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Before I begin, can I just say I’m utterly hopeless at writing biographies, in all my years of knocking out CD-Rs under my many artistic guises I’ve never cobbled together a decent press release. Whether it be through shy modesty or plain embarrassment at blowing my own trumpet, I struggled when it came to self promotion. Just as well then that I’m not trying to inflict anything apon you here.

As you may have gathered, I’m a musician of sorts from Portadown. I’ve been floating in and around the Northern Irish music scene for over 20 years. (If you really want to know more about this aspect of my life, google me) In fact, it was through sending Dan my music that I came to know about Echoes and Dust.

I listen to a wide range of musical styles but my main interest is in instrumental rock/metal, dreampop/drone and I do have a leaning towards electronic music. My ears are very much tuned into melody, whatever the genre. Though I have a penchant for the extremities of Noise Rock/Hardcore when the mood takes me.

It’s been a lifelong ambition to write music reviews and I’m very grateful to have been given this opportunity.

Articles by Geoff Topley

Therapy? – Greatest Hits (The Abbey Road Session)

To celebrate 30 years of releasing short sharp shocks, Therapy? lovingly recreate 12 of their greatest hits in the famous Abbey Road Studios.

Arvo Party – Love Above All

Love Above All is a beauty of a record, Arvo Party has come a long way in a short period of time and here’s hoping there’s a long way to go.

Greg Dulli – Random Desire

Random Desire is another fine set from a soul man who really doesn’t do bad records and still retains his own unique sound.

Folian – Blue Mirror

Folian’s debut album is a very fine collection of atmospheric drone rock.

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – X: The Godless Void And Other Stories

Trail of Dead rediscover their youthful exuberance and pop sensibilities for one of their finest albums.

Greet Death – New Hell

Unfortunately guitar music doesn’t garner the same attention as it used to do, otherwise this outstanding album could very well have been this generation’s Nevermind.

Bruce Springsteen – Western Stars (Songs From The Film)

A superb companion album to one of the greatest songwriter’s finest albums, Western Stars.

Mars Red Sky – The Task Eternal

Mars Red Sky’s new album is incredible. If Abba had been a sludge band, they might have sounded like this.

Underhand – The Secret History Of Nothing

Chicago three piece Underhand have clearly put their absolute all into creating an outstanding album.

Lightning Bolt – Sonic Citadel

The finest Lightning Bolt album adds melody to the frenzy and I love, love, love it!

FireWalkWithMe – The Eternal Black Rainbow

FireWalkWithMe’s debut is a rip snorting blast of Texan punk rock and killer tunes.

Cavallo – Interstices

Brooklyn instrumental trio Cavallo deliver a solid album of all kinds of post stuff.

Earth – Full Upon Her Burning Lips

Earth return with a back to basics album of fine drone rock.

Delta Mainline – Bel Avenir

Edinburgh’s Delta Mainline are back after a six year break with more sublime dreamy psychedlic pop and a contender for album the year.

Spotlights – Love & Decay

An extremely accomplished collection, enhancing Spotlights back catalogue and very much worthy of your attention.

Helms Alee – Noctiluca

With their fifth album Noctiluca, Helms Alee have served up yet another excellent selection of melody and mayhem.

Ioanna Gika – Thalassa

Greek American artist Ioanna Gika is a remarkable emerging talent and Thalassa is a stunning debut album.

Brutus – Nest

Brutus have definitely not disappointed with their follow-up album. This is powerful, emotional and magnificent music. Play it loud!

Idlewild – Interview Music

Idlewild return with album number eight and an expansion of their trademark sound into soul territory with mixed results.

Sigils – You Built The Altar, You Lit The Leaves

Sigils’ debut is a fine collection of doom metal conveying grace, beauty and haunting melodies.

Royal Trux – White Stuff

The first album in 19 years from Royal Trux is exactly what you would expect. Equal parts genius and trash.

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