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I write about music, mainly metal, globally. I also like cats, climbing, D&D, books and stuff.

Articles by Guido Segers

The Stone: More than 20 years of Serbian black metal pride

Guido Segers talks to singer Nefas and guitar player Kozeljnik from The Stone, who hails from Serbia and started out in 1996, in the wake of the black metal boom.

Grimrik: The Sound of Dungeon Synth

Guido Segers caught up with Grimrik, one of the pioneers in the dungeon synth genre, to discuss the genre a bit more, thereby providing a good starting point for people new to this musicical genre.

1914: Metal and the Horror of War from Ukraine

1914 is a Ukraine based metal band influenced by World War I, or the Great War. Guido Segers caught up with Dmytro Kumar from the band to find out more.

Rhapsody: The end of an Era (Fabio Lione interview)

Guido Segers asked Fabio Lione from Italian powermetal band Rhapsody about the highlights of their career and their upcoming farewell tour.

Black Kirin: Chinese metal on the rise

Guido Segers caught up with Sen Fang from Chinese metal band Black Kirin, to find out more about what it’s like to be a metal band in China.

SatanaKozel: Karelian folk metal from the North

Just across the Russian border though, a small scene has been brewing in Karelia. A prominent band in these parts is СатанаКозёл, which translates as SatanaKozel (Satan’s Goat). Guido Segers caught up with drummer drummer Nickolai Kuskov to find out more.

Possessor: Beer, Sabbath and Horror

Guido Segers caught up with “horror film freaks who love to play crazy rock’n’roll” Possessor from London.

Isenordal – Lughnasadh MMXVII

What I particularly like is how the abstract lyrics work very well for the theme of the record, the seasonal changes. This also helps in bringing folk music closer to the roots, since most of these old songs would have been highly ritualistic and bound up with traditions.

Avarayr: Armenian metal from Iran

Almost every Armenian metalhead loves at least one song from System of a Down. For me, they are idols and I think the same goes for many other Armenians.

Hanal Pixan: The Mayan legacy in Belize

Guido Segers caught up with Halach Uinik Chuc from Belizean metal band Hanal Pixan, who focus on their Maya history.

Butcher Babies – Lilith

‘Lilith’ has everything that we love to hate about modern metal music, which is perfectly fine. The band has always been about challenging and with this groove-packed slab of metalcore they do just that.

Aleksey Evdokimov, author of The Doom Metal Lexicanum

Guido Segers caught up with Aleksey Evdokimov from Saint Petersburg in Russia, who wrote the latest bible on doom metal, called The Doom Metal Lexicanum.

Barshasketh / Outre – Sein / Zeit

This record gives you a taste of both bands. The classical sound of Barshasketh and then the militant pounding of Outre’s fury. It’s not the densest record and your listening pleasure shall be just under 17 minutes. After that, I assume you’ll have some more?

AMakARtUS: A Roar from Mauritius

Guido Segers got in touch with the metal band AMakARtUS and asked them some questions about the music scene in Mauritius. As far as AMakARtUS is concerned, the scene may have humble beginnings. That doesn’t mean they’re not hungry for more.

Lynchpin: Bringing Caricore to the World

Guido Segers caught up with Caribbean metal band LYNCHPiN, to chat about playing metal in Trinidad and Tobago, but also the hardships of going abroad and the lack of words to describe their Wacken experience.

Hela – Death May Die

‘Death May Die’ is a cathartic experience, with a theme fitting in these times. Its harrowing story telling should appeal to most doom and gloom listeners.

Fleurety – Inquietum

‘Inquietum’ is a wonderful collection of eclecticism and how far you can push music that still sounds dark, ominous and unnerving. That makes it a daunting record to describe and listen to, but totally a worthy journey showcasing the explorations of Fleurety over the last decade.

Roy Dipankar on his documentary film Extreme Nation

A documentary film about metal in the Indian sub-continent and its various nations, therefore, seemed like a great idea to Roy Dipankar, who is currently crowdfunding to make this happen. Guido Segers finds out more.

Horde of Silence rocks for Angola

Guido Segers caught up with Yannick Merino from Angola-based heavy metal band Horde of Silence, who recently featured in the documentary Death Metal Angola.

Vale of Amonition: Lonely doomsters from Uganda

Guido Segers asked Victor Rosewrath from Uganda based doom metal band Vale of Amonition a bunch of interesting questions.

Syn Ze Șase Tri – Zăul moș

Overall Syn Ze Șase Tri offers a lot of Dimmu Borgir worship with maybe a little bit of Bal Sagoth meets Suidakra elements thrown in. Should you check this album? If any of that appeals to you and the idea of Transylvanian operatic black metal warms your heart, give them a go.

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