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“We could have been a really good stadium band. It would have not been any good for the personalities in the band – it would have driven us all absolutely insane I would have thought. Any level of success would have made us worse people in my opinion. We could have been really good at it though. It didn’t happen and that’s that – it is what it is. It’s not a good or bad thing, just a thing. I would have liked to have made that second record though. There’s nothing wrong with being unknown, with being anonymous, it’s what almost everyone is – but try telling that to an arrogant idiot in his early twenties. . .”
Michael J Hall, Nebraska

Articles by Charlie Gardner

Exclusive Album Premiere: Athon – Athon

Originally a tribute band playing covers of Mastodon, Sleep and Red Fang, Italian Stoners ATHON have built a following for their own sound on Italy’s eclectic underground scene, finally gaining the attention of powerhouse label Argonauta Records. Toget …

Video Premiere | KLÄMP – No Nerves

KLÄMP share a brand new animated video for their latest single, ‘No Nerves’ made by Rosie Vincent-Prizeman. The track is the second single taken from their forthcoming album Hate You. With a nod to Punk’s DIY traditions, the video has been created by d …

Exclusive Track Premiere: Yammerer – Boa Constrictor

Growing from the extemporised seed of instant composition; Yammerer has developed its sound into a Multi-Limbed-Anti-Hero (M.L.A.H-YAM). This ever-evolving behemoth’s notable fuel sources include; Garage / Psych / Post-Punk / Krautrock / New Wave / Oat …

Exclusive Track Stream: Orochen – Drift Away

OROCHEN is more than a band, it’s a collective whose music is based on dark contemplations of a world where humans and the environment are thought of as economic resources. A society formed under a new religion that most of us know as capitalism, a rel …

Video Premiere: White Hills – Illusion

October 2020 brings the release of Splintered Metal Sky, the long-awaited new instalment in the ever-vast musical cannon of WHITE HILLS. The album takes the listener on a post-punk, psychedelic ride fuelled by industrial-strength fuzz and propelled by …

Exclusive Track Stream: Teddy Panopoulos – If You Ever Come Down

Our track premiere, ‘If You Ever Come Down’ is taken from the forthcoming Lost in Love, the first solo EP from Teddy Panopoulos, one-half of acclaimed New York City band Dead Waves. Under the Dead Waves banner, Panopoulos and his brother Nick have rele …

Exclusive Video Premiere: Mansur – Temple

‘Temple’ is the title track from the debut EP by MANSUR, a newly initiated project by Jason Kohnen (ex-The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, ex-The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation) joined by Dimitry El-Demerdashi (ex-Phurpa) and introducing Martina Horvát …

Video Premiere: Maud the Moth – Siphonophores

Maud the Moth was founded in 2010, as the solo project of Amaya López-Carromero, a Madrid born pianist, singer and songwriter who spent most of her childhood and teenage years studying classical music, writing stories and recording music demos on the f …

Album Premiere: Blacklisters – Fantastic Man

Formed in 2008, Blacklisters, quickly earning a reputation as a formidable live act through aggressive, confrontational performances riddled with dark humour, The band returned to Greenmount Studios in 2019 to record their third album, Fantastic Man. T …

Album Premiere: Kulk – Here Lies Kulk

Kulk’s debut LP Here Lies Kulk is heavy and noise filled, falling somewhere between The Melvins and Fuzz. This album sees Suffolk-based duo of Jade Ashleigh and Thom Longdin move away from faster hard-rock riffs of their earlier EPs to something more d …

Jinjer • The Agonist – Heaven, London

Jinjer to me, and many others, they are Metal’s heirs apparent – Gojira in waiting. It’s theirs for the taking; if they would only step out of the darkness and show themselves in the best possible light. . .

Under The Influence with Jo Quail

To say that cellist and composer, Jo Quail, has had an amazing 2018 is nothing short of an understatement. With the UK leg of her sell-out tour with Myrkur starting next week, we thought it an ideal time to ask Jo to write about three albums that have been huge influences on her playing and composition.

Supersonic Festival 2018 – A Top Ten of Uniqueness!

The UK’s premier experimental music and arts event Supersonic Festival 2018 kicks off from 22 to 24 June in Birmingham, with a host of unique and exclusive performances and appearances to get excited about, including ten things that you won’t see anywhere else this festival season.

Black Moth • Grave Lines – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton

Make no mistake, this Black Moth has done its time flitting around the candle. From now on, the candle is coming to them. . . only it’s not a candle any more – it’s a bloody great beacon.

Me and That Man

We’re here to take a communion of sorts with Nergal and celebrate his album ‘Songs of Love and Death’, a side project with Anglo-Polish bluesman John Porter. Together, they are Me and That Man. At least, I think they are, because the shadowy figures taking the stage through a fog, to the ominous accompaniment of the harmonica theme from ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’, might just as easily be the Spaghetti Western Orchestra.

Clutch, Valient Thorr and Lionize – Roundhouse, London

Everyone, it seems, loves Clutch; and in turn, they provide an all-points meeting place for fans from a myriad of genres. Charlie Gardner joined the party and Magda Wrzeszcz took the pictures to prove it…

Katie Kim – Salt

Katie Kim is an enchantress, and Salt sees the visionary singer-songwriter at last set loose in a properly expansive landscape. An outstanding album of elemental beauty that teeters on the edge of darkness…

Live Review: Red Fang, Torche and God Damn

Charlie Gardner saw Torche light up the seafront and Red Fang make Brighton rock!

Triple Sun – The City Lies in Ruins

Hypnotic and entrancing, ‘The City Lies in Ruins’ may not be psychedelia, but it’s certainly Trip-le Sun. – By Charlie Gardner

Live Review: Mugstar and Luminous Bodies – Green Door Store, Brighton

Charlie Gardner went on a walking tour of Brighton, and managed to fit in Mugstar and Luminous Bodies on the way…

Messenger – Threnodies

‘Illusory Blues’ was a fine debut, but in many ways it was an illusion. The Messenger story starts here with ‘Threnodies’, and it’s a story you need to listen to. The message is simply this: Messenger rock! – By Charlie Gardner

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