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The Best Label in The World: 20 Years of Rocket Recordings

This is the label that brought you Teeth of The Sea, Pigs x7, Hey Colossus, Goat and Gnod. Not to mention Gnoomes and a litany of other great bands. For those who may not know all of these bands, allow me to introduce you to The Best Label in The World: Rocket Recordings via its spectacular roster of insanely brilliant bands.

8 Years of Chaos (Chaos Theory All-Dayer) – The Brewhouse, Hackney

8 Years of Chaos. Eight years of Kunal Singhal let loose and running wild over London, putting on bands and taking names. Eight years of what has to be the most RPG music promotion in the world. Eight years of good gigs, good people and good times and eight years of “new music for open minds”.

夢遊病者 (Sleepwalker) – 5772

If you’re looking to explore black metal, but generally think most people can’t scream for shit; check this album out. It’s shoegaze and psyche soaked black metal for people who appreciate atmosphere but are repulsed by pretension and affectation.

Patkus and Magaziner – 10.29.17

The usual Patkus charm of layered guitar parts that are delightfully mellow and sedately but, greatly enhanced by extremely effective strings work that adds a divine serenity into the tracks.

Flange Circus – Abandoned Glow

Abandoned Glow is essentially an album that sounds like what I imagine the aliens from Killer Klowns From Outer Space listen to. Erected from a labyrinth of grotesque and menacing sounds it exudes an almost constant sense of unease and at its most friendly sounds like some sort of gnarly late night solo venture into psychedelics. Flange Circus is revitalising the scary clown scene; it’s a dirty job but, someone’s gotta do it.

Charismatic Megafauna

“We are a feminist band – and we try to “live feminist lives” – not just play songs “about” feminism. We hope our message is clear – our lyrics are pretty overt and we shout them as loud as we can”

Stupid Cosmonaut – Digitalis

Everything I’ve heard from them has completely blown me away and Digitalis is no different. Here we find a new side of the band, one that is somewhat more glittery and shiny and nice but, is no less intriguing and enrapturing than their previous offerings.

Radar Men From The Moon – Subversive III: De Spelende Mens

I actually went to grab a cup of tea at this start just so I had something to spit out in utter disbelief as to how fucking superb it was. I fucking love this track so much, this album has just totally blown my little pea-brain to fucking bits.

Melt Dunes – Grotesque [Single]

I’m intrigued and I hate to say that a band has actually made me enjoy something “groovy” but they did it.

Bass Invaders – Bass Invaders

I definitely think this album is a must for bassists and there’s certainly a lot of potential for the sound to expand in various ways but, as it stands this is a pretty compelling record and I’d say a successful experiment with the tired, de facto, nuclear band line-up.

Eschatos – Mære (Review + Exclusive Album Premiere)

Spooky screams and metal so suspiciously serious it makes you wanna dance.

Soft Issues – Soft Issues

A seamless continuation of relentless anguish and unwavering fury.

Bantha Rider – Bantha Rider

If you like Star Wars and stoner music, you’ll get a kick out of this. There’s definitely some potential to push the boat out further going forward and it should be interesting to see what path Bantha Rider take now.

Forgotten in The Woods Again – Debut EP

This is a promising debut and a somewhat rare example of interesting post-rock in 2017. Its dark, brooding atmosphere contrasted with its kind-hearted centre makes for a pleasantly dichotomous listening experience.

The Body & Full of Hell – Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light

Unimaginable pain and terror serving as a euphonic experience.

Wound – Clinomania

Clinomania is an album that lives up to its name; whether blissfully killing a Sunday chilling bed, totally wired in the bunk with friends or paralysed with dread chained to the furniture, this album chose a befitting sobriquet to unveil to us some of the brilliance of Wound.

Boris – Dear

‘Dear’ feels like the crushing weight of the amassed fathoms of the ocean collapsing onto the listener. It’s diverse but, it is also ceaselessly oppressive and relentlessly intense. Boris always deliver, they never fail to disappoint not in twenty five fucking years!

The Melvins – A Walk With Love and Death

Don’t get into this thinking it’s all badger brains and lullabies, ‘cause it’s not.

Raw Power 2017

Raw Power 2017 was incredible. I’ve never been to a festival before where every band was good, where everything ran to a good schedule, and where everything seemed to go smoothly. The line-up was flawless and the delivery was sublime. Thank you, Baba Yaga’s Hut.

PORTALS ALL-DAYER ft. UpCDownC, a BBQ and Her Name is Calla

I feel like I’ll never tire of Her Name is Calla, they’re a band I could and likely will see dozens of times.

Temple ov BBV – Temple ov BBV

Temple ov BBV is a savage collaborative effort that conjures the overwhelming disillusion, paranoia and dread washing over the UK as we remain buried from years of reptilian politics.

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