Articles by Bidisha

Opeth – In Cauda Venenum

With a spectrum of Åkerfeldt’s prodigious skills, this is the quintessential album that Opeth fans cannot dismiss.

Yann Ligner from Klone

Progressive metal group Klone from France release their album Le Grand Voyage on 20th September on Kscope. Bidisha Kesh caught up with vocalist Yann Ligner to find out more.

Iamthemorning – The Bell

In this era of plentiful banks of insane music softwares, this prog rock duo validates that the success of a song can be attained even with the most simplistic approach.

In Lights – The Forgotten Bridge

With faithful listeners of this genre having to contest their choices, and the escalating number of post-rock artists emerging from diverse regions of the world, it is challenging to make a mark, but fortunately In Lights stitches into the scene seamlessly.

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