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Ever since I discovered my Dad’s Doors and Alice Cooper records, I have had an all encompassing passion for music. I attended my first gig (The Almighty) in 1994 and have been attending gigs all over the world ever since. I have always been into the heavier side of music but have definite eclectic tastes. hardcore, grindcore, death metal, punk, sludge metal, hip hop and doom are some of favourites but if it’s good I’ll give it a listen and am always on the lookout for new bands, artists and albums. Reviewing albums and gigs is a big passion for me too and am always on the lookout to do more and more.

Articles by Gavin Brown

Iron Walrus – A Beast Within

With this album, Iron Walrus have raised the bar with their sludge and doom hybrid as they demonstrate exactly what they are capable of as a musical force and long may they continue doing this.

Blind Idiot God – Undertow

This reissue is a timely reminder that it is never too late to discover a band’s music and you can indulge in Blind Idiot God’s aural vision with this great album and discover or rediscover how good they are.

Jim Rushby and Steve Watson from Iron Monkey

Gavin Brown had an entertaining chat with Jim Rushby and Steve Watson to hear all about their return, the new album, the band’s early days and what Iron Monkey have planned for the future.

Dylan Walker from Full Of Hell

Gavin Brown caught up with Full Of Hell vocalist Dylan Walker to hear all about the new album with The Body, the recent tour, festivals, films, working with Kurt Ballou and Merzbow, touring with Max and Igor Cavalera and Immolation and more.

King Parrot – Ugly Produce

Look out for the band when they unleash their unhinged and memorable live show, but until then revel in the grind madness of ‘Ugly Produce’.

Goldie – The Journey Man

He has made an album that that is certainly an epic listen but also a most rewarding one. It is testament to the high regard that Goldie is held in as an artist that not many people could release their new album almost twenty years on from his last one and for it still be worth the wait, which The Journey Man certainly is.

Vallenfyre – Fear Those Who Fear Him

This is the definition of punked up, hardcore, crust indebted death metal and in Vallenfyre’s hands, it sounds triumphant and glorious.

Supersonic Festival 2017

Gavin Brown reports back from this year’s Supersonic Festival, which had a mighty impressive line up.

Higher Power – Soul Structure

The music on ‘Soul Structure’ definitely evokes the spirit of classic hardcore from the early 80s right through to the modern day through its very vibe, positivity and energy and as with all good hardcore, that is definitely an infectious thing.

Ho99o9 – United States Of Horror

This is an album that is best listened to turned all the way up. Let Ho99o9 into your life and embrace the intensity and the twisted nature the band emit, a sample towards the end of the song ‘Street Power’ sums things up perfectly “These are freaks that you’re watching here” and Ho99o9 and their music wouldn’t have it any other way, this is outsider music made precisely for the times we live in now.

Obituary – Obituary

All the hallmarks of classic Obituary are here and are delivered with a passionate edge that is impossible to ignore.

Power Trip – Nightmare Logic

With ‘Nightmare Logic’, Power Trio have made an album that is influenced by what has gone in the past, but has such a vital vibe and an energy that it feels very much in the present and the formidable thrash of the songs here are impossible to ignore.

Widows – Oh Deer God

It is obvious that Widows have made the album that they have always wanted to make and have the freedom to do so. One listen to this album will make you appreciate it in all its fuzzed out glory and make you want to hail the riffs that the band emit.

Lock Up – Demonization

Any grind band will have their work cut out in attempting to create an album as good as ‘Demonization’.

Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels 3

Run The Jewels 3 is an astounding album, one that tackles difficult and sensitive subjects like racism with intelligence as well as anger and one that will be both a wake up call and a call to arms to thousands if not more people in today’s Trump led America and beyond, it’s that important.

Uniform Choice – Screaming For Change

Southern Lord and the band themselves should be applauded for bringing this classic album back out and allowing it to be heard once again as it should be heard. Turn up loud, embrace and enjoy.

Heavy Baby Sea Slugs – Teenage Graveyard Party EP

Heavy Baby Sea Slugs have made an EP here that gets better with each listen and you will find something a little bit different with every time you put it on.

Reserving Dirtnaps – Part II

Reserving Dirtnaps bring the chaos with their beatdown heavy take on metallic hardcore with nods to both Madball and Obituary.

That Snaake – Blinded By The Smell

That Snaake keep their winning streak going with Blinded By The Smell and the band’s anger and passion has been unleashed again.

Sick Of It All – When The Smoke Clears

The fact that the band are still releasing such vital hardcore after 30 years cements even further their place in hardcore lore as one of the best and most consistent to do this.

Venom Prison – Animus

Animus is relentless in its violent ferocity and has to rank as not only one of the best metal (death or otherwise) releases in recent memory. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you can handle it, you will be justly rewarded.

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