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I am a life long fan of music, and started delving into more unusual forms in my teens. Though the classics (Beatles, Stones) have always informed my tastes, I built my passion for music on those early influences. First it was hard rock and metal in the 70s and early 80s, then it morphed into folk rock, punk, psychedelia, post punk, shoegaze, and dream pop. I also admit that I liked a fair amount of synth pop, classical, jazz, electronic, post rock, and ambient music. I currently host a radio show on Mixcloud and also contribute to Primal Blog and Big Takeover (print and web).

Articles by Elizabeth Klisiewicz

Moon Duo – Occult Architecture Volume One

Much like their music, the band prefers to remain in the shade with sunglasses, identities obscured by dark swirls of droning psych and space rock.

Spotlights – Spiders EP

Like a slow rolling wave, the listener experiences glimmers of light darting through the mix and it all comes off like something Hammock would be proud to call their own.

Drab Majesty – Demonstration

Demure dabbles in the sort of icy, elegant post punk offered up in the 80s from bands such as The Cure. There are drum machines and synths, as expected, but then we have Demure’s notable guitar playing and strong sense of melody, which elevates his work to something rather special.

Echolust – Veldisa

‘Electric’ is electronica with a dark wave sheen, while ‘Zombie Birds’, a single released earlier this year, is a fine offering of post rock. It shows that this band isn’t a one trick pony, and they could easily go in a bunch of different directions stylistically and succeed.

Floating in Space – The Edge of the Light

This entire suite of songs is engaging, cerebral, and only your imagination will limit you from fully engaging with this music. It is cinematic post rock at its best.

Magic Trick – The Other Man’s Blues

This is a fine release from the Fresh and Onlys frontman that fans of that band as well as fans of West Coast folk and psych will appreciate.

Toy – Clear Shot

UK band Toy have just released their splendid new recording Clear Shot, an amalgamation of influences ranging from Radiophonic Workshop to the Incredible String Band.

Bonfire Nights – Entopica Phenomica

This London quintet has produced a winner with Entopica Phenomica.

Irah – Into Dimensions

A fine album from a promising group that I hope to hear more from.

Broken DC – Astragal

For fans of Slint, and for anyone who enjoys well written and played instrumental music. By Elizabeth Klisiewicz

New Model Army – Winter

I may be new to the party, so to speak, but I have enjoyed NMA’s body of work, and Winter is a fine addition to the mix. Go forth and partake of a really good album from this long running band. May they have many more years ahead of them! By Elizabeth Klisiewicz

Mumrunner – Gentle Slopes EP

In short, this is a pleasing and really pretty release from this up and coming Finnish group. Elizabeth Klisiewicz

Various Artists – Texture Series Volume One

A collection of varied moods and textures that should suit any fan of ambient music. By Elizabeth Klisiewicz

Okkervil River – Away

Definitely a late night or very early morning album, filled with interesting personal tidbits, vivid imagery, and shimmering, sun-kissed melodies, all while a pervasive sadness fills the expansiveness of the listening experience. By Elizabeth Klisiewicz

The Wedding Present – Going, Going…

It’s a curious and interesting listening experience, and Weddoes fans should definitely seek this one out. By Elizabeth Klisiewicz

They Danced Like Programmed Angels – The Current

In summary, Jon Wolper has created a series of set pieces, each song standing out distinctly and resonating with the care and thought that went into this beautiful record. Recommended for fans of Slow Meadow, Fabrizio Paterlini, and Stars of the Lid. By Elizabeth Klisiewicz

Dead Rabbits – Everything Is A Lie

In short, this is a good noise pop record laced with psych, shoegaze, and post punk. By Elizabeth Klisiewicz

Boys Forever – Boys Forever

A somewhat slight but engaging and pleasant release from this talented musician. By Elizabeth Klisiewicz

Moths and Locusts – Helios Rising

Highly recommended for fans of psych jams and generally groovy and tripped out tunes. By Elizabeth Klisiewicz

Follow the Sea – Blue Joy

In summary, this is a neat little release that sneaks up on you and grabs your attention! I hope to hear a lot more from these talented Swedes. By Elizabeth Klisiewicz

Ben Lukas Boysen – Spells

This is a lovely ambient, classical album with shades of post rock, for all fans of Boysen’s earlier solo record as well as his work with Hecq. By Elizabeth Klisiewicz

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