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Provocateur/Connoisseur of all things dark and grisly. Freelance writer/published author addicted to metal of the highest order. Al Necro lives and writes in Manila, Philippines.

Abandon hope, all ye who read Al Necro!

Articles by Al Necro

Mind Mold – Mind Mold

Mind Mold plays psychedelic, atmospheric rung notes to slower tempos. Unique in style but difficult for some fans who like accessible music of any form to appreciate, Mind Mold present just the tip of the iceberg for the band and its fans so far.

Vlad from Necrowretch

Al Necro recently had a chat with guitarist/vocalist Vlad from French putrid death metal band Necrowretch about their plans and their latest album, ‘Satanic Slavery’.

Dying Fetus – Wrong One to Fuck With

2017 may be death metal’s resurgence in a hugely popular time for genre-bending acts. The first album to consider whether this notion is accurate, is Dying Fetus’ Wrong One to Fuck With. Give technical brutal death metal a chance.

Svartsyn – In Death

Not exactly artsy-fartsy, but sincere in aesthetic and performance, Svartsyn is recommended for an intelligent black metal audience that tires of second wave hackery.

Death of Kings – Kneel Before None

Death of Kings’ latest album, ‘Kneel Before None’, might get you as excited as an eighteen-year-old on a first date with the most popular girl in school without either’s parents around to spoil the fun.

The Watchers – Sabbath Highway

The Watchers play heavy stoner rock/Sabbath doom very well, especially on the first track Sabbath Highway. Five songs of stellar execution await Sabbath Highway’s anxious listener, and the band effectively audition for a label to keep putting out their records based on these five tracks of obvious quality.

Maim – Ornaments of Severity

Mankind proves far and away the closest to extreme and utter barbarism any jilted angel can profess to being guilty of, so if you love Swedeath and can’t get enough of it, check out Maim to hear how it’s done.

Gods Forsaken – In a Pitch Black Grave

Gods Forsaken’s ‘In a Pitch Black Grave’ has some moments when melody supercedes brutality, but that comes rarely. Mostly, this band loves to play up-tempo. They nail it on blast sections and d-beat, and vary up the song structure by adding mid-tempo and slow segments.

Necrot – Blood Offerings

Just know that even Bolt Thrower could pay homage to Necrot in the wake of the latter’s highly-substantive ‘Blood Offerings’ release. Bolt Thrower is largely untouchable up and down their impressive history of releases, and if Necrot just wanted to play music even remotely similar in quality to that of Bolt Thrower, they’ve just done it.

Dødsengel – Interequinox

Dødsengel doesn’t strike many as infallible in reputation, so support this band and spread the word on just how good they’ve become. They’ve always been an intriguing band, and ‘Interequinox’ should usher in more fans to hear their music.

The Ruins of Beverast – Exuvia

Most bands never complete a discography of releases without hiccuping once. This is the hope for any fan of The Ruins of Beverast disappointed with ‘Blood Vaults’ and ‘Exuvia’. Is it likely that the band can bounce back from a release of sub-par quality? Of course, but with the downward trend in the band’s last four releases making its way to the lowest in the latest recording, fans can start checking out the band’s previous albums and await the band’s revival in future releases.

Acherontas – Amarta

The collaboration with famed Nightbringer founding member and black metal visionary Naas Alcameth has proven rewarding, and has perhaps boosted the band’s excitement with their latest album. Acherontas after all has never been considered mediocre. They’ve flown beneath the radar for the most part, but anyone considering them stellar might be ahead of themselves.

Crypt Rot – Embryonic Devils

Southern Lord is still a dependable label for fans who love bands that mix d-beat, punk, hardcore, even a little death metal and black metal. This time, the nice surprise comes in the form of their latest find, the band Crypt Rot and their debut full-length release, ‘Embryonic Devils’.

Necrowretch – Satanic Slavery

Necrowretch haven’t deviated from the style they started out doing, and for fans of Necrowretch, this is great news.

Venenum – Trance of Death

Venenum is special, not because someone says they sound familiar to an old overrated favorite, but because they do things veritably their way, and listening to this masterpiece tells the truth of the matter, and so should you listen and formulate an opinion independent of someone else’s.

Vampire – With Primeval Force

I am happy to express my approval of Vampire sticking with the style that got their demo sold-out in a short amount of time. It proves that if passion were to trump stubbornness and a band sticks to its guns even as their prior albums don’t make leaps and bounds, good things can happen.

Memoriam – For the Fallen

Musicianship matters when a band just plainly executes good songs and creates worthwhile music. Memoriam’s ‘For the Fallen’ has a touch of old-school death metal, modern death metal, and is quite emphatically just awesome.

Altar of Betelgeuze – Among the Ruins (Review + Exclusive Track Premiere)

Suitable for many backdrops of desolate, dank, derelict wastelands, Altar of Betelgeuze’s ‘Among the Ruins’ is prime doom metal for fans of genre-bending doom/death metal. I’m looking forward to hearing more material from the band.

Inferno – Gnosis Kardias (Of Transcension and Involution)

Inferno’s ‘Gnosis Kardias’ is not mainstream trend worship, nor is it crafted with contrivance and repetition. It is sacred art for lovers of the dark crafts.

Porta Daemonium – Serpent of Chaos

Porta Daemonium plays music with conviction, tenacity, and quality hard for most fans to appreciate simply because they don’t claim to be the biggest and baddest out there. Get ‘Serpent of Chaos’ on LP and experience armageddon.

Nidingr – The High Heat Licks Against Heaven

Not incendiary or polarising, ‘The High Heat Licks Against Heaven’ sufficiently entertains fans of modern black metal, and proves that Nidingr can rouse the drifters from sleep if only for the length of time the album blasts, shreds, and tremolo picks to levels beyond sameness and monotony.

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