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I started playing keyboards in my teens, cutting my teeth on Italian folk songs, The Beatles and Elvis. I then discovered the world of experimental/instrumental music and haven’t looked back. In January of 2017, I started writing for Echoes and Dust.

Articles by Adriana Ciccone

Do Make Say Think and Flying Hórses – Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Throughout the set, although there was so much going on both physically and sonically, I felt as though the band created space in their music. Leaving room to add even more layers, if they wanted.

Postvorta – Carmentis

‘Carmentis’ is the second chapter of the cycle of birth trilogy by Italian post-metal/sludge band Postvorta. From the theme, to the music and track titles, everything about the first two chapters of this trilogy is heavy and beautifully complicated.

Belle Game – Fear/Nothing

It’s done in such a way that it feels like a gust of wind came out of no where and gently swept you up then put you back down. As quickly as it came, it went.

Upcdownc – I, Awake

I find this band witty and imaginative in their execution of this album. Gloriously heavy in parts and beautifully melodic in others.

Dye By The Sword – Bats

The band took their personal experiences and wrote something expressive but unobtrusive. Allowing the listener to feel what they felt but through the listener’s own lenses. Equally amazing is that this album was 100% DIY. The musicianship on this album is outstanding and for me, it is a definite top 10 album for 2017.

The Pale Light – Future Eaters

I found the juxtaposition between the somber theme of the album and the animated sound of the album to be pretty smart.

Mogwai – Every Country’s Sun

When I first listened to the album, my initial reaction was that it was an all-encompassing album. A sort of best of album but not of their tracks up to this point, but of their spirit and abilities as musicians since they started releasing music. The album had all my senses engaged and fed my soul.

Twilight In Versailles – möbius

Ryan Moser is a modern-day composer who has created a composition for our time.

Mixtaped Monk & Cousin Silas – Soundtrack To Your Own Fantasy

Close your eyes and allow each layer created by them to permeate through to your synapses.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Kamancello – Serpentine

Fusing together elements of Persian and Kurdish music with classical and metal influences, the duo has proven that music has no boundaries.

Broken Social Scene – Hug Of Thunder

Broken Social Scene have not disappointed with this new release. It really is a testament to their friendships and a celebration of these friendships forged in incredible music.


We first encountered Indian post rockers Aswekeepsearching back in 2015 when they released their beautiful debut album KHWAAB. A few weeks ago they followed that up with their stunning sophomore record Zia, so we sent Adriana Ciccone to have a chat & find out a bit more about them.

Searchlights – Phototrophic

They’ve successfully added another dimension to their sound without sacrificing their signature ambient sound.

Track Premiere: Flying Hórses – Sorg Sea

On the heals of her most recent video release of ‘Attic’, she is set to release a new single entitled, ‘Sorg Sea’. A video for the single premiered on May 17th but the single will be available for purchase and download on June 2nd, while she continues work on the album.

Eremo – s/t

It has a little of everything to satisfy the appetite for math rock, prog, metal and post-rock enthusiasts alike.

Zeyn Mroueh – Pictures of The Floating World

Music and socio-political issues come together to create an introspective soundscape. It is music that makes you think, all the while sending you to that place good music often does.

Noi Ya – Self-Immolation EP

At just over 20 minutes in length, Noi Ya’s EP release, Self-Immolation EP, is a great psychedelic, electronic trip.

aswekeepsearching – Zia

Zia, from beginning to end, felt like it was telling a story. I believe that’s what the band was trying to achieve and they did so perfectly.

Black Sails for Red Seas – Wave II EP

With this release, Black Sails for Red Seas have continued with what they started in Wave I but with a more heavy, menacing soundscape, laced with hits of light in between.

Appalaches – Cycles

Cycles is a slightly darker and heavier EP compared to the band’s debut album, Mòn, but not so far removed that you don’t know you are listening to the genius that is Appalaches.

Jade Bergeron from Flying Hórses

Since the release of Flying Horses’ debut album, Tölt, Jade Bergeron hasn’t stopped. A few weeks ago, the video for the title track, ‘Tölt’, was premiered via The FADER, and a second video for the track ‘Attic’ released on March 23rd. Jade has also been busy working on her sophomore album and will be releasing a single very soon. Adriana Ciccone had the opportunity to ask Jade a few questions about the videos, the new single and the new album.

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