Valerie E. Polichar


Valerie writes & publishes music reviews and crime, horror, literary and SF short fiction, and has edited the literary journal Grasslimb since 2002. She also sings/writes songs/records music under the name Huge Shark. By day, she’s an IT Director at the University of California and holds a Ph.D. in experimental psychology.

Articles by Valerie E. Polichar

Whale Fall at bluewhale, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

In a rare live show, Whale Fall displays their mastery of instrumental post-rock.

Whale Fall – Sondersongs

A superbly crafted, rich and varied sonic journey.

Lonesome George – Lonesome George Presents Burt Bachapack

Compelling indigenous hip-hop with dazzling musical breadth and political punch


Hotter-than-Aruba vocals against a darkwave throb of ‘80s synth lines, imperfectly engineered but nonetheless intoxicating.

Pale | Seas – Stargazing for Beginners

Indie-rock sweetness — the result of two years of seclusion — offers up bleak reality wrapped in a rich blanket of enveloping guitar.

Static in Verona – Secrets Like Shadows

A catchy package of harmony-centric power/dream pop featuring full-cream layered vocals and instrumentation.

Bodhi – Ineffable

Listenable, likeable melodic prog— bumpy, but promising — from the guitar player behind The Room Colored Charlatan

break_fold – 07_07_15 – 13_04_16

Evocative, surprisingly rich glitch-ambient electronica from a meticulous artist.

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