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I can’t imagine many people read the reviews never mind this bit 🙂

Ginger, Scottish, CD collector. Love post-metal, post-rock, post-hardcore, post….and world peace.

Articles by Gary Davidson

Ghost Signs – The Holy Ghost and Other Lost Souls

If you can listen to these three drone tracks and feel nothing, then one of us needs to go to a neurologist.

Hilary Woods – Birthmarks

The addition of Norwegian producer Lasse Marhaug takes Woods dark folk to a new level and Birthmarks really deserves all the plaudits it receives.

Staghorn – Corvus IV

A stunning twist in style from Staghorn adds post-metal to its post-rock base to enhance the despair and hope of the dystopian concept running through the back catalogue.

Ashley Tubb of Sugar Horse

How do you top the release of a second EP and opening the final day of Arctangent? You get yourselves on a nationwide tour supporting one of the most popular bands in the UK right now. 2020 looks like it will blow its predecessor out of the water for S …

The Osedax – Meridians

The Osedax remains one of the best bands at carrying out a marriage of different flavours from post-metal, sludge to black metal.

Mourir – Animal Bouffe Animal

If you ever wondered what it would sound like for hardcore kids to play black metal then Mourir is perfect for you.

Leeched – To Dull The Blades Of Your Abuse

Leeched add a terrifying atmosphere to an already brutal metallic hardcore base which haunts you long after the album finishes.

Lethvm – Acedia

A top release of 2019 mixing doom tinged sludge and influences of some familiar Belgium musical masters.

Earth And Pillars – Earth II

Atmospheric black metal that embraces nature, shining a slowly dying light on a blistering and bleak landscape.

Glassing – Spotted Horse

Devastatingly unique, incredibly hard to describe but ultimately some very special atmospheric post-hardcore/black-metal which keeps on giving with every listen.

Torpor – Rheoric of the Image

After producing the finest UK sludge and doom this year I just worry if Torpor will ever get its ball back as it has well and truly smashed it out of the park.

Dawn Ray’d – Behold Sedition Plainsong

A furious blend of political black metal and flicks of folk leaves me in no doubt that there really isn’t a band that does it better. A vital band with an important release for our troubled times.

Cult of Luna – A Dawn To Fear

Another stunning release by Cult of Luna that doesn’t quite get out of the shadow of its previous two releases.

Cultdreams – Things That Hurt

An absolutely staggering album which tackles massive modern day issues with humility, honesty and lots of cracking songs.

Riah – Autumnalia

Some great post-rock.metal which can be heavy without feeling thin or limited of ideas

This Gift Is A Curse – A Throne Of Ash

A great mix of blackened hardcore and post-metal sensibilities creates an album packed with brutality which has longevity.

Russian Circles – Blood Year

More massive post-rock./metal from the genres most prolific masters.

Torche – Admission

Another solid album of catchy doom rock from a truly unique band with a few darker twists on album number five.

Adrift – Pure

This sludged up post-everything tour de force is a high point not only for the band but for all those who engage.

Cave In – Final Transmission

Cave In dawn the spacesuits once more and go on a new spacial journey whilst dealing with the loss of a brother.

Ba’al – Reverence

Losing their vocalist and focal point seemed like it may have been the end, but Ba’al have come back stronger and darker and made the transition seem so simple.

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