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IAH have crafted a great slab of psychedelic, instrumental stoner rock. This eponymous album is heavy on dynamics, often flitting between soft, Latin tinged passages, and full on heavy stoner/post-metal passages.

Centuries – The Lights of this World Are Blinding

On this album, Centuries have not just attempted to meld various genres of extreme music, they have created an excellent synthesis of extreme styles. The result is an album that feels like the organic product of a talented band.

At The Drive In – Diamante EP

Most importantly these three tracks leave the listener hungry for more songs. The fire definitely still exists in At The Drive In and it’s good to have them back.

King Witch – Under The Mountain

The album has many analogues with other bands: Crowbar, Mastodon, Judas Priest, and even a bit of Alice in Chains (Donnelly’s voice is reminiscent of Layne Staley’s at its most powerful). But, like all good bands, King Witch elevate themselves above their influences and create their own sound.

Haunt – Luminous Eyes

Haunt are adept at the sort of choruses that garnered Maiden, Priest and Saxon their respective fans and each of this EP’s four songs have a chorus that outdoes the last.

Mangoo – The Heat

This album follows you. The songs stick with you for days … Mangoo’s music is pleasantly stuck in your head, with rousing choruses that could brighten up even the most miserable of days.

Interstelar – Resin

‘Resin’ by Interstelar holds no pretences of being an original sounding album. Instead, Interstelar focus on tight musicianship, well-structured songs, and a hefty dose of muscle bulking up their songs. The opening track comes on strong, like Orange Goblin if they fired Ben Ward and got Maynard James Keenan to replace him.

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