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Articles by Chad Murray

Eschatos – Mære (Review + Exclusive Album Premiere)

Spooky screams and metal so suspiciously serious it makes you wanna dance.

Soft Issues – Soft Issues

A seamless continuation of relentless anguish and unwavering fury.

Bantha Rider – Bantha Rider

If you like Star Wars and stoner music, you’ll get a kick out of this. There’s definitely some potential to push the boat out further going forward and it should be interesting to see what path Bantha Rider take now.

Forgotten in The Woods Again – Debut EP

This is a promising debut and a somewhat rare example of interesting post-rock in 2017. Its dark, brooding atmosphere contrasted with its kind-hearted centre makes for a pleasantly dichotomous listening experience.

The Body & Full of Hell – Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light

Unimaginable pain and terror serving as a euphonic experience.

Wound – Clinomania

Clinomania is an album that lives up to its name; whether blissfully killing a Sunday chilling bed, totally wired in the bunk with friends or paralysed with dread chained to the furniture, this album chose a befitting sobriquet to unveil to us some of the brilliance of Wound.

Boris – Dear

‘Dear’ feels like the crushing weight of the amassed fathoms of the ocean collapsing onto the listener. It’s diverse but, it is also ceaselessly oppressive and relentlessly intense. Boris always deliver, they never fail to disappoint not in twenty five fucking years!

The Melvins – A Walk With Love and Death

Don’t get into this thinking it’s all badger brains and lullabies, ‘cause it’s not.

Raw Power 2017

Raw Power 2017 was incredible. I’ve never been to a festival before where every band was good, where everything ran to a good schedule, and where everything seemed to go smoothly. The line-up was flawless and the delivery was sublime. Thank you, Baba Yaga’s Hut.

PORTALS ALL-DAYER ft. UpCDownC, a BBQ and Her Name is Calla

I feel like I’ll never tire of Her Name is Calla, they’re a band I could and likely will see dozens of times.

Temple ov BBV – Temple ov BBV

Temple ov BBV is a savage collaborative effort that conjures the overwhelming disillusion, paranoia and dread washing over the UK as we remain buried from years of reptilian politics.

Into The Void: The Body in Electrowerkz

The Body are one of the best acts in music today and if they’re in your neck of the woods do yourself a favour and wash your mind away with a calming shore of noise so heavy that it’ll rupture your consciousness into a meditative powder of sleeping fragments.

USA Nails – Shame Spiral

‘Shame Spiral’ is a relentless burst of enmity and abrasion cascading fury in all directions. All that’s left is noise, USA Nails are pissed off and that’s something we can all relate to right now.

Flashback Moments & Rhythm Deconstructed: Baba Yaga’s Hut presents Oxbow + SUMAC

Oxbow + SUMAC was just another example of a fucking brilliant show put on by fucking brilliant bands for a fucking brilliant promotion.

The Comet Is Coming – Death To The Planet

Chaos out of sorts with normality, celebrating disorder and rebellion…and something sublimely distanced from this version of reality.


“I stepped out of Bo Ningen playing this huge, sprawling instrumental and walked round the building still listening; through the other side and it was still going, I got back through to the other side of the venue and there was like another three to five minutes of seemingly improvised chaos.” Chad Murray reports back from the first Wrong Fest in Liverpool.

Papernut Cambridge – Second Sun

Some of the most eclectic and fucked-up music the label has put out to date. It’s a really nice album to listen to.

Sam Perry – Electric Hell

A futuristic version of Dante’s Inferno in which every circle of Hell is a bleak, technological meltdown.

Dance To The Beat Of The Living Dead: Raw Power Festival Preview

Raw Power is on it’s way; if you’re missing it you better have a fucking good reason, otherwise you’ll regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but soon and for the rest of your life.

Stick In The Wheel: Gnod Live at Electrowerkz

“Gnod are the most essential band in Britain; it shows in everything they do but, I assure you, watching them live is an impeccable and unpredictable experience”.

Talking Yerkish: Chad Murray Gets Primatial With Part Chimp

Chad Murray caught up with Part Chimp, who released their most excellent album ‘IV’ through Rock Action Records recently. “What the fuck IS going to happen??! We just don’t know”.

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