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Music has always been my whole life – from the age of 5 and my love for Simon and Garfunkel, through discovering Prince and my awakening sexuality at 11, the intellectual stimulation of ambient aged 12, the illicit thrill of acid house at 13, the delight of London’s glam indie scene in my early 20s, right through to this week’s latest promo, club gig or vinyl trawl. Discovering new music is a passion I’m keen to share with others, be it through writing, broadcasting or DJing.

I’m one half of Cloud & Owl, an organic electronic duo who create music that mixes earthy beats and airy soundscapes. Alongside our passion for producing music, we’re also DJs and broadcasters, equally at home rocking a dancefloor with esoteric techno as we are introducing audiences to alternative sounds via online radio. I love to collaborate, and can often be found playing violin and/or bass guitar with other acts, from the industrial psychedelia of Patricide to a host of guitar bands. I joined Echoes and Dust to write about the music I love, with a focus on electronica and progressive rock music.



Articles by Gaz Cloud

Nad Sylvan – Courting the Widow

The whole album is a fitting tribute to Genesis, of course, as the band never stood still, and one hopes their fans still favour conceptual innovation over faithful recreations of their hero’s original ideas. – By Gaz Cloud

Mew – +-

With any luck, the newly emerged demographic for Mew’s music will devour this album and its success will prompt a legion of neo progressive converts to investigate their brilliant back catalogue. By Gaz Cloud

Interview: Agent

Gaz Cloud caught up with the London-based New Zealand rock band Agent after a sweaty, successful show at Camden’s Barfly.

The Dystopian Project – Death Leaves an Echo

On the basis of this promising, polished release, the group deserve an opportunity to pursue this project and deliver an album that expands on the themes explored herein. – By Gaz Cloud

Interview: Anna Phoebe

Anna Phoebe is a violinist unlike any other you’ve heard. Her long career has already seen her graduate from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and perform as a session musician with a host of famous names. Echoes and Dust caught up with Anna and the boys for an in depth chat, covering everything from insights into their compositional process through to an exclusive on the future for Jurojin. By Gaz Cloud

Festival Review: HRH Prog 3

Last March Gaz Cloud went to the stunning location of Hafan y Môr to witness a variety of prog artists play at the HRH Prog 3 festival. With pictures by Charlie Gardner.

Live Review: Underworld & The Warm Up DJs – Hammersmith Apollo, London. 6th March, 2015

“No attempt is made to bolster the piece with additional beats, and it’s truly surreal to watch a crowd of fully grown men and women jumping around to such a strange and emotive piece of music,” by Gaz Cloud.

Live Review: Ulrich Schnauss & Picture Palace Music – Oslo, Hackney. 27th February, 2015

“Full of light and shade, Ulrich is never afraid to bring forward proud major triads; this is a trip to enjoy, not endure,” by Gaz Cloud.

Live Review: Monomyth vs Kruger, Old Man Lizard, The Day Of Locusts at The Unicorn, London. 23rd February, 2015

“Perhaps a longer set would have allowed for a greater dynamic range – simply adding this to Monomyth’s set could see them matching the premier league of post-rock bands for their live show,” by Gaz Cloud.

M-Opus – 1975 Triptych

There’s been a lot of debate of late about how much of the new wave of progressive rock can be genuinely deemed “progressive”. Put that discussion to one side for 51 minutes and allow M-Opus to take your breath away, musically. By Gaz Cloud

Interview: Kavus, Charlie & Josh from Knifeworld

‘If you’re not into time signatures, this isn’t the band for you’ – Gaz Cloud & Charlie Gardner talk to Kavus, Charlie & Josh from Knifeworld

In The Presence of Wolves – Thalassas

It’s hard to argue with a band’s own categorisation but, whilst Thalassas is many things, progressive it is not. This could be said to be true of much “progressive metal”, but the technical leanings expressed here are all show. By Gaz Cloud

Live Review: The War On Drugs and Amen Dunes at The Brighton Dome. 22nd February, 2015

“Make no mistake: The War On Drugs are one of the most conventional bands you’re likely to hear. The appeal lies in the nuances, and live their sound is even more nuanced than on their carefully constructed studio albums,” – By Gaz Cloud.

The Orb – History of the Future Part 2

History Of The Future Part 2 shows off The Orb as national treasures: one of the most consistently surprising and delightful acts out there. By Gaz Cloud

Live Review: Chris & Cosey and Nisennenmondai at Heaven, London. 15th February, 2015

The pair end their set and this chapter of their illustrious career with Coolicon, a Carter Tutti track. Although nearly two years old now, this sounds more dangerous and immediate than anything in the preceding hour. It’s a thrilling end to a somewhat workman-like show from the legends and bodes well for their forthcoming album – the future is bright for Carter Tutti. By Gaz Cloud

Beachers – Cracks

Worthington uses tracks like chapters, a more conventional structural approach that belies the aesthetic otherness of the material. By Gaz Cloud

Hypnus Records – Zodiac

The compilation ends with a reworking of a track from Luigi’s own Deep Blue EP, arguably the label’s best release to date. Edit Select adds a dark, brooding yet somehow housey vibe to ‘Sub-Photic Zone’. It’s a stunning end to a compilation that makes a compelling case for falling under the spell of the Hypnus “adepts”. By Gaz Cloud

Live: AK/DK, Written In Waters, Rumour Cubes, Birdman Culture and The Slow Revolt at The Good Ship. 31st January, 2015

The Good Ship in Kilburn, a bastion of North West London’s indie scene, hosted three consecutive nights of Independent Venue Week this year, with Rumour Cubes joining AK/DK and a wealth of other talent for the venue’s personal culmination of the festival, on a bill put together by post-rock record label and promoters Nice Weather For Airstrikes. By Gaz Cloud

Snow Ghosts – A Wrecking

It’s this haunting emptiness that makes Snow Ghosts an appealing proposition. One only hopes that this isn’t lost as the trio hone and develop their sound. On A Wrecking, Snow Ghosts have the balance between the experimental and the conventional just about right. By Gaz Cloud

In Memoriam: Edgar Froese

It is not often that we are moved to post an obituary here on Echoes And Dust but then it is not often that an artist passes away that has had such a palpable influence on so much of the music we love. Here, Gaz Cloud gives a personal reflection on the loss of one of the Twentieth Century’s most important musicians.

Parra For Cuva – Majouré

The album closes with Your Remains, pairing a ‘cello and buzzing synth alongside a stuttering breakbeat. It’s a chaotic and cathartic close to a fine album, albeit one with as many troughs as peaks. By Gaz Cloud

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