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Before I begin, can I just say I’m utterly hopeless at writing biographies, in all my years of knocking out CD-Rs under my many artistic guises I’ve never cobbled together a decent press release. Whether it be through shy modesty or plain embarrassment at blowing my own trumpet, I struggled when it came to self promotion. Just as well then that I’m not trying to inflict anything apon you here.

As you may have gathered, I’m a musician of sorts from Portadown. I’ve been floating in and around the Northern Irish music scene for over 20 years. (If you really want to know more about this aspect of my life, google me) In fact, it was through sending Dan my music that I came to know about Echoes and Dust.

I listen to a wide range of musical styles but my main interest is in instrumental rock/metal, dreampop/drone and I do have a leaning towards electronic music. My ears are very much tuned into melody, whatever the genre. Though I have a penchant for the extremities of Noise Rock/Hardcore when the mood takes me.

It’s been a lifelong ambition to write music reviews and I’m very grateful to have been given this opportunity.

Articles by Geoff Topley

Ash – Islands

Northern Ireland’s Ash return triumphantly with a set of fine pop rock nuggets.

1099 – Blindpassasjer

Norwegian post-rock specialists 1099 elevate their sound on third album ‘Blindpassasjer’ to the skies and beyond.

Josh T. Pearson – The Straight Hits!

Josh T. Pearson takes us on the musical equivalent of a night out on the lash with an entertaining collection of upbeat rockers and downbeat ballads.

Mantis – Magnolia

Mantis from Belgium unleash a fine debut album. For fans of ASIWYFA and Russian Circles.

Ministry – AmeriKKKant

Ministry are back on form with new levels of rage resulting in their best album since ‘Psalm 69’.

Estuary Blacks – Estuary Blacks

Estuary Blacks have come from nowhere to deliver an exceptional debut album of progressive/stoner/post rock. It is a truly magnificent album and simply has to be heard.

Joan As Police Woman – Damned Devotion

Another high quality album of warm and passionate electro soul from Joan Wasser,

Haunch – Lay My Bones Beside The Others

From the badlands of Larne comes a very fine debut album from Haunch, featuring members of Dutch Schultz and Therapy.

And So I Watch You From Afar – The Endless Shimmering

And So I Watch You From Afar return with their heaviest and most technical album to date.

Blis. – No One Loves You

Atlanta’s Blis. wear their influences on their sleeves but provide a lovely modern sheen to their melodic fuzz punk pop.

Chelsea Wolfe – Hiss Spun

Chelsea Wolfe brings the noise on Hiss Spun, along with some truly stellar vocal performances.

Mastodon – Cold Dark Place

I have already earmarked ‘Emperor of Sand’ as one of my top 3 albums of the year and this EP is a welcome addition to their mighty fine recent output.

The Dears – Times Infinity Volume Two

The Dears release their second album of the year, another collection of swooning orchestral pop excellence.


A mesmerising e.p. of distorted looped banjo. Folk Metal for Metal Folk.

Hornets – Witch Hunt

Yet again, Hornets come at you with an intense, dirty, downright heavy collection of blistering punk rockin’ scuzzy metal. (Head) Cracking stuff.

Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Best Troubador

A lovingly crafted collection of Merle Haggard covers given the Bonnie “Prince” Billy rework for his best album in years.

Part Chimp – IV

Part Chimp bring the noise on their new album but they also bring the tunes.

Mastodon – Emperor of Sand

‘Emperor of Sand’ takes Mastodon’s way with melody to a whole new level. The perfect combination of crunching metal and fine tunes.

Fucked Up – Year of the Snake

My new favourite band. A 23 minute punk epic. It’s Fucked Up and it’s Fucking Essential.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – The Tourist

Alec Ounsworth brings Clap Your Hands Say Yeah back with a superb collection of quirky little gems.

The Dears – Times Infinity Volume One

The Dears are back on my radar with an album that is a triumphant return to form.

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