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Bast – Nanoångström

After a four year gap since their debut, Bast delivers another album of neck achingly catchy blackened doom.

A Forest of Stars – Grave Mounds And Grave Mistakes

Existing fans will love this. If you are not familiar then you really need to dip a toe in the festering waters of Victorian England, may the lord have mercy.

Abraham – Look, Here Comes The Dark!

A very ambitious project covering 19 songs of apocalyptic post-metal. It might not knock ISIS off top stop in favourite album lists but deserves a place as a genre reference point for the scale and quality of its accomplishment.

Tuscoma – Arkhitecturenominus

A whirlwind of blackened hardcore that batters more than it seems possible for only having two members.

Khôrada – Salt

3/4 of Agalloch have swallowed up the front-man from Giant Squid and produce one of the finest progressive rock/metal albums of the year.

Wayfarer – World’s Blood

From the go ‘World’s Blood’ takes you on an adventure, imagine Little House On The Prairie through a black metal filter and you start to get on the right path.

Rostres – Les Corps Flottants

This isn’t generic post-rock served to you on a platter, it makes you think to find its true beauty.

Raum Kingdom – Everything & Nothing

Raum Kingdom has offered up a real meaty post-metal effort which is another contender for the end of year lists.

Aerosol Jesus – Failure

This is the new soundtrack to your bad times, it is heavy, dark and dripping with passion.

Hundred Year Old Man – Breaching

‘Breaching’ is stunning and leaves no doubt that Hundred Year Old Man is one of the best post-metal bands around.

Ba’al – Thy Sorrow

Quality post-metal with an emphasis on metal featuring a stunningly brave and perfectly executed vocal performance.

Ewig.Endlich. – Auf Grund

On it’s debut album Ewig.Endlich. weave a rich tapestry of multiple sub-genres with beauty, brutality and above all a focused diversity which creates a massively impressive debut release.

Harakiri For The Sky – Arson

Although it is billed as falling between black metal and post-rock it is actually stripped back, anthemic, chest beating, fist pumping metal with a continuous up-beat urgency.

Hundred Year Old Man – Rei

‘Rei’ is a refreshing take on post-metal and bursts with originality, atmosphere and aggression.

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