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I write about music, mainly metal, globally. I also like cats, climbing, D&D, books and stuff.

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Horde of Silence rocks for Angola

Guido Segers caught up with Yannick Merino from Angola-based heavy metal band Horde of Silence, who recently featured in the documentary Death Metal Angola.

Vale of Amonition: Lonely doomsters from Uganda

Guido Segers asked Victor Rosewrath from Uganda based doom metal band Vale of Amonition a bunch of interesting questions.

Syn Ze Șase Tri – Zăul moș

Overall Syn Ze Șase Tri offers a lot of Dimmu Borgir worship with maybe a little bit of Bal Sagoth meets Suidakra elements thrown in. Should you check this album? If any of that appeals to you and the idea of Transylvanian operatic black metal warms your heart, give them a go.

Cities of Mars – Temporal Rifts

This is all part of a story, the saga of the Cities of Mars; in this story a KGB cosmonaut named Nadia lands on Mars on a covert mission in 1971 only to disappear into the misty depths of an ancient conspiracy. You got to love your concepts, right?

X-Mantra – Crying and thrashing for peace

Guido Segers caught up with Rojesh Shrestha from Nepali thrash metal band X-Mantra, who from the start were faced with realities in their home country like a civil war and censorship.

Ūkanose: Out of the Lithuanian Fog

Guido Segers caught up with Lithuanian folk-metallers Ūkanose at the recent Kilkim Žaibu festival to find out more about the band and their music.

Fornhem – Ett Fjärran Kall

Almost hypnotic, dreamy black metal without any unnecessary adornments. A listener is lured along by the clear and evocative voice that is the music of Fornhem.

Aramaic: Voice of the Levant

The phenomenon of global metal keeps being a point of fascination for Guido Segers. He spoke to the members of Aramaic from the United Arab Emirates.

Khazaddum – Plagues Upon Arda

Khazaddum is a band that is extremely good at what they do, which is creating ear-splitting, neck-breaking, hyperfast, super violent brutal death metal that has something to do with dwarves.

Evil – 邪悪を讃えよ (Rites of Evil)

Evil just has it all, everything you need from a raw as fuck black thrash album with a bit of a harcore vibe and an evil sound. It’s as if the band has found a bend in the whole genre-development-tree we forgot about.

Olsi Ballta of Crossbones (Albania)

In his quest to interview metal bands from the most obscure places in the world, Guido Segers caught up with Olsi Ballta of from Albanian band Crossbones to ask him some very interesting questions.

Grey Aura – 1: Gelige, traumatische zielsverrukking

I’m pretty sure that some listeners will find this record, including the whole backstory, to be a tad bit pretentious. Truth be told, this project does seem to be quite something special and I’m curious how this band will manage to pull it off. Still, if you listen to the music alone then there is plenty to be found and enjoyed in there.

Atlantean Kodex – The Annihilation of Bavaria

The whole live album is a joy to listen to. The band is great live and manages to stay on course, while leaving room for the crowd to jump in at parts later in the show. The feeling it gives you as listener is somewhere between yearning for that mysterious past and a sense of veneration for the delivery of the tunes.

Vampillia + the body – xoroAHbin

This record is a surprise. Where you expect to be knocked senseless with extravaganzas of the sonic kind, the collaboration has yielded a work of art.

Light a pagan fire at Kilkim Žaibu 2017: Saturday Review

Kilkim Žaibu has been a great experience, with a lot of fun and even something of a spiritual side to it. The weather was dreadful and by the time the last notes die away a lot of people are already sleeping a deep sleep.

One Master – Lycanthropic Burrowing

One Master sticks to the narrow notion of black metal, but does that extremely well. They released an album that is catchy, empowering and solid from start to finish.

Light a pagan fire at Kilkim Žaibu 2017: Friday Review

The people witnessing this ritualistic moment are experiencing a particular connection with the elements around them. The blowing wind, the roaring fire and the water of the lake breaking in waves on the shore, all with a beautiful black metal soundtrack. All is well in this harmonious unity at Kilkim Žaibu.

Light a pagan fire at Kilkim Žaibu 2017: Thursday Review

Kilkim Žaibu aims to look back at the past and find its reflection in the present. This makes for a unique festival, with rituals old and new.

M.Q. from Disorder and Morbid Skull Records, El Salvador

Like many other countries south of the states, metal music has found a place and expression in El Salvador. For some bands the story of their country can be found in their music. Disorder has been telling that story for years. Guido Segers finds out more…

Wederganger / Urfaust – Split

Both bands manage to show a big range of what they do in just two tracks, proving their diversity as well as their status in the Dutch black metal scene.

Gravetemple – Impassable Fears

Is ‘Impassable Fears’ an easy listen? No it isn’t and it couldn’t be, now could it? Gravetemple offers a cathartic rite of passage, a transcendental experience created by three fantastic musicians.

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