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I like music. Well, some music. I play music too, in a band called When The Wolf Comes Home. Well, I call it music, some call it noise.

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Dysrhythmia – The Veil of Control

As a whole the record manages the feat of almost glacial, gleaming technicality, but with a warmth and humanity that keeps the listener engaged. If you like your metal technical and progressive and don’t miss a vocal contribution, then you’re in for a treat. – By Andy Price

Svalbard – Discography 2012​-​2014

If you have a passing interest in hardcore, post-hardcore, metal or, well, interesting or emotional music, then you owe it to yourself to hear this record. – By Andy Price

Tesa – GHOST

If post-rock or post-metal or anything in that arena floats your proverbial boat, I strongly suggest you pick this record up. – By Andy Price

Eleanora – Allure

The album as a whole is a real journey, majestic in its scope and stature, a rough cut diamond of brutality, all uneven sharp edges and stunning beauty. Highly recommended, and not just if you like Amenra; everyone should hear this. – By Andy Price

Wrong – Wrong

I really, really don’t care if this is just a nostalgia trip, because this album is really, really great. The 16 year old version of me is fully in love with this album, and the 37 year old version of me is equally smitten. – By Andy Price

Festival Preview: Desertfest London 2016

Andy Little is covering this year’s Desertfest London edition for us and he gives his selection of bands to watch in this preview.

Rorcal – Creon

‘Creon’ is a stunning album, taking elements of doom, black metal, ‘post’ and throwing in some drone and chaotic structuring to create uneasy listening at its finest. – By Andy Price

The Lumberjack Feedback – Blackened Visions

There are enough little touches of genius to mark The Lumberjack Feedback out as a band to watch out for over the next few years. – By Andy Price

Grieved – Grieved

It’s a stunning entry into the canon of modern hardcore and truly representative of their live show – given the kinetic fury of the Grieved live experience, this is the highest accolade that I can think of. – By Andy Price

The Rodeo Idiot Engine – Malaise

Simply put, this is a great, great record. If you have a liking for hardcore, blackened hardcore or any such things, then you really owe yourself to pick this up. While you’re at it, their back catalogue is well worth your time as well. – By Andy Price

Regarde Les Hommes Tomber – Exile

Make no mistake, this record is brutal and oppressive, but there’s an almost symphonic beauty to it; it’s a stunning, engrossing, layered and perfectly poised album, and this seems almost totally at odds at just how damn ugly it can be. – By Andy Price

TesseracT – Polaris

This is a great album of songs that manage to be both sprawling and tightly written, to feel huge and lush, yet slightly claustrophobic, and it should be a pretty straightforward ‘must-have’ purchase for fans of emotionally engaging, technical music. – By Andy Price

All We Expected / Raum Kingdom – Split

There are no losers on this record. Both bands bring a level of intensity and majesty to their sprawling compositions that exemplify the post-metal genre. – By Andy Price

Meta-stasis – The Paradox Of Metanoia

Overall ‘The Paradox of Metanoia’ is a vicious, genre-bending trip of an album which is not afraid to cross some boundaries and shout loudly about its allegiances, irrespective of whether or not that may be ‘uncool’. – By Andy Price

Gehtika – A Monster In Mourning

There are records out there that re-affirm faith in the simple, almost primal visceral connection that metal is capable of; this is one of those records. Get past the make-up, get past the concept, stop sneering, pick up this album and reconnect with your inner metal fan. You’ll be much happier for it. – By Andy Price

Starve – Machine Nation

This is sludge with a different objective; sludge that is not content with simply battering the listener into submission, or drowning them in tar riffs. The myriad influences, songwriting depth and ear for battered melody speaks to something more. That’s not to say that lava-thick riffs are not present, and that the threat of aural battery is not delivered upon – what makes this record special and worth your investment is the restraint displayed. – By Andy Price

Nathan Gray – NTHN GRY

Overall, ‘NTHN GRY’ is a very mixed bag. There are some really good ideas here, once the initial shock wears off, but only a few really deliver. – By Andy Price

Vera Grace – Novella

This is an astoundingly confident release for the band, and the four actual songs on the record deliver punches that connect viscerally with an emotional heft that almost borders on the cinematic at points, it’s just a shame the flow of the EP acts to limit that impact. – By Andy Price

Dead Existence – Endless Misery

Sludge, down-tuned brutality and riff worship is the order of the day; and Dead Existence do this very well. – By Andy Price

Interview: Adam Wentworth from All Pigs Must Die

Andy Price caught up with Adam Wentworth from All Pigs Must Die to find out about new tunes, their upcoming UK one-off show and to ask just how they manage to keep the band going. “We just love playing these songs, period.”

Ithaca – Trespassers

There’s not a wasted second of space, and every song is taut, elegant, emotive and delivered with precision. Speaking personally, I really, really want to see what these guys can deliver with a full length album. – By Andy Price

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