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Articles by Chad Murray

Group A – Circulation

“the band that would perform at the warehouse rave in hell”.

Radar Men From The Moon – The Bestial Light

The Bestial Light has to be one of the most brilliantly deranged pieces of music I’ve ever heard.

Blóm – Flower Violence

Flower Violence is a relentless debut for what is clearly a very formidable new band, I look forward to seeing Blóm experiment with their sound in their next release and in their live performances.

Knifedoutofexistence – Fragility

Knifedoutofexistence churns out albums of noise like hot dinners and still manages to cut to my core as though it was second nature.

Bruxa Maria – The Maddening

This album is fucking repulsive and I love it.

Casual Nun – Resort For Dead Desires

“There’s an engrossing level of intrigue that will lend itself to many further listens and a more than ample level of riffage for me to blast tracks such as the climatic ‘Φυλαχτό’ on repeat”

Luminous Bodies – Nah Nah Nah, Yeh Yeh Yeh

I dare say they’re even more formidable on this record because you can hear exactly what they’re beating you around the skull with.

Interview: Kunal Singhal and 10 years of Chaos

Ten years of face-melters, jazz odysseys and genre-defying avant-garde exhibitions later, the legend that is Kunal Singhal is preparing another all-day spectacular featuring some of his most enthralling bookings to date. Ahead of the Chaos Theory Festi …

Knifedoutofexistence – Cracks Below the Surface

Cracks Below The Surface is an excellent noise album that dead-eyed commuters and nocturnal voidlings will surely enjoy as a satisfying aid to a cerebral black hole.

Gnoomes – MU!

The thing about Gnoomes though is that, as a band, they’re a uniquely melon-twisting experience. They’re equally as psychedelic and narcotic as the rest of Rocket Recording’s roster and yet, they sound like none of the other bands.

Her Name is Calla – Animal Choir

Animal Choir is a masterpiece and should be considered a foremost contender for everyone’s album of the year and beyond.

Terminal Cheesecake – Le Sacre Du Lièvre

It’s not a supergroup, it’s a heritage, it’s like a proverbial mount rushmore for the psyche scene us fresh faced lysergic twits thought had just sprung from the ground like mushrooms from a spore kit.

Burning Axis – S/T

” It feels like the band is jamming my face in a paper shredder and I’m weirdly into it. It certainly makes it seem as though the slow burn was worth the wait”.

Soft Issues – Soft Issues

“When you want to make something that depends on extreme emotions, make sure you really feel something and that you’re not just too afraid to turn a magnifying glass on yourself because people will know. Soft Issues are the real deal”.

Sly and The Family Drone – Gentle Persuaders

“This record almost seems to renounce itself, what is the point of the individual songs? Sly and The Family Drone focus on the immediate and spontaneous, they’re a band well-known for handing out instruments to the audience to play wild and spontaneous improvised sets. It makes me wonder if this album is almost a critique of the demand for a recorded artefact from a band so, renowned for what they do in the now”.

We Wild Blood – Blood/Money

I think on a simple level the band has crafted a cohesive, facemelter of an album that takes the listener through a variety of styles and directions.

Egodeath, Exploration and Psychedelia: Oneida • Mugstar • We Wild Blood – The Oslo, Hackney

“This gig was a fucking a dream come true”

Snapped Ankles – Stunning Luxury

The production work is fucking stellar throughout the record but, in ‘Skirmish In The Suburbs’ (and ‘Dream and Formaldehyde’) it really stands out, the whole track feels like climbing out of a warm bath at one thousandth of the natural speed.

Gum Takes Tooth – Arrow

I may not be qualified to say it, but this is how you make something truly extraordinary. Fucking hell.


“a monochromatic assault to the senses”

Bong-Ra – Antediluvian

I’m left thinking “what the fuck actually is this record?” there’s bits of everything I value and it’s fucking great.

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