cumbria. Its identity formed from the tastes of its promoters, Birmingham’s Radio Black Forest and Manchester’s …

Warmduscher – Tainted Lunch

Lost in its own run down neighbourhood the dystopian unease of 2019 is woven deep in it’s rich, moth-eaten, tapestry. In desperate and uncertain times Warmduscher are the punky disco party band we need.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Horsebastard live at Supernormal

photo: John Convery Horsebastard | BANDCAMP  FACEBOOK Shot once again by the estimable IMPATV here we have a blistering Supernormal set from Liverpool’s Horsebastard, one of this year’s surprise hits. For a small festival, Supernormal offers up a …

Emptyset – Blossoms

What we get here is an uncanny valley version of Emptyset. Almost like it but somehow disturbingly blank and misshapen at the same time.

Black Beach – Tapeworm

A pleasingly incoherent scream of disaffection mashing together post punk and noise rock with grunge and other random scrapings.

The Body – Remixed

Few bands have completely opened out and deconstructed their own process so enthusiastically while retaining their essential dark vision and abrasive sound. It makes perfect sense to see their work torn up and reassembled by kindred spirits.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Mésange live at Supernormal

photo: Robin Hill Mésange | BANDCAMP  FACEBOOK  WEBSITE   Next up in our string of festival sets captured by the fine folk of IMPATV – atmospheric drone duo Mésange take to the Supernormal stage. A collaboration between violinist Agathe …


COCAINE PISS | BANDCAMP  FACEBOOK  INSTAGRAM Here come the Belgians! Don’t touch their cake! Today we’re rolling back a couple of months to a warm summer’s night at Braziers park and getting right down the front to see Cocaine Piss close out …

Moon Duo – Stars Are The Light

The sound is soft and transparent, a dreamy wander just off their usual track and down to the brighter shore, it drifts by in a warm languid haze.

Breakup Haircut – What Did You Expect? I Got It Off The Internet!

Fuzzy little two minute blasts of conflicted feelings, idle dreams, strong fashion choices and tooling up to battle the undead. Like you do.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Haq123 live at Supernormal

photo : Robin Hill HAQ123 | BANDCAMP  FACEBOOK   Here’s a treat for all ages – Haq123’s opening set from this year’s Supernormal Festival.  We’re happy to say this is the first of several sets we’ll be sharing as captured by the good peo …

Dan Friel – Fanfare

The front and centre wonk and distortion counter balance his remarkable knack for melodies so immediate you feel like you already know them.

Kemper Norton – brunton calciner

Modern electronic approaches are applied to folk themes with a curiously effective lightness of touch. Particular textures and obscured meaning creating a sense of suspended time.

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